Why we should recall the entire Dayton City Commission: Violated- AGAIN garage robbed

My garage was broken into – again. I won’t bother you with how it happened, but they took their time hauling stuff out. A lot of stuff.

From what I can tell, here is a list:

1 large & 1 small “Battery Tenders” for motorcycle and a scooter
1 battery charger/air compressor combo- Red- about the size of a backpack.
1 Women’s Schwinn Skyliner cruiser bike– black and silver – with combination cable lock (wrapped around the frame- but not locked).
1 Men’s Raleigh Technium Mountain bike- sand blasted to bare metal and clear coated, has yellow cables, black handlebar, a yellow cycling computer, an odd split seat (looks like twin kidney beans), lights front and rear. This bike is like no other and should be easily identified.
1 Girl’s bike- purple and green graphics
1 Poulan 16″ .33cc chainsaw with case (missing sheath). They may have the original box but the case isn’t for this chainsaw- a giveaway. The chainsaw didn’t work- and was ready to go in for warranty repair.
1 Echo gas-operated weed wacker- mid-line, .25cc or there about. Straight trimmer- has the the cut string head- and it throws the line out – was about to replace the head.
1 Sears big rear wheel 21 or 22″ 6 hp (or 6.5hp) lawnmower.
1 5″ block palm sander in black case with dust collector- might be a Ryobi.

There may be more. My girlfriend hasn’t been here to look.

All this stuff was stolen in Dayton, from my house in South Park, on Bonner Street.

If anyone sees any of this stuff- especially my bike, please call Dayton Police officer Shawn Smiley, 937-208-3430

Now, on to why the City Commission needs to go. Instead of trying to woo Kroger to Wayne and Wyoming, our police force has dropped to record lows. We can’t hire more police because we can’t administer a fair test, and- we can’t hire seasoned police officers (except chiefs from out of town) because of some stupid labor negotiated contract. The most essential service Dayton must perform is the safety of citizens’ and private businesses’ assets. If your assets aren’t safe, you have no reason to invest. End of story.

This makes the FOURTH break-in over the last three years to my house and office. All documented on this blog.

First my rear door to my house was kicked in during broad daylight and stuff was stolen and not recovered. See Violated. June 10 2009 I didn’t file an insurance claim since the stuff taken was barely over the deductible- although I miss all my movies on DVD.

Then my office was broken into in the middle of the night. Computers were taken, office trashed, but the computers were recovered (all rendered worthless) See Violated again Mar 23 2010 I  live blogged this one as it unfolded.

Then my chainsaw was stolen- I’d had it less than a week. It was a Christmas present from my honey. It still hasn’t been recovered: Violated, Again- lost count, chainsaw missing. Dec 31, 2010

Now this. I’ve left out the 3 times my girlfriend;s car was broken into here, and the one time it was broken into at her parents’ house in North Dayton.

I’ve lived down here for 26 years. Had next to zero problems. All this changed when a nearby home was sold in foreclosure to a family that runs with the wrong crowd. I’m not saying that they did it- but, it’s strange how things have changed since they moved in. The house next to them was broken into repeatedly- having 2 air conditioners stolen, etc.- when the law students that occupy it aren’t around. Yet, our overworked police can’t seem to catch anyone.

I’m going to inventory every single item in my garage, with pictures, and every single valuable thing in my house this weekend. I’m going to buy a security system- and I’m going to keep asking people why they’ve allowed our city commission to waste millions on things like tech town, when they can’t keep our tech stuff safe.

Public safety has to come first.

btw- reward offered for information leading to arrest and conviction of thieves and for the return of my bike.

Bulk waste fees, false alarm fees- why not a police and fire fee?

In cost-cutting moves the city started rationing bulk waste pickups years ago. To cut down on false burglar alarm calls- a progressive fine was put in place for too many false calls.

It’s time to start dealing with bad actors in the community by charging fees to the property for number of police calls.

That’s right- the police can come to your house because of a complaint no more than 4 times in a 12-month period. You want to fight with your wife/kids/neighbors-after the fourth call, it’s $100, the sixth call is $250, the seventh is $500, the eighth is $1,000. Same goes for calls for paramedics- plus we bill your insurance. What, you don’t have insurance?- after the fourth call- it’s $100 etc.

Failure to pay the fines, the house is ordered to be vacated for a year. Landlords will stop renting to trash. And if you are more than 1 year delinquent on your taxes, everything is doubled. If the fines escalate  above and beyond the tax value- the house is seized.

We’ve got neighbors who would have been long gone a year and a half ago if this had been in place.

Why should one family place such high demands on our public safety officers? How many of these problem houses can we afford to support? As long as it’s ok to charge law-abiding taxpayers for false burglar alarms- it should be ok to charge the burglars.

Other communities wouldn’t put up with this kind of hooliganism- they’d find other ways to make life unbearable for the residents, Dayton hasn’t caught on yet- leaving us as a dumping ground for miscreants and losers.

But, as a preventive measure- we should also use the frequency of calls to a location as a trigger to dispatch a social worker/intervention specialist to try to solve the problems- before they get to the point of fines. Right now we’re purely reactive and paying the price.

Any other suggestions? Feel free to contribute.

Violated, AGAIN- lost count. Chainsaw missing.

  • The Chainsaw case
    The Chainsaw case
  • The Broken Window
    The Broken Window

I got a chainsaw for Christmas. Used it Sunday afternoon.

Went into the garage today- and the window was broken out- and the only thing missing was the chainsaw. They left the case, the extra chain- the oil. They didn’t get anything else- despite there being kids bikes, my safety shield for the chainsaw- and my motorcycle and two scooters.

This is the sixth theft in 2 years.

The E-crew came- they had gloves, no prints.

But- if you happen to see an 18″ Poulan Pro, .42cc, model PP4218AVX/ 966557901 serial number s/n sn 10145D400582-3

It’s mine. Feel free to shoot the perp- or better yet- fire up the saw and dismember him.

I’ve secured the garage, and have added additional security precautions.

Warning- I was taught to shoot pistol by someone on the Army Pistol Team. I’m not going to ask any uninvited guests questions before I double tap you with some 9mm Winchester Silver Tips.

I’ve lived in South Park since 1986. The “crime spree” all tracks back to the arrival of a new “neighbor” 2 years ago. I’m not saying it’s a match- but I don’t believe in coincidences.

Violated 3x. The “war on drugs” fails us again

Siebenthaler and Carter Ave. Sometime last night. A little silver Honda Civic with a HOPE sticker in the back window, became the third crime to affect my household in the last 2 years. First the house was broken into in broad daylight, then the office in the middle of the night– and now, the girlfriend’s car, while it was sitting on the street outside her parents’ home, as we had borrowed their pickup to work on the move.

photo of dashboard of Honda Civic after theft

The aftermath of a break in

The stereo won’t bring more than $50. There wasn’t much else in the car to take. The most valuable item was probably the power inverter on the seat- that took 12v and made it into 110 ac. Thieves aren’t very smart. The entire dash is gone, plus the stereo- and the broken window. Probably around $1,200 damage- a $250 deductible and good business for the car dealer, the stereo maker and the window replacement guy. But, now, because some junkie needed a $50 fix- the home values in that neighborhood drop again, insurance in the neighborhood go up, and Dayton reinforces its reputation as a crime-riddled community.

In today’s DDN there is an article about our overcrowded prisons, the costs, and the number of non-violent offenders. No DOH.

You almost have to wonder how stupid can we be? Other than the difficulty of getting high in prison- and the risk of being sexually assaulted- room and board and health care, may be a better option than a homeless shelter or living on the streets.

We’ve got to have meaningful, living-wage jobs in this country for all, or we’ll end up looking more like “Escape from New York” than hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. If people want to get high- and waste their lives, their brains, their bodies- I’m with the libertarians- let them, and let’s tax them. We can put in provisions that if you buy and use drugs like heroin, meth, crack etc.- you will instantly limit your lifetime health insurance benefits- and we won’t fix your broken bodies.

But, if you just smoke weed- you’ll be paying taxes to help pay for health care for all- just like the taxes on booze and smokes. Because face it- it would have been cheaper to give this crack head thief a hit- than to fix the damage he caused in pursuit of his high.

Yep, I’m running for Congress and I think the “War on Drugs” is a desperate war on the desperate. I’d rather focus on full employment, education, first-class public infrastructure (including trains and public transit) than a hallucination that we can stop people from getting high on legal or illegal substances.

We may as well try to stop people from having sex. Or is that next?

Aftermath of a break-in

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted nearly as frequently in the last 2 weeks. Nor have Greg and I been videotaping the Dayton Grassroots Daily Show.

The break-in at my office took a toll on my work flow- and I’ve been playing catch-up since. A lot of time has been wasted restoring computers (even though everything was recovered- nothing that was taken was still usable after the idiots stole it, haste makes waste) and getting quotes on the door and talking to the insurance company.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about what brought 3 delinquents together to go on their ill-fated, middle of the night crime spree. Obviously, they weren’t even smart enough to steal what was valuable on the market- most of what they took are cell phones- easily traceable, with no value unless they are connected to a network (which can ID them). What they stole and what they passed up in my office showed that they flunked computer theft 101- taking 2 monitors that weren’t nearly as valuable as the computers they were connected to.

Two of the three are still in jail. The one who is not showing on the list is the one who had the longest record (either he’s already been sent upstate- or he’s out on bond). I can’t find out anything  because the detective who has the case doesn’t have working voice mail. I was never contacted about the court hearings btw. I would have gone.

In the review of this whole thing- I’m saddened to have to say that Dayton hasn’t even been able to produce good crooks.

The system won’t do anything to reform these 3 losers- all it will do is add to their problems.

Will these three ever contribute anything to society? Unlikely. More than likely they’ll all have at least one kid that’s almost doomed to follow through life in their footsteps. One of the three had told the cops he was along to make money because he has a kid on the way- how refreshing.

The U.S. now has more people in prison than any other industrialized nation. These idiots will continue to cost us all for years to come as we pay for their room and board and get nothing in return.

In the meantime- I’m facing higher insurance premiums, and my property value has been perceptually lowered. No longer am I able to say that my neighborhood is safe- thanks to the last year.

Is it time to abandon ship? Some would say yes.

I think it’s time to look at our entire society- what values do we promote and reward? Until we bring honor back to being a citizen in the real sense of the word, we’re going to keep getting screwed.

It’s not just the petty hoods either- it’s the people like Tom Petters, Bernie Madoff and the wizards of Wall Street and Washington who’ve looked out for the wrong people for too long.

If you really want to judge the success of a country/society/economic system- I think you have to look at how it treats its lowest of the low- not the best of the best. As I look back at this whole ordeal- I’m starting to think our country has failed us more than we realize.

Your thoughts on my very unrefined thoughts?