America in Crisis

The real traitors on Jan 6th are still in Congress- and looking to be re-elected

It’s insurrection day. Who is escaping charges? Hint: They were the ones being attacked.

The 14th Amendment seems to be less than clear about who should be banned from running for office- since common sense can’t be applied anymore, now that we have “Constitutional Originalism” in power. The idea was that anyone who tried to overthrow the government, was ineligible to be a part of it. How it wouldn’t Read More

Ban Paqui chips- not guns

Guns don’t kill people, spicy chips do.

Two days ago, the New York Times told the world that “Harris Wolobah, 14, of Worcester, Mass., died at a hospital on Friday shortly after eating the chip, his mother said”- the chip, Paqui’s “one chip challenge” comes one to a box for $10 and dares you to eat it- without any water, milk, ice Read More

Tipp City School Board Member Anne Zakkour gives a Nazi salute and Seig Heil to the board president who resigns

Tipp City School Board- 2 different stories

This is a follow on to the last post, where I talked about “Journalism 101 on investigating candidates and politicians” and how the news isn’t necessarily what it used to be. Two stories out of last nights Tipp City School Board meeting: The Dayton Daily news: “Tipp City school board president Patry resigns abruptly“ update: Read More

David Esrati introduces the Layoff Reduction Act- holding Corporate leaders accountable for employment

The Mass Layoff Act of 2023

Had I beaten Mike Turner, I would have been advancing this legislation in Congress. Instead, he’s still whining about classified documents in homes. For the record, I don’t care if you are Biden or Trump, having classified documents outside a secure area, should result in the exact same thing- go to jail, go directly to Read More

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