America in Crisis

This time, it’s not the economy, stupid.

Congress just laid a giant turd of a response to the Coronavirus crisis, offering a measly $1200 per person, 1 time, that’s needs-based on a tax return. First, the size of this offering is pathetic and won’t do a damn thing to alleviate the other issues that are crashing down on people across the country, Read More

Coronavirus response for communities: Medical segregation

The Coronavirus pandemic is a test of leadership like no other. It calls for hard decisions and unconventional solutions. The first thing to clearly understand is to not treat those who are infected with the virus as a medical problem. This isn’t what your health care system was built for. Don’t let the mistake of Read More

Buy our president, please?

It’s pretty obvious that Donald Trump loves money. He’s more worried about the imploding of the American economy than millions dying. He reached out to North Korea to offer pandemic help, after blaming their biggest supporters for causing this pandemic. He’s so far out of touch with the science and math of this, that in Read More

The Universal Ventilator Solution

In WWII the United States ramped up to build the weapons of war at an incredible pace. Indeed, Roosevelt’s faith in American industrial productivity and innovation was vindicated. Examples abound. During the war, the Army’s Detroit tank arsenal and other sources produced over 45,000 M-4 medium tanks in fifteen variations. In 1941, German factories produced Read More

Leadership in times of CoronaCrisis

While Congress diddles, the country burns. Governor Mike DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton will go down in history as heroes. Although Ohio will still take a massive hit. Idiots like the Rev. Lawrence Bishop at the Solid Rock Church who held services yesterday are the reason we’re all screwed. Although the virus doesn’t know borders- Read More

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