America in Crisis

Congressional candidate Esrati announces revolutionary gun control proposals in response to standard political half-steps

Dayton, Ohio – David Esrati, Democratic Congressional Candidate for Ohio’s 10th District, has proposed legislation to utilize the equal protections clause of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution to remove gun bans from Federal buildings and Government facilities, including airports, unless the bans are equally applied to all public spaces. Dubbed the “Equal Read More

New Chief, same as the old Chief?

What crimes do we prosecute- and why? It seems that law enforcement sets it’s own priorities, but the question is to ask the people at the top to explain their decisions. This was sent on Tuesday- so far, no response from the chief. I copied Frank LaRose at the Secretary of State office, where I Read More

Elections, HUH? What are they good for? Absolutely nothing… if our government tampers with them

This morning is election day. In Ohio, it’s going to be more like Groundhog day, because we’re supposed to have another election day in August and another in November. Why? Because five Republican members of the redistricting commission publicly and forcefully, told the Ohio Supreme Court to go F*CK themselves. Not once, not twice, not Read More

Do we care if Mark Zuckerberg loses billions?

“The Facebook” was a hormonal male’s idea of how to make it easier to pick up girls at Harvard, where somehow, he was a student. The best of the best. Somehow, it morphed into a gigantic gossip board, used by billions, for “free” in exchange for the ability to target advertising at its users. Feb Read More

A few bad apples is all it takes

Since the new year, it feels like Dayton is having a shooting a day. And, if it’s not a shooting, it’s a fight at a Dayton Public School. Friends of mine made a documentary a long time ago about the sensationalism of the local news “If it bleeds, it leads” that talked about the easy Read More

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