America in Crisis

Send Sheriff Rob Streck to Jail

Sheriff Streck needs to be recalled

This hasn’t been reported in the Dayton media. The Columbus Dispatch, the Cincinnati Enquirer and USA Today released a story about the death of 19 year old Isaiah Trammell in the Montgomery County Jail. The Montgomery County Jail Coalition seems to know about it. Just the people of Dayton, are in the dark. If you Read More

Joe Bidens last stand

How Joe Biden might have a snowballs chance in hell in November

Ignoring polls seems to be a genetic failing of democrats. Failing to find a clear and concise message eludes them as well. It’s tough when you can’t say anything you want- true or untrue, and do anything you want, legal or illegal, and get away with like his opposition. There was a time where a Read More

Will kids show up if the teacher is a robot? Are we teaching effectively?

Chronic absenteeism is only the symptom

We’ve been “educating” children in America the same way, on the same schedule, since before the automobile, airplane, nuclear bomb and the internet. And we wonder why schools are failing in so many ways? Maybe we’re using the wrong metrics to measure our children’s intellectual and social growth? Perhaps, in an attention economy, we fail Read More

The real traitors on Jan 6th are still in Congress- and looking to be re-elected

It’s insurrection day. Who is escaping charges? Hint: They were the ones being attacked.

The 14th Amendment seems to be less than clear about who should be banned from running for office- since common sense can’t be applied anymore, now that we have “Constitutional Originalism” in power. The idea was that anyone who tried to overthrow the government, was ineligible to be a part of it. How it wouldn’t Read More

Ban Paqui chips- not guns

Guns don’t kill people, spicy chips do.

Two days ago, the New York Times told the world that “Harris Wolobah, 14, of Worcester, Mass., died at a hospital on Friday shortly after eating the chip, his mother said”- the chip, Paqui’s “one chip challenge” comes one to a box for $10 and dares you to eat it- without any water, milk, ice Read More

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