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The Crowning of a Superintendent in Dayton after a national search

The Superintendent Search Soiree

Full disclosure, I’ve known David Lawrence for about 25 years and considered him a close friend until recently. I’m not sure if the pressure of being thrust into a position by a psycho, disrespectful school board has contaminated our relationship, or if I’ve misjudged him all these years. Political survival in Dayton is often determined Read More

Did Dr. Lawrence just out Dr. Lolli as a fraud?

This was the first of the second round of community conversations with the Superintendent, and while somethings remain constant (staff outnumbering citizens) this was eye-opening. Maybe because he starts with talking about how one of the new school board members taking a seat in January was a former DPS student of his, Eric Walker, or Read More

The danger of inviting headhunters into your zoo

The community input meeting was set to start at 5:30 pm at Riversedge Montosori today. It started at 6. Mama Nozipio was very unhappy- she thinks it’s disrespectful to not start on time and I’m right there with her. It’s almost deja vu- the same room where 7 years or so ago, the board presented Read More

Insurrectionist withdraws from Dayton School board race

And then there were four candidates for the 3 seats this fall. On September 12th, 2023, Rennes Bowers, retired Dayton Firefighter, former Mayoral Candidate and Jan 6 protestor withdrew from the Dayton School board race according to the letter I got this morning through a public records request from the Montgomery County Board of Elections. Read More

The battle between excellence and excrement at Dayton Public Schools

I’m going to recognize an anniversary to begin this post, it’s August 20, 2016, and bid packages were due for an ad agency to help Dayton Public Schools with their communications and marketing to herald a new dawn of a new superintendent. A superintendent that was chosen by a process run by a superintendent search Read More

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