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Dr. David Lawrence given a disgraceful contract

The “contract” for DPS Superintendent Lawrence- that no one’s talking about

If the Dayton Public School board was playing poker- they were doing it with all of their cards on the table and no money to bet. This contract isn’t so much a contract but the actions of some wildly confused folks who think that they are power brokers. Dr. David Lawrence is a poker player, Read More

Will kids show up if the teacher is a robot? Are we teaching effectively?

Chronic absenteeism is only the symptom

We’ve been “educating” children in America the same way, on the same schedule, since before the automobile, airplane, nuclear bomb and the internet. And we wonder why schools are failing in so many ways? Maybe we’re using the wrong metrics to measure our children’s intellectual and social growth? Perhaps, in an attention economy, we fail Read More

Vote NO on Dayton Issue 6

Why Dayton voters should vote NO on Issue 6

At the South Dayton Democratic Club candidates forum, I sat and listened to multiple democratic candidates rail against school vouchers, charter schools and public dollars being funneled away from our public education system. Oh, and yeah, they are still questioning why our school funding formula is still unconstitutional since 1999. So why is the Dayton Read More

The Crowning of a Superintendent in Dayton after a national search

The Superintendent Search Soiree

Full disclosure, I’ve known David Lawrence for about 25 years and considered him a close friend until recently. I’m not sure if the pressure of being thrust into a position by a psycho, disrespectful school board has contaminated our relationship, or if I’ve misjudged him all these years. Political survival in Dayton is often determined Read More

Did Dr. Lawrence just out Dr. Lolli as a fraud?

This was the first of the second round of community conversations with the Superintendent, and while somethings remain constant (staff outnumbering citizens) this was eye-opening. Maybe because he starts with talking about how one of the new school board members taking a seat in January was a former DPS student of his, Eric Walker, or Read More

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