Dayton City Commission candidates’ nights this week: April 23-25, 2013

Tuesday,  April 23, 2013. the League of Women Voters is holding a mayoral candidates’ night at St. Paul’s, 239 Wayne Ave., at 6:30 p.m.


3pm 24 May fixed time and mayoral only on NW event

Wednesday, April 24, 2013, the Northwest Priority Board is hosting a candidates’ night for the Mayoral candidates, at the NW Recreation Center, 1600 Princeton Dr., Dayton, OH 45406 at 6 p.m.

Thursday, Apr. 25, 2013  Linden Heights Community Council is hosting a candidates’ night at St. Anthony School cafeteria, 825 Creighton Ave.- but enter the school off Bowen St., at 7 p.m.

I will be videotaping each of them and posting on YouTube.

The primary (which is really a run-off election), for ALL registered Dayton voters is Tuesday. May 7, 2013. You do not have to declare a political party to vote in this election, it’s nonpartisan.

Thank you for your support

For those of you who believed, thank you.

For those of you who encountered me with an open mind for the first time, thank you.

For those who visited this site to learn about the candidates- you’re welcome.

To the Montgomery County Democratic Party, the State Democratic Party, the AFL-CIO and to Sherrod Brown- stay out of primaries, let the people decide. Maybe if you worked harder at building up your party, and holding fair and honest primaries, you’d have more people running. Every unopposed candidate is a FAIL- and I saw way too many of those today.

To the Fayette County Dems and the Greene County Dems- thank you for your open arms and minds. If I were you, I’d be seceding from OH-10 and the Montgomery Dems as fast as possible. For as long as this district puts you in holy matrimony, your voices will mean little.

  • To Sharen Neuhardt, you better do better than any of the last 5 softies the party has sent to battle with Turner. You didn’t impress me one iota with your life story.
  • To Olivia, I want to know your secrets.
  • To Tom McMasters, please go back to being a Republican, you didn’t fool anyone.
  • To Ryan Steele- congrats on coming in 2nd in Fayette County, and keep your chin up.
  • To Mack Van Allen, it’s been a pleasure meeting you, I look forward to working together to change things for the better.

To my readers- I need to take a break for a bit. Let me know if I missed a sign somewhere- or grab it and bring it to the office if you can. I’ll have some commemorative ringer t-shirts for sale soon.

What’s next? I hope to find a race or two in town where I can get all the candidates to work together to hold a well programed, fair and clean election, to prove it can be done. See my post about “The Dayton Process”

Unofficial final – Montgomery County:

Total Votes 15,419
David Esrati 2,296 14.89%
Olivia Freeman 4,102 26.60%
Tom McMasters 1,571 10.19%
Sharen S. Neuhardt 5,338 34.62%
Ryan Steele 1,009 6.54%
Mack Van Allen 1,103 7.15%

Note, read the Republican numbers:

Total Votes 52,584
John D. Anderson 7,800 14.83%
Edward Focke Breen 1,193 2.27%
Mike Turner 43,591 82.90%

Turner got almost 3x the votes in the primary than all Dems together. The Montgomery County Democratic Party “Leadership” should be recalled.

Official final – OH-10

Total Votes 21,035
Sharen S. Neuhardt 7,530
Olivia Freeman 5,380
David Esrati 2,884
Tom McMasters 2,159
Ryan Steele 1,586
Mack Van Allen 1,496

Again- Turner alone has 4x the total votes of all Dems, and the second place finisher has 2x what Sharen received.

Total Votes 79,548
Mike Turner 63,704
John D. Anderson 14,048
Edward Focke Breen 1,796


Where do I vote? OH-10, Montgomery, Greene and part of Fayette County

The League of Women Voters has an amazing tool online to tell you where your polling place is.

It works nationally, but on Super Tuesday, March 6, 2012, if you live in Ohio, the polls are open from from 6:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Many of our polling places in Montgomery County have changed. Our Congressional district has changed radically. I’ve covered all this on in the past.

Another popular post is how do you vote in a primary- declaring your party affiliation. You can switch parties every primary. Unfortunately, we have a very primitive voting process in Ohio that forces people to limit selection. I’m a proponent of instant run off balloting– but that’s another issue.

In Montgomery County, it’s like the three stooges at the polling places trying to enter your data. They have an optical gun to scan your driver’s license (not a swipe card reader). At my polling place my brand new driver’s license wouldn’t scan. Then they check you on a paper book, enter your driver’s license number, then pull you up on a digital voter poll book- where you can’t see your name displayed- and have you sign on a touch pad, much like a CC swiper. I find this odd- because when you sign on most swipe card readers it tells you what you are signing for.

They then give you a plastic card you can insert in the electronic touch-screen voting machine. It should pull up your party affiliation first. Then you get the slate of candidates and any issues for your location. As always, so many judges running unopposed as well as political party reps.

Besides the 6-way race for Congress, you have a choice on Supreme Court justices- pick one from two, district judges, pick one of two and if memory serves me right- that’s it on the Democratic slate.

I was out early hanging door hangers- and got a call a few hours later. “Hi, My name is Jerry Name Redacted. I just wanted to call to say that the door hanger I got today was the best piece of campaign literature I’ve ever seen terrific.” He left his phone number and e-mail. Made it all worth while.

I’m still fielding calls back from the Robo-call. If you got a call from 937.985.1312 it’s my congressional candidate hotline. I’ll answer as many as I can.

Please vote- and tell you friends.

David Esrati for Congress 2012 – OH-10

This is my site. If you want to learn everything about me, my positions, see my videos, you are going to need to look at more than just this post. I’ve been posting almost daily since 2005. There are over 1,900 posts and over 18,000 comments.

For this election, I’ve done my best to keep the voters informed of every candidates’ night, every piece of literature, every news article.

I’ve created over 60 videos and posted them on a YouTube channel: electesrati

When I first started this campaign I wrote a post: Why Should You Vote For David Esrati for Congress in OH-10

You can find the full Dayton Daily News article and the voters’ guides on my site.

No other candidate has as much information or has shown the commitment to keeping you informed as I have.

I hope you look at the other 5 candidates, and then ask yourself, who is more likely to represent me in Congress? Who will do the best job telling me what’s going on in Congress once he’s there? And who won’t take money from PACs, Special Interest Groups or lobbyists. I’m planning on running a true grassroots campaign against Mike Turner, not spending more than $100,000 to wage the ultimate political guerrilla campaign. I will work extremely hard and smart in the next six-months to remind people what a “representative” does. We’ve not seen either Edward Breen or Mike Turner at a single candidate night so far. That should tell you something.

Thank you for coming to my site. No matter what happens on Tuesday, March 6, in the primary, I’ll still be publishing and updating this site, because I’m committed to improving Dayton and our region.

Thank you.

I’m in a 6 way primary with Olivia Freeman, Ryan Steele, Tom McMasters, Sharen Neuhardt and Mack Van Allen.

If you like what you see on this site- please consider making a donation. Thank you.

Sharen Neuhardt for Congress 2012 – OH-10

From the Dayton Daily News voters guide
All candidates were asked to answer these same 2 questions:

Sharen Swartz Neuhardt


Bio: Life-long Ohioan, daughter of a Dayton policeman, granddaughter of a city firefighter. Grew up in Northwest Dayton, attended Dayton public schools, graduated from Northwestern University and Georgetown law school, and returned to Dayton to practice business law at Thompson Hine LLP.

Question 1: How will you deal with the continuing costs of military actions and the costs of domestic needs?

Answer 1: The federal government needs to get its house in order. We need to raise revenues by growing our economy and by reforming our income tax system. We need to cut our national debt. If we spend everyone’s tax dollars more wisely and efficiently, there is no reason why we can’t have a strong defense and attend to our domestic needs as well. Our troops and tax dollars should be committed to military actions only as a last resort and only when the objectives are well-defined.

Question 2: What are the most important issues in this race?

Answer 2: This race will be about jobs, restoring our economic security, and protecting and strengthening Miami Valley workers and families. We also need new voices to break the stalemate in Washington, and this election gives voters the opportunity to replace their current representatives who have been putting politics ahead of country. We deserve much more from our representatives in Congress than what we’ve been getting.

The OH-10 district covers Montgomery and Greene counties and part of Fayette County. It is the district that has defaulted to Mike Turner, since Steve Austria who shared part of this district dropped out on the second filing deadline. This brought the entry of his first opposition in 2008, Sharen Neuhardt who didn’t file on the first deadline.

Ms. Neuhardt raises a lot of money from anyone and anywhere. She hires professional fundraisers out of DC- also known as bundlers. Her first action on the campaign trail wasn’t to print literature or put up a real website- but to hire a campaign manager.

When asked about where the money came from, early in the campaign, she shifted the conversation to her integrity instead of answering the question. I wrote about it in “Sharen Neuhardt has friends in Strange Places” Here is the video:

Click to download PDF of Sharen Neuhardt Campaign literature

Click to download PDF of Sharen Neuhardt Campaign literature

Her first piece of printed campaign literature showed up at the League of Women Voters candidates night on March 1st, even though she didn’t attend. About 70% of it is about her. 10% is about “the issues.” I have the pdf posted at right.

While the Democratic parties in Greene and Fayette county try to run fair and honest primaries to let the voters decide who to endorse, the Montgomery County Democratic Party has a select screening committee that meets behind closed doors– and chose to endorse Ms. Neuhardt based on her “proven ability to raise money” and that they “Believe she can beat Mike Turner.”

This is despite the fact that she got trounced by Steve Austria, getting only 3% more of the vote than Bill Connor who ran in 2006, spending 48x less money running against the mighty incumbent Dave Hobson who spent twice what Austria did. We put together a video of Ms. Neuhardt complaining about gerrymandering and then showed the facts in this post: It wasn’t gerrymandering that sank Sharen Neuhardt

Candidate Ryan Steele pushed the question of why she didn’t file the first time, and why she blames gerrymandering and does she want to be a congressman and represent him- or is she just in it to win at the Fayette County Democratic Party Dinner. She declined to respond. Here is the video:

So far the Montgomery Democratic Party has batted 0-5 against Mike Turner, sending a series of boring candidates to run against him. Sharen Neuhardt fits that description to a T.

Here is a compiled video of her campaign speeches:

Her entire speech is:

  • I was born in Dayton
  • My father was a Dayton Policeman
  • I went to Fairview high school
  • I went to Northwestern
  • I went to Georgetown law
  • I’m a business attorney
  • My husband and I bought a farm in Greene County
  • I learned from my 2008 campaign that a Democrat shouldn’t run in a gerrymandered district.

You can watch the speeches one after another here.

In her Dayton Daily News interview, she was given a chance to expand her vocabulary and go in depth, instead of initiatives and concrete solutions, it’s generic politi-speak:

Sharen Neuhardt

Neuhardt, 60, lives on a farm near Yellow Springs and practices business law for the firm Thompson Hine. She won the 2008 Democratic primary for the 7th U.S. House District, but lost the general election race to Steve Austria. She has been endorsed this year by the Montgomery County Democratic Party.

Neuhardt said one way the government can help the economy is by avoiding the near-shutdowns of the past two years over the debt ceiling and tax decisions. She said government contractors have had to start and stop work because of political gamesmanship, and all businesses struggle to prepare for last-minute changes in tax withholding rates because of temporary fixes rather than long-term solutions.

She said her career as a business lawyer would help her create compromise in Washington, as she has brokered deals between companies where “neither side gets 100 percent of what they want.”

Neuhardt said America needs more tax revenue, and it needs to come from the wealthy. She would support an increased rate on the top tax bracket, saying most in that bracket don’t object to paying more, but object to “the government wasting their money.” She said America’s tax code needs to be simplified.

Neuhardt said giving the president a line-item veto on budget items would be a good way to reduce our debt, because giant spending bills come before Congress, containing a multitude of provisions that wouldn’t pass if considered on their own. She said efforts to improve the local economy need to be broad based.

“We have to …make sure the Air Force base is strong and flourishing,” Neuhardt said. “But not everybody can work at the base. We have to do a good job of reaching out to businesses that are already located in the Miami Valley and asking them to invest more here. What will it take for you to put that next factory here instead of Indiana?”

She begins her campaign with a $92,000+ debt from her last run. Her largest contributor were the other lawyers in her firm.

Neuhardt is facing 5 other Democrats in the 2012 Primary, David Esrati, Olivia Freemen, Tom McMasters, Ryan Steeele and Mack Van Allen.

Typically, I try to be unbiased in my reporting on my opposition, however, of all the candidates I’ve ever run against she seems the most disconnected from the general public, the most arrogant and the least prepared of any candidate I’ve seen that’s been taken seriously. She has also been endorsed by the Ohio AFL-CIO who didn’t bother to contact me. She recently sent a mailer to some households with a photo of Sherrod Brown and quote that may have come from her 2008 run. It was paid for and mailed by the Ohio Democratic Party- a group of which, despite being a precinct captain, I’ve never had a call from.

In my opinion a vote for Neuhardt is a vote for Mike Turner, because she has demonstrated zero  ability on the campaign trail to challenge or respond to any other candidates. As a person, she’s absolutely charming and nice. I’m sure she’s a competent business attorney.

If you don’t want her to win, please consider a donation to my campaign, or that of any of the others in the field. It’s also not too late to make calls for my campaign: all you need is a phone and a computer.

Politicians don’t just trash each other, they trash our community

As an advertising professional, (I own The Next Wave, an ad agency) I am a big fan of outdoor advertising. Billboards, bus sides, vehicle wraps, building graphics and even street chalking. When companies use these techniques, they think about their brand image, their long-term perception and it’s typically part of a long-term awareness strategy- they want to improve their image in the community, typically communicating a “Unique Selling Proposition” or supporting their brand in a positive way.

Most smart brands wouldn’t come and desecrate the landscape with trash with their name on it. Even restaurants feel bad when customers throw their branded packaging on the street- it’s not positive PR, it’s not good for the brand.

But, politicians don’t think of long-term image (at least most don’t). They think it’s all about building name recognition quickly- and they go to any length to pollute our community with yard signs- only they don’t put them in yards- they put them anywhere you can stick two metal prongs into the earth. I’ve written about this before:

Political signs are the lowest form of political speech known to man- saying nothing. If having signs out is the only way the voters know you- you don’t belong in office anyway.

It’s time to have real debates, instant runoff voting, deliver equal space in an honest voter’s guide to every voter and move to vote by mail. In the meantime- let’s start by applying their own laws to their campaigns.

via Illegal signs from the people who make the laws.

I’ve always been extremely conservative with my yard signs, only placing them on private property with permission of a voter. I try to put them on main roads. I always plan to go take them down the day after the election.

This year, it is the worst I’ve ever seen. At the same time your politicians are passing unconstitutional laws banning panhandlers from holding signs, they are expressing their right to litter other people’s and public land without any restriction or retribution.

As I’ve said many times, we do a lousy job of informing voters of who will be on a ballot. The media no longer covers politics unless it’s to fan the flames of deep pocket races which they profit from, and unless you have internet access, you will be assaulted by 30-second ads on TV that are of zero substance. Yard signs are the bottom of the heap when it comes to informing voters of your positions on issues and amount to nothing more than pandering.

We need to change the system of electing our “leaders” because the current system is just encouraging us to elect litterers.

League of Women Voters candidates’ night- recap

I invited 35,000 of you to come to the League of Women Voters’ event tonight via a robo-call. It’s a technology I find offensive, and I apologize profusely for intruding into your homes with a 30-second call.

It’s not my preferred way of campaigning, but, since I don’t have everyone’s email addresses (and there is still a digital divide in my district where many don’t have internet access) it’s the most cost-effective way to contact voters. I can’t even print literature as cheaply- and broadcast media can’t target nearly as well.

So, instead of talking about myself, or telling people to vote for me, I chose a different route:

This is David Esrati and I’d like to invite you to the League of Women Voters’ Candidates’ Night tonight at 6 p.m. at Stivers High School.
Can’t make it?
Learn about the congressional candidates for this Tuesday’s primary online at
that’s e s r a t i  dot com forward slash primary
It’s time to take the money out of politics and shut down the Wall Street casino.
Sure I want your vote, but only if I deserve it.
This is David Esrati your next congressman. See you tonight!

I’ll post the audio here later. It’s my belief that no one can tell anyone how to vote, or who to vote for. In a perfect world, every voter would be well informed and be able to make rational decisions based on great information. It’s a big part of why I’ve spent so much time on covering this primary. We’ll have videos of most of the candidates up over the weekend. We’ll start with those facing a primary- and then get some of the unopposed people.

Of course, Congressman Turner was a no show, as was Edward Breen who hasn’t spoken publicly anywhere I’ve been. Surprisingly absent  were Sharen Neuhardt and Olivia Freeman. Sharen may have seen my video and decided not to come repeat herself.

For some odd reason, the League invited candidates who weren’t on the primary ballot- which made the evening a little longer than it had to be. I got to hear the Republican challengers to Debbie Lieberman and Judy Dodge for the first time. Lieberman will be facing Kettering Councilman Ashley Webb and Dodge gets to run against former County Sheriff Dave Vore. I’m going to be honest, all four are really nice people, but none of them really addressed the true problems facing our county government- that the system which was created with the Northwest Ordinance over 200 years ago is desperately broken and we need to reinvent the whole shooting match. We also need to dump our county administrator- but, rumor has it she may be headed out before the election.

I have a slight issue with Dave Vore, which I hope he’ll understand, because frankly, he’s a very charming guy (he was sweet talking my 83-year-old mother like a pro after the event): how can he expect support when he quit mid-term the last time we elected him? I’m not a big fan of political maneuvers for party succession plans. I don’t think parties should ever be allowed to appoint a replacement- and if you quit, the person who had the second highest vote total should have first refusal on your job (Instant Runoff Balloting makes this really work well).

Click to download PDF of Ryan Steele for OH-10 Literature

Ryan Steele lit, complete with typo (I fixed) Click for PDF download

I picked up literature from Ryan Steele for the first time, complete with a typo. He even had signs (which I neglected to take a picture of- they’re blue and white). Also, got Sharen’s first campaign piece- and wouldn’t you know it- most of it is about her. I’ll post tomorrow. I also picked up a piece from John Anderson- will post it as well.

There were some candidates who had literature that was so bad it was scary. One candidate who terrifies me, didn’t even have what office he was running for on his literature. After the event was over, he even got into a shouting match with his opponent. Where’s the news when the politics get rowdy?

Speaking of media- again, a no show. Not a TV camera or reporter in the house, except me- and Mike Bock from

Click to download PDF of Sharen Neuhardt Campaign literature

Click to download PDF of Sharen Neuhardt Campaign literature

While all the pundits’ talk about the showdown between Sherrod Brown and Josh Mandel (and it appears that Sherrod’s mug is on a campaign mailing by Sharen Neuhardt) we had an appearance by Eric LaMont Gregory, a Republican challenger from Beavercreek. Considering that his territory is the entire state of Ohio, it was nice to see that he came to give his 3 minutes to us in Dayton- it’s more than our Congressman can do.  That’s a 5-way race by the way. Bet you can’t name any of the other candidates (and there are 9 total including 2 Green party candidates in a primary!)

We had some Bible thumping, wrapped -in-the-flag candidates, too. Somehow, the only people who I feel should ever be able to get away with the “God bless America” closing line is the president and even there, I question if it’s totally appropriate. Tonight there was a lot  more preaching than I’m used to.

Click to download PDF of F  of John Anderson Republican Candidate for Congress OH-10 literature

Click to download PDF of F of John Anderson Republican Candidate for Congress OH-10 literature

I’ve got to say that as always, Mack Van Allen stated his disdain for polarizing politics. It’s a stand I agree with him on. I feel uncomfortable when candidates talk more about having God on their side instead of the voters on their side.

I’d like to thank the League again for hosting the event, but as a candidate, here are my recommendations for doing these events more smoothly. Ask every candidate for a 75-word bio to be read by the moderator to introduce each candidate. That way the basics are out of the way. Three minutes isn’t long enough for good political speech- give every candidate 5 minutes and enforce it with a hard cutoff. Don’t invite candidates who aren’t on the next ballot- you don’t want to waste either the candidates’ time or the voters’- and frankly, what’s said 6 months before the election isn’t relevant. I really like questions and answers- but, here is where things get difficult, since in my primary there are six candidates. I’d like to see each candidate get to ask one of the other candidates a single question- and allow a 2-minute answer. After that, allow each candidate to give 2 more minutes to say anything they want- rebut any questions or clarify their positions. Have all the candidates near the podium, so it moves quickly. The only reason questions from the audience are a bad idea is because you get plants and prepared questions. Let the candidates show off their abilities to engage their opponents and respond on the fly.

Again- if I robocalled you today, and it was unwelcome, I apologize. Thanks to Dayton Board of Education member Nancy Nearny for thanking me for the call and letting her know about this event- and her words of support for my presentation tonight. It meant a lot to me that a few people came to this event who wouldn’t have had I not done the call.

Here are the videos- we went in reverse alphabetical order, except McMasters was delayed to last for some reason.
Video of Mack Van Allen

Video of Ryan Steele

Video of Libertarian Candidate David Harlow who doesn’t have a primary opponent

Video of David Esrati (me)

Video of the sole Republican who shows up to talk to voters at these forums, John Anderson

I’m still waiting for the Tom McMasters video to upload- will post asap.

Sharen Neuhardt on the Campaign trail: over and over again

Tonight at 6 p.m. the League of Women Voters is having a candidates’ night at Stivers School of the Arts.

We may even see Mike Turner there for the first time, and maybe Edward Breed as well. Unfortunately, we can also look forward to seeing Sharen Neuhardt say the exact same thing over and over again. Yesterday, I put up a post about her complaint on gerrymandering and today, we share the rest of her political song and dance.

She had nothing to do with where she was born, or what her father did. And, the only other thing that has bought the farm is her campaign, which still doesn’t have anything but a press release on her website: 5 days before the primary.

Watch it and weep- the death of political speech:

I thought Jane Mitakides said nothing on the campaign trail, but, wow, Sharen Neuhardt takes nothing to a new level.

News and Not-News from The Dayton Daily News(less)

There is a local election for Congress, where 9 citizens are challenging the incumbent. These 9 people have been attending events, speaking, campaigning for almost 2 months. We’ve not seen a TV camera yet.

The incumbent, Mike Turner, pops into town to sign something, to announce something- he always gets a TV camera or a quote in the paper. From an unauthorized blood draw at the VA, to weighing in on where the Aviation Hall of Fame is going to have its induction dinner (and, no, the government has no official part in the HOF – it’s an independent non-profit)

But, 4 geekers decide to go on the roof of a church- The Dayton United Christian Center (the correct name of the church) and not only are all the TV stations here, but so is Channel 7’s sister company, the Dayton Daily News (with a TV camera). The “reporters” didn’t even recognize a potential congressman or former Dayton City Commission candidate who was discussing the arrests with his friend and supporter Larry Sizer, who was the real hero in this- spotting the crooks and calling it in.

They did manage to have this story online, complete with the mug shots of the geekers:

Four people were arrested for attempting to steal copper from a church Wednesday afternoon.

Police responding to calls from neighbors about suspicious activity at Oak Street United Methodist Church, in the city’s South Park neighborhood, found two suspects trying to hide on the roof of the church at Oak and Bonner streets….

“It’s pretty brazen, but when it comes to metal theft, right now they don’t care. They are going into vacant houses, taking air conditioning units right out of windows,” Wolford said.

via Suspected copper thieves caught on church roof |

They did manage to get our neighborhood name right- despite not knowing the proper church name (it was a Methodist church until about 15 years ago when the Methodists consolidated their urban ministries and sold the building to Pastor Doris Swartz and her congregation).

If you are wondering why voters just 5 days away from the primary are still a bit miffed on who the candidates are, we could blame the candidates for not selling out to Corporate America so we can buy expensive air time on their stations and expensive newspaper ads in their paper- or, we could blame the media for showing a bias for “if it bleeds it leads.”

Maybe instead of candidates’ forums, we should have fist fights in the street (the first time my campaign hit the first page was when then Mayor Clay Dixon took me outside to “school me” about talking about his campaign finances- might have been the last time I made the front page too- other than as part of a wrap up of an election).

Our system of informing voters is very undemocratic and very broken. Is it any wonder that Dayton has such a low self-esteem as a community? Our media covers our dirt bags like they are more important than our congressmen- unless he happens to be one too- and has sold out to the highest bidder.

If you want to know about the candidates for congress in OH-10 in 2012, you have to depend on candidate David Esrati for keeping you informed at not on the “news media” in Dayton.

Of course, my readers knew all about the copper thefts in my neighborhood- it was the focus of my first campaign video, Foreclosure. It even won a Silver award from the local American Advertising Federation chapter.

It wasn’t gerrymandering that sank Sharen Neuhardt

I’ve not posted my complete profile of Sharen Neuhardt yet. Partially, because she hasn’t bothered to put together a website ( is a one page press release) and she hasn’t distributed any literature. Her campaign speech is mindless drivel (video coming tomorrow night). Her entire speech is:

  • I was born in Dayton
  • My father was a Dayton Policeman
  • I went to Fairview high school
  • I went to Northwestern
  • I went to Georgetown law
  • I’m a business attorney
  • My husband and I bought a farm in Greene County
  • I learned from my 2008 campaign that a Democrat shouldn’t run in a gerrymandered district.

Even her answers to questions, from day one have been short, concise, boring and conservative. Her answer to “does she support single payer” is that “it might have worked 50 years ago- but not now, she supports what was passed.”

I tried to ask her how she knew the big bankers who gave her money a while back- and didn’t get an answer.

When the “screening committee” of the Montgomery County Democratic Party decided to endorse her, despite most of the candidates suggesting that the party shouldn’t (informal poll). They cited her “proven ability to raise money” and they think she can “beat Mike Turner.” It got under not only my skin, but Ryan Steele‘s as well. After I called her out at the Fayette County Democratic dinner, he did too. He asked why she didn’t file on the first deadline when OH-10 wasn’t the same district it is today, and if she really wanted to be our Congressman, or was she just in it to win. She deferred an opportunity to respond. Ryan specifically asked if it was still gerrymandered, would she run? He points out that she always blames gerrymandering for her well financed 2008 loss to Steve Austria for the open seat vacated by David Hobson.

We decided to make a video to point out how ludicrous Ms. Neuhardt’s excuse is. The fact is, she doesn’t campaign well. She hires people to do the work. She doesn’t have a message. She’s still $90K in debt for her last run. We’ll have a video of her campaigning up tomorrow.

But, for now- watch and learn, how she spent 48x the amount of money that Bill Connor spent to get 3% more votes than he did. It’s embarrassing that this is what the private club screening committee of the Montgomery County Democratic Party chose to “endorse.”

Tomorrow night, March 1st, 2012,  we’ll all be at the League of Women Voters candidates night at Stivers School of the Arts at 6 p.m. It’s free. Please come, and see if this video gets her to change her speech. Voters have a right to know what she stands for and what she plans to do- other than raise money from K-street lobbyists and her partners at Thompson Hine.