Mike Turner, Dennis Kucinich- both vote against final bailout plan

Jane Mitakides can’t tell me how she’d vote on the $700 Billion Bailout. I called, I wrote- and no answer. Probably can expect the same kind of response if she gets elected.

In the politics makes strange bedfellows department, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Turner both voted against the “reformulated, new and improved bailout of the uber rich” which hands the bill for the excesses of Wall Street to the poor people on Main Street. See the final House roll call vote here.

In business, we always have at least three options to consider to solve any problem- without being overly creative. In government, it seems we only have one. Guess what? If you need any more proof that our politicians are the best that money can buy- just look at the pork that was added to the same stinker, to get the 12 extra votes they needed.

Kudo’s to Turner for voting for the people and against this crap fest. He may have actually won my vote this November.

Finally, someone else asks about the Jane Mitakides “business woman” title

I always wondered how Jane Mitakides used to get away with saying she was in advertising. I’m in advertising, and I never saw her at any advertising function. Next, she was in the dental waste recycling business, but when I looked for a business with her name attached, I came up with nothing. Finally, Greg Gantt and I agree on something- Jane’s credentials as a “business woman” are about as good as Mike Turners as an “urban champion” (remember, as soon as he lost as mayor, he moved to a gated community in Centerville).

Gantt get’s it right in the DDN:

Montgomery County Republican Chairman Greg Gantt on Thursday, Aug. 21, sent out a press release questioning whether Jane Mitakides, who has described herself as a businesswoman, has any businesses at all.

“If she has a business, where is her office, who are her clients, and why did she not disclose the business on her personal disclosure form?” Gantt’s release said. ” If she does not have a business, why in the world is she claiming to be a businessperson?”

Mitakides responded that she could “convene a panel of 100 people who’ve done business with me. I’m a very successful businesswoman who sold my business.”

As for the $59,000, she said she earned the salary managing her husband’s dental practice. She said she disclosed her income with the U.S. House of Representatives, which congressional candidates are required to do.

“Clearly Mike Turner can’t defend himself so he’s sending the party to attack me,” she said. “What surprises me about it is it’s so amateurish and ham-handed.”

Candidate’s credentials called into question.

The reality is- Jane is a socialite. Her business is conducted at Country Clubs and Democratic party shindigs.

She’s cut from the exact same cloth that Turner has aspired to.

The only difference between the two- Barack Obama will actually talk to Jane once he’s elected President. Turner will be scorned.

But at no point, will Jane ever be anything other than a Country Club democrat.

Need a reminder:

Brilliant political rhetoric in the OH-3 race

In the discussion about Congressman Turner’s wife, Lori and her questionable ethics (accepting work from clients who want to curry favor with her husband- or no bid contracts from quasi-government organizations) we reach an all time high point in the discussion of disclosure thanks to the brilliant Montgomery County Republican Party chairman:

County Republican Party Chairman Gregory Gantt shot back: “Why not disclose what kind of toilet paper he uses? Where do you stop?”

Where do we stop? When Turner comes clean about how his wife is doing work for the same Home Depot PAC that gave Mikey the maximum money. How’s that for starters?

Mike Turner, R-Centerville, said Tuesday night, Aug. 19, that he was not required to disclose the company because it was a partially owned subsidiary of his wife’s marketing company, called The Turner Effect.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Mike Turner said that all of the information about his wife’s business is public record “and has been fully disclosed.”

Yet, we’re just finding out about the Peebles partnership now? Never mind how the no-bid contract with the Dayton Development Coalition managed to fly under the radar until both the costs were out of hand and the product was DOA (see “Get Midwest” on this site)

Henry Eckhart, a Columbus lawyer who chaired the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio from 1971 to 1973, questioned why the House Ethics Committee would fail to require spouses from disclosing their subsidiaries.

“That’s crazy,” he said. “Then all they’ve got to do is form a subsidiary and you can conceal anything.”

Of course, since Mike Turner has a law degree, he likes to think he knows better than everyone else- one only needs to look at this post, and his arrogance in Congress to see what kind of loser we’ve got representing us in DC.

Lori Turner’s connection to Peebles was first revealed in an article in the September issue of Mother Jones magazine titled “honey, i got the earmark.” The story called into question the Peebles Homes relationship and suggested that Mike Turner has obtained federal earmarks which benefited Peebles.

“I hope the local Democrats are doing more research than just reading the pot smokers’ magazine,” Gantt said of Mother Jones, a nonprofit news organization that boasts of its “smart, fearless journalism.”

Once again, Gantt makes an idiot of himself.

Peebles did not respond to phone calls seeking comment.

Lori Turner accuses the Dayton Daily News of misrepresentation.

“In the last 14 months the DDN has run 9 articles based on misrepresentation and innuendo attacking my business even though I meet the highest standards for public disclosure and accountability. It’s shameful,” she said.

Lori, what’s really shameful is charging the Dayton Development Coalition around $400,000 for the “Get Midwest” campaign that doesn’t relate or benefit Dayton or the region.

Democrats said they found it odd that a marketing firm would have a subsidiary that builds homes. “I do find that interesting,” said Jane Mitakides, Turner’s Democratic challenger in the November election. “And because Mrs. Turner’s business is that of communications and her Web site is so complete in listing clients and core competencies, I find it interesting that this subsidiary is never mentioned.”

She said the larger issue is whether any of Turner’s contributors are drawing improper benefits from federal earmarks obtained by Turner.

“It seems to represent, at best, a very serious error in judgment and quite possibly more than that,” she said.

Jane better up her game if she thinks this is going to do damage.

Turner defended his earmarks.

“These projects have helped create jobs, improve neighborhoods, and build new roads,” he said, adding that the earmarks being questioned support the CareSource project and the Austin Road interchange. “Perhaps my opponent should identify the federal dollars she would like to give back.”

Turner taking heat over wife’s business.

So, Turner is all for earmarks and pork, guess Mother Jones got it right.

Is Mitakides clueless or desperate, or both?

This is Jane’s idea? Hang out with Jerry Springer. What voters does she think she’s going to reach with this message? Jane and the king of trash TV? Turner might want to distance himself from GWB- but, I don’t think he’s stupid enough to go hang out with a guy who once wrote a check to a hooker.

The Party of Jerry Springer?

Via email, Jane Mitakides, congressional candidate for Ohio’s 3rd district, has just invited me to “Cocktails and Conversation” with special guest Jerry Springer.

Now, I spent a fair amount of time with the infamous Mr. Springer–on the phone and in person–when he was toying with a congressional run of his own a few years back. When it comes to politics, he’s a nice, serious, and surprisingly earnest guy.

But we are also talking about the godfather of trash tv. Arguably no name–not Paris, Britney, or even Lindsay–says “debased culture” quite like Jerry Springer. The man has a comic opera named after him for god sake.

So I’m wondering: Celebrity value notwithstanding, is it really wise for any Democrat to publicize Springer as a political compatriot? It’s risky business in an average year, considering Republicans’ penchant for painting Dems as out-of-touch-with-mainstream-America, Hollywood-star-huggers. In a year where John McCain is cutting tacky commercials trying to link Barack Obama with Paris Hilton, the strategy seems even more fraught.

Can’t you just see the attack ads now, pics of Mitakides arm-in-arm with Springer, intercut with footage from Springer’s show featuring fisticuffs between white-trash pedophilic meth dealers?

–Michelle Cottle

The Party of Jerry Springer? – The Plank.

I know Jerry Springer is a liberal, and that he can raise money. But, when we’re talking about a serious run, for a serious job, is this sideshow circus really what a serious candidate should be doing?

Unfortunately, I’ve heard Jane speak a few times- and don’t think she’s much less of a talking mouthpiece than Turner.

Please tell me we have a Libertarian or Green Party candidate for OH-3. Please.

Here is the invite info: (I was invited too)

Cocktails and Conversation
“Turning the Page, Making a Difference”
Thursday, August 14th, 2008
VIP Reception 5:30pm
Main Event 6:15pm
5323 Split Rail Road
Dayton, Ohio 45429
Main Event $150/person RSVP to Ashton at 937-610-0555
VIP Reception & Main Event $500/person or [email protected]
Cocktails & Hors D’ Oeuvres

Candidates Forum Mar 1 at 4pm!

Sorry for the last minute announcement. Mar 1 at 4pm at Shroyer Road Baptist Church there will be a candidates forum. This may be your only chance to actually hear the candidates for Congress in OH-3 since these events have been few and far between.

Shroyer Road Baptist Church is at 508 Shroyer Rd. Dayton OH 45419

You can hear me, Jane Mitakides, Charles W. Sanders who are all running for the Democratic nomination to run against Michael R. Turner, the 3 term Republican incumbent.

You can also stop by the Second Street public market 600 E. Second Street, today to pick up information on my campaign between 8am and 3pm. We’ll be at the East end in a booth near the Humane Society.

Mitakides still asking for money, still saying nothing

Screenshot of Jane Mitakides e-mail for moneyJust got an e-mail from Jane Mitakides. Apparently $5K from a DC PAC and an average donation of $995 is not enough, she still needs more. $50,000 of her own money needs to be backed up with your cash (it’s only a loan).

Here is her plea:

Dear Friends-

It’s Leap Day and you know what that means – an extra day to join me in bringing about the change that we so desperately need in America and Ohio. With just three days left until the primary, I am asking you to PLEASE contribute today!

Early money is vital to a campaign – the very first tangible measure of support. Any help you can give now – before March 4 – is critical to our effort! A dollar now is like two later!

Please visit my website to contribute before the primary on March 4, 2008. And while you are there, check out our brand new radio spot featuring the endorsements of Senator Tom Roberts and Reverend P.E. Henderson, two of the most important voices of our community.

My deepest thanks,

Jane Mitakides
Candidate for Congress, OH-3

P.S. Spread the word over the internet and to your friends. Tell them to visit www.Jane08.com to subscribe, contribute, and volunteer. Together, we can fight for change and face the challenges that lie ahead.

It sure is nice of Tom Roberts to support Jane, a Hillary Clinton supporter, even though he’s strongly backing Barack Obama. Makes you wonder how much money he wants from the bank of  Mitakides for his own campaigns.

If this kind of no message message makes you want to hurl- consider coming to our “Guaranteed Winner Party” on Tuesday and support a local charity instead of a campaign that may be toast on Wednesday (mine or hers).


My opposition must think voters are idiots.

When I ran for Mayor and City Commission long ago, I printed tabloid sized (11″x17″) literature with positions on a whole slew of issues. I was told that no one would read it.

People even tell me my 4×6 postcard says too much.

So, I thought it was bad when Jane Mitakides was handing out her literature from 2004 with things crossed out, and then last night, I finally saw what Charles W. Sanders has, and, frankly, they must think you, the voter, are idiots.

Judge for yourself: Charles Sanders- one side, black and white:

Scan of Charles W. Sanders campaign handout.

And then there is Jane’s, with John Edwards and General Wesley Clark endorsing her:

Jane Mitakides mailer front

And the back:

Back of Jane Mitakides flyer

Compare literature, compare websites, then vote.

Tabloid shocker: Martin Gottlieb finally says I’m bright.

I’ve never gotten a positive word out of the Dayton Daily News editorial board. Most of the time, it reads like a list of elementary school put downs- the only thing they haven’t told me is that I’m ugly and my mother dresses me funny.

So, finding this in today’s paper almost has me wondering if I’m doing something wrong:

Martin Gottlieb: On candidates new and old
Trying again — and again. Then there’s another kind of candidate — the kind who keeps running and running, without winning.

Some in this category lack all the characteristics that one expects in a politician. Others do not. David Esrati and John Mitchel are bright and comfortable facing an audience.

This year, though, in running for Congress, neither has party support, much financial support, much of an organization, much in endorsements or an apparent political base.

Why have they been so marginal for so long (having started in the 1990s)? After all, breaking into local politics really isn’t all that hard. We’re not talking Carnegie Hall.

I suppose they could explain their failures as those of outsiders fighting an establishment (including the media). But, come on. The local political establishment is not exactly the politburo in power, Obama in appeal or Google in competence.

With me being a Democrat, and a believer in the will of the people, having “party support” would be antithetical to my core beliefs, since I don’t think a secret screening committee deciding who should run before the primary is very democratic (see The People who choose the Democratic candidates- and who chose them)

I have a broader financial base than my opponent, Jane Mitakides, who counts on her own money, PAC money and rich relatives to put money in her campaign chest according to her FEC filing (see The Best Politicians Money Can Buy?).

As to endorsements: If I don’t believe that the party screening committee is right, should I believe that the endorsements of three people at the DDN is a good thing? Or solicit from special interest groups like the NRA or the Pipefitters? It’s that kind of political dealmaking that has our country in the mess it’s in.

For a political base? I guess readers on this site aren’t considered a political base. Free thinkers aren’t valued in Dayton anymore- but I still believe they are our future. I’ve been an activist in Dayton for almost 22 years- raising issues, questioning decisions of those in power, and even willing to go to jail to fight for what is right. I know there are people who know who I am, either from DATV or from the TV news- or just from my being an active part of my community: founder of VOB108 a veterans business group, neighborhood president, founder of South Park Social Capital, memberships in Art Center Dayton, the Dayton Ad Club (now known as the Greater Dayton Ad Association), work with charities including Artemis, DVAC, Daybreak and others, etc.

As to the local political establishment not being like the Politburo, Mr. Gottlieb needs to check out how people like Matt Joseph and Nan Whaley work their way up in the party pecking order. It may not be Joe Shump’s machine, but it’s still a machine with a very specific dance.

Those of you who know me- know I don’t dance on command, or dance around the subject. That’s a big part of why I’m not a part of it.

But, the overall question, why do I keep doing it? Maybe it’s as simple as I still believe in this country, as it was intended. I know it requires people who are willing to serve the people – not just serve those who gave them money. I guess that’s why I volunteered to be in the Army, why I chose to move into a dump and fix it up, why I’ve stayed in Dayton even when both my career and my reputation could have been much better elsewhere.

I think those of you who’ve spent some time on this site know why I am running- but to make it clear to Mr. Gottlieb, it’s because I still believe that one person can make a difference. If you look at all of his questions, it’s as if he believes that only groupthink is the answer.

You and I know different.

Dayton Daily News finally recognizes there is a congressional primary in OH-3

Of course, they didn’t say anything about TV ads in this race until Jane Mitakides produced one.

I’ve got 4 ads on YouTube and my TV schedule started today. I didn’t wrap myself in a flag, or talk about me, me, me- Jane sounds just like Hillary.  And, the spot they put up for Charles is 2 years old- still talking about a casualty rate of 2,616 dead.

Congressional ads for 3rd district race | Ohio politics
Three Democrats, David Esrati, Jane Mitakides and Charles Sanders are running in The March 4 primary for the chance to take on U.S. Rep. Mike Turner in the November election for Congress.

Esrati has posted several political ads on his Web site, esrati.com. Mitakides launched her first TV ad this week. Sanders has an ad on his Web site.

Mine are running now on cable and will be on in the Democratic debate tomorrow night around 10:40.

Go compare websites, see who wants your input on each and every issue.

See who’s been sharing ideas for the last 3 years- and who just joined YouTube yesterday.



Then make an informed decision. I trust you.

No Debates, No Forums, and now- no recordings of speeches and putting them on the ‘net.

Screen shot from the Esrati video MuzzledWhat is Jane Mitakides thinking? I got a voice mail yesterday from the Warren County Democratic Party chair- stating that some of his members and Jane were upset that I recorded Jane’s presentation and my speech at the meeting and posted it on my site: Real democracy as practiced in Warren County- compare Mitakides to Esrati podcast

Let’s see: public meeting, public place, public figures talking about qualifications for public office. Hmmmm….. better not let anyone hear it.

I talked to the chair a bit later, he was a bit miffed as well, but thought I should have informed him that I was taping before I did it. I’m not sure that is a credible request in light of the previous paragraph. If this meeting was off the record- why don’t we just stop having elections and just sell the offices to the highest bidder (oops, we may be doing that already).

I responded that there is clearly a comment form at the bottom of my post, and if anyone in the Warren County Democratic Party wants to complain or comment- I provide that opportunity on my site. Try that on any of the other candidates sites. I also said if he wanted to forward me the e-mail Jane Mitakides sent to him about this, I’d be happy to post it as well.

I’ve been wondering how voters are supposed to get information about this campaign- and doing everything I can to help them. In fact, that’s what I thought political parties were supposed to do: hold debates, help candidates define the issues, support democracy and the freedoms our country was founded on.

Apparently something has changed since I read my fathers book: “Dear Son, Do you really want to be an American?” when I was 17 (and again in December of 07) – America is no longer a place where it is free to speak publicly or politically, without prior authorization by a selected few.

I’m sorry. I seem to be acting very un-American. Is it time to arrest me again?