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Retail politics and May 8, 2018 election

The way you win elections isn’t with :30 second TV spots, yard signs, or facebook ads. At least that’s not how the most successful campaigns do it anymore. It’s all data driven, trying to target most likely voters, and deciding who we need to get out and vote. It’s done through personal contact, door knocking, Read More

If MLK was an activist today

50 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. It wasn’t with an AR-15, but, it was a gun, protected by the 2nd Amendment. My father told me he used to have lunch with King while they were both students at Boston University, on Thursdays. They’d argue. Dad was Malcom, Martin was Martin. They disagreed Read More

When congress screws up your love life

Most people still don’t like to admit they met on a dating site, although more and more do. Hoping to run into “the one” randomly, at the right time has odds about as good as the lottery, or getting hit by a self-driving Uber. This week, in the tumultuous chaos of Trump’s Washington, between firing Read More

First Four at UD Arena. First, look for the flag

$72 Million dollar renovation. New seats, new floor, new scoreboards, new sound system, but, wait, where do we put the flag? Normally, it’s hanging in a prominent position, in wide view, and well lit. It has a place of honor. It’s respected. And it’s where we turn when the National Anthem plays. But, we’re UD, Read More

Hodge podge governance costs us all

Welcome to the Not Really United States of America. We have a state where prostitution is legal, another where booze is almost not, we have some where pot is legal for medical, some for recreational, and then communities in our area where pot dispensaries are already banned, before medical pot is even legal. We solved Read More

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