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Stupid reason to close a swimming pool in the morning

Why Jermaine and Jonquel can’t swim

The City of Dayton used to have a lot of swimming pools. A place for kids to go, play, with adult supervision, doing something healthy, and potentially life saving. Now we have 2 pools, we can barely keep them open, and we have “splash pads” instead. No one learns how to swim in a splash Read More

Tombstone for "Your local Newspaper" Darwin Award winner- Content galore, failed to monetize

You’ll be sorry when the local newspaper dies

This story is happening everywhere, but, who will be left to tell you, and why you should care… a lot. First, the email came to tell us that the Dayton Daily News would no longer print a Saturday edition, and that subscribers should “read it online.” Bam, just like that, you just lost a seventh Read More

David Esrati introduces the Layoff Reduction Act- holding Corporate leaders accountable for employment

The Mass Layoff Act of 2023

Had I beaten Mike Turner, I would have been advancing this legislation in Congress. Instead, he’s still whining about classified documents in homes. For the record, I don’t care if you are Biden or Trump, having classified documents outside a secure area, should result in the exact same thing- go to jail, go directly to Read More

Could the MRNA vaccine be the solution to the US China trade imbalance?

How to fix the trade imbalance with China

From the NYTimes today: China’s hospitals were already overcrowded, underfunded and inadequately staffed in the best of times. But now with Covid spreading freely for the first time in China, the medical system is being pushed to its limits. The scenes of desperation and misery at the Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, captured on one Read More

an all I want for christmas story

An all I want for Christmas story…

Earlier this week, before the arctic invasion, the Grinch visited the region and had everyone talking. It wasn’t exactly the baby Lindbergh kidnapping, despite there being twice as many babies taken, and of course, they weren’t white or rich… which is why this story will soon be forgotten. But, should it be? It seems that Read More

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