Action to undo Shanklin appointment to Veterans Service Commission filed today

Attached is a copy of an original action in quo warranto and an affidavit in support that were filed today with the Second District Court of Appeals relating to the appointment of Wilburt Shanklin to the VSC, by Anne Jagielski,, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office. Shanklin Quo Warranto

Quo Warranto means: A legal proceeding during which an individual’s right to hold an office or governmental privilege is challenged.

From the filing:

21. The DAV Chapter 9 believes the nomination of Mr. Shankin was improper because he was not nominated and voted on by the members of DAV Chapter 9. Instead the DAV Chapter 9 believe they were compelled by the Court to submit a nomination for someone they did not and do not want representing them on the VSC. But for feeling forced by the Court, Mr. Weeks would not have submitted Mr. Shanklin’s name for nomination. Therefore, Mr. Shanklin’s name should never have been considered by the Court for a seat on the VSC.

You read about this story here first: Politics interfering with the Montgomery County Veterans Service Commission

and then here: Judges break law with Shanklin appointment to Veterans Service Commission

I requested help from State Representatives Jim Butler and Rick Perales on this issue, both being veterans and local. The original claim out of the prosecutors office was that the other board that Shanklin sat on, wasn’t a county board, but a state board, so it didn’t disqualify him, even though he was appointed by the very same judges. This issue wasn’t mentioned in the filing.

We will have to wait for a ruling from the Second District Court for final disposition. Shanklin was supposed to begin his term on January 15th. 2017.

Color coding prisoners in the Montgomery County Jail

Phil Plummer, Sheriff, Montgomery County OhioFemale prisoners in the Montgomery County Jail are being segregated with the black females being most likely to be locked up in the old jail, with bars and limited privacy, while white women are in the new jail, with pods and a modicum of privacy.

This is only one of the problems in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office, which is currently dealing with multiple issues- like having a white Major refer to a black correctional officer as “a thug” in a recorded meeting, the pepper spraying of a restrained prisoner, and the ongoing issues of nepotism that run rampant in the Republican branch of the Monarchy of Montgomery County.

Sadly, the Sheriff, Phil Plummer, who is also the Republican Party Chairman (which should be illegal, since in Ohio, the final word on election issues on the day of the election is the sheriff) is running unopposed this fall.

This isn’t the first brush with racism in the Sheriff’s fiefdom, two of his trusted people were fired last year because they had been exposed for exchanging racist text messages. Three others were “disciplined.”

But it would seem that screwing up is the fastest track to promotion under Sheriff Plummer.

We first found about Tom Flanders when he was a Sgt. shredding documents that were key to an investigation on the Sheriff’s sister being hired as an appraiser. Then, Captain Flanders was supposedly fired for the racist text messages, but he really wasn’t- because instead, both he and the other “fired” officer took full medical retirement. It pays to be a bad cop in the Sheriffs office.

Somehow, the good ole boy network in blue never lets one of their members down.

But it’s time for the Sheriff to trade in his badge for stripes for a stay in his own jail. How else do you explain how the Black female Sgt, Judith Sealey, with the itchy finger on the pepper spay, is now a captain? Maybe it’s because Plummer needs to show a little bit more diversity in his jail where there are over 100 employees with only a dozen or so of color? Or maybe, he was hoping to keep her quiet and that the tape of the criminal action would disappear. That may be the most expensive can of pepper spray in Montgomery County by the time the taxpayers finish paying for the lawsuit that’s coming. Had the “screaming inmate” had asthma- we’d be looking at murder charges. Flat out- you don’t pepper spray someone in restraints, but apparently, in Phil Plummers world, do it and you get promoted.

When a black corrections officer brings up the issue of the segregation of female prisoners- and gets a reprimand instead of a “thank you for pointing that travesty out, I’ll get right on it.” You know there are problems. The racial segregation of prisoners alone is an issue, but putting the blacks predominantly in the old section of the jail makes it clear that some prisoners are less equal than others. That section, has the old style bars and shouldn’t even be in use- apparently it has some kind of grandfather clause that allows them to use it. Yet, putting the white women, who make up the majority of the female inmates, in the new pods section should be clear evidence that this isn’t random.

What we need is a special prosecutor to come in to investigate the MCSO from top-to-bottom.

Instead, Plummer thinks that an internal investigation is appropriate. Right there should be a clear indication that he’s lost touch with reality and is unfit for office;

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is investigating Maj. Scott Landis amid allegations of inappropriate language he allegedly used while talking about a black corrections officer.

Source: Montgomery County sheriff’s major investigated for his comments |

Why would you even think of an internal investigation? And as to allegations, this one is on tape, it’s as easy as push play.

There is a small group of righteous correctional officers that have had enough. Some have gone to attorney Michael Wright for representation. There are bound to be more things coming to light as time goes on.

The housing records are very easy to pull up and look at, with the location, age, race of the prisoner all clearly marked. Even if the Sheriff tries to have the computer files wiped, I’ve got a stack of printouts of the assignments that can be verified without any access to the Sheriffs records.

It’s time to get a new sheriff in town. Our current one is either grossly incompetent, or a racist.



What you won’t find the private police working on…

Dayton Daily News cutting about SGM Woodall Murder

Gone, but never forgotten. SGM Woodall, US Army Special Forces

Dayton used to have a police force of 500 sworn officers.

The city may have less people, but it’s still shaped like an octopus and big.

Now, Dayton has around half that. Still, racially unbalanced compared to the general population.

And, still, unable to find the killer of one of their own. You’ve seen the banners on the stations- “Reward” for the killer of officer Kevin Brame.

I feel bad that I’m writing this on the 30th- instead of July 29.

It’s my annual post asking to find the killer/s of Sgt Maj North Woodall. A decorated veteran of 3 wars who was killed in a “home invasion.”

It would be easy for me to put it in my calendar and get a reminder every year, but I don’t. Because I don’t want it to be easy. I don’t want to forget Sgt. Maj. Woodall, or the fact that his killers are still on the loose. I don’t want it to be automatic- I want to have to remember. I want to feel guilty when I write a post a day late.

That front page story from the July 29, 2009 Dayton Daily news hangs, yellowing, right above my computer- “Veteran of 3 wars, 85, dies in home invasion.”

You won’t find the private police at U.D., Miami Valley Hospital, Grandview, Good Sam, Metroparks, Sinclair Community College doing a damn thing to investigate that murder- or trying to find the killers. Nope, those are the police forces of the rich white folks who’ve been running this city for long before I got here.

We have money to buy buildings for half a million dollars for which there is no public use. We find money for paying a certain demolition contractor to tear things down. We find money for developers- and give away taxes for our schools to General Electric and any other big company that waltzes into town…

And now we want more income tax. Because, our friends in high places still have their hands out…

at least those who didn’t pack up and move to the tax free (for white collar workers only) mecca of Austin Landing…

Instead of charging a $50K per year fee for each private police license- and making sure our department still has the people it needs to solve crimes, our city is coming for more money, to pay for pre-K education (because Mayor Whaley thinks shes the education goddess of Dayton). They say they want more money for police too… but, we’ve heard that before.

What we really want is killers brought to justice.

For Kevin, for his sister Karen who will never give up. For Sgt. Maj. Woodall, for whom I hope to never give up.

But, maybe, just maybe, the voters of Dayton will learn, we don’t really want to solve those crimes-

because the victims are black men.

And we all know, black lives don’t really matter in Dayton the way rich white mens lives do….


When the city of Dayton is the public nuisance

In fact, this is such a brilliant solution to crime that the city actively uses this with bait electronics left in plain sight to entrap car thieves.

It’s not right. It’s not the right approach. It’s how losers justify the fact that they can’t do their job- they make excuses; “we don’t have the manpower” or “the judges don’t do their job” or “we’re out of space at the jail.” Our city suffers more because we’ve grown to accept mediocre government as the norm.

From crappy basketball courts, to crappy schools, to crappy public safety forces.

Just remember, while Dayton has lost half it’s police force in the last 25 years, UD, MVH, Grandview, Good Sam, Sinclair and Metroparks all have hired their own private police force in numbers to exceed the losses by Dayton. Yes, only rich white people deserve police protection in Dayton.

That includes South Park which gets 2 MVH funded police officers thank you very much.

That doesn’t account for what I’m about to share next.

City of Dayton public nuisance stickerEvery time there is a rash of car break-ins in Dayton, someone says “the cop told me to just leave the car unlocked and let them into your car.”
Last week, the city of Dayton came to South Park and told a mentally ill man to leave his home and not come back for a year.

It wasn’t a rental. He owned it.

Yes, he’d had some calls to the house by the police. Someone OD’d one time- on the porch. But, being a den of inequity and a drug house? By the standard set around the corner– he wasn’t close. Yet, the city, declared the house a “Public Nuisance” and kicked out the residents, made it a crime to be on the property for a year, and walked away.

Did they secure the house? No.

Windows are missing. A piece of cardboard in the door isn’t “securing” anything.

If I did this, I’d be facing charges.

Photo of unsecured vacated nuisance house in Dayton OhioWhat they’ve done instead is sent a message on a bright orange sticker to scrappers to “please scrap here”- remove all the remaining copper wires, copper plumbing, appliances, mechanical systems – anything of value.

Since the owner is banned from being on the property- he can’t do it.

Gee, this is how to protect our neighborhood values?

I’ve said before that you should be happy if you get burglarized – the most dangerous crime to your property is when a bank comes and forecloses on the home next door. No matter what it was worth the day the Sheriff kicks the tenants out- it will be a lot less by the time the bank unloads it- if they can unload it. If the scrappers don’t come first.

It’s been a week since this mess was created by the City of Dayton.

Let’s see if they can board it up properly before the close of business today?


Black shoots back


9 July- this post was written early on July 8, after reading an early NYTimes article that said:

Five Dallas police officers were killed and six others were wounded by snipers on Thursday night during a demonstration protesting shootings by officers in Minnesota and Louisiana this week, the Dallas police said.

The police believe four suspects coordinated the attack with rifles, Police Chief David O. Brown said, and positioned themselves in triangulated locations near the end of the route the protesters planned to take. The police had three people in custody and were negotiating in the early-morning hours with a fourth, who was in a garage in downtown Dallas at El Centro, a community college.

Source: Snipers Kill 5 Dallas Officers at Protest Against Police Shootings – The New York Times

This was before Micah X Johnson was identified as the sole shooter, and blown up with a robot delivered bomb, to which I have other issues with.

Dallas Texas. It’s not the first time a shooting there will profoundly change the course of American history. JFK’s assassination left an indelible mark upon our nations psyche, and the killing of five law officers and wounding of others will mark a turning point.

It’s been a long time since armed blacks have struck back at a country that has systematically discounted the lives of those of color. While we may have heard of John Browns raid on Harper’s Ferry- where a white man lead black slaves to take over an armory, or the Black Panthers of California to begin open carry patrols in the late 60’s – our history texts gloss over other stories of revolt.

The shooting in Dallas won’t be glossed over.

Nor will it be the last time it happens until things change in this country.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who had his life cut short by a gun, is probably turning over in his grave. He was a believer in non-violent opposition as a solution. Others, like Malcom X, who had his life cut short by a gun, is probably thinking- I tried to tell you this would happen…

But lashing out at cops, while clearly a symbolic message- you shoot us, we shoot you, is not the answer to the problem. Our system has lost its moral compass, we’ve criminalized our society to the point that we, the country of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” has become the largest land of incarceration on the planet. We’ve systematically allowed an entire race to be marginalized and discounted. We’ve created economic segregation at all levels that has totally unleveled the playing field, so that only a few can really enjoy that “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The enemy isn’t the police- it’s the laws that allow us to have different standards for different people. Take the rise of private police forces- the local universities, hospitals and even Metroparks have their own police departments- carrying guns, but not reporting to us or anyone we elect. Ask Samuel DuBose how that worked out for him in Cincinnati?

How does a broken taillight end up a death sentence? Philando Castile wasn’t the first. It wasn’t that long ago that a broken taillight was a death sentence for Walter Scott.

Think about that. A $2 lightbulb out = death sentence? Is this the country our founding fathers imagined?

It’s not even about guns anymore. It’s genocide. We don’t have to wear swastikas, or build death camps, we’re doing it because we “love our freedoms” that are enabling our country to have the casualties of war without the formality of it.

Let me break it to you slowly and clearly- only poor people are being incarcerated and killed. Yes, a majority of them are minorities, but, they all share one thing- they ain’t the rich white men who are running this country into the ground in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

And make no mistake about it- guns contribute to their profits. From the sales of guns and ammo, to the medical care for victims, to the security systems, to the private prisons, to the caskets, rich people are happy to let the poor play in the streets with guns. It’s good for business.

Students of history know that class warfare is almost always the reason for falls of empires, yet, we’ve ignored it, allowed the gap to widen, and now, we’re seeing the first shots taken.

Will the shooters be heroes? Or the cops who died? Or will this be a wake up call? History has a strange way of picking turning points in the aftermath.

All I know is that while Black Lives Matter, this is really a bigger issue. Much bigger.

Dayton will need to raise taxes to pay off the panhandlers lawsuits

In the “told you so” file-

The city of Dayton is considering new panhandling rules because its current regulations are likely unconstitutional and unlawfully restrict free speech.

The Dayton commission today is expected to introduce an ordinance to amend, replace and eliminate some regulations on solicitation that the city’s law department believes do not pass constitutional muster.

Recent court decisions have concluded that asking for money or expressing a need for assistance is protected free speech, and the Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office recently challenged Dayton’s rules on this basis.

Dayton is looking at eliminating the requirement that people who engage in solicitation register with the city. The city also is considering eradicating a prohibition on soliciting before sunrise or after dark.

“I’m glad to hear that Dayton is taking a good look at its ordinance,” said Joseph Mead, cooperating attorney with the ACLU of Ohio, which challenged the constitutionality of the city of Akron’s “anti-panhandling” ordinance. “Hopefully the city takes steps to avoid the litigation that Akron faced.

”In April 2015, the Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office filed a motion to dismiss some solicitation charges that were pending in a Dayton Municipal Court case involving Clayton Peck. Peck has been arrested more than 200 times for panhandling.

Angelina Jackson, assistant public defender, argued Dayton’s panhandling rules are unconstitutional because they prohibit certain types of speech based on content.

Jackson said the city also was inappropriately restricting First Amendment rights by requiring people to get a permit to solicit. Prosecutors dismissed the charges before a judge issued a ruling.

But today, Dayton’s own law department says the city’s ordinances on solicitation are unlikely to survive a legal challenge because of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the case Reed v. Town of Gilbert, Ariz.

In that case, the Supreme Court clarified how laws that restrict the topic or content of free speech are unconstitutional.

Since then, federal courts have ruled against municipalities’ “anti-panhandling” laws for violating the free speech of poor and homeless people, according to advocacy groups.

“In the wake of that decision, a number of federal courts have invalidated panhandling laws that imposed more regulations on begging than on other forms of speech,” wrote the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty.

The Reed v. Gilbert case has cast doubt on the constitutionality of laws like Dayton’s that seek to restrict charitable solicitations, said Mead, the attorney.

Source: Panhandling rules could change

and go back to…

With a serious shortage of police on the street, no new hires in sight, we’re going to make holding a sign up on the corner illegal? Really?

Besides the slight problem with the U.S. constitutional protection of free speech, the city is going to “fine” or “incarcerate” panhandlers? Why not just give them minimum-wage jobs cutting grass on vacant lots instead? Between the wasting of time of valuable police officers making- oh around $30 an hour, and the cost of paperwork, court time, jail- the fines that will be levied and not collected…
Laws that can’t be enforced are laws we don’t need. The legal defense on this one, when the ACLU steps in, will cost the city thousands.

Let’s just think about this for a minute- is wearing a shirt that says “I’m homeless please help” illegal too?

Source: Dayton panhandler law- it’ll cost us. – Esrati

Naw, don’t elect Esrati, don’t listen to him, move along, nothing happening here.

Congratulations to Clayton Peck who may now get a very big check.

Too bad we can’t sue politicians for doing stupid things…

When cops make their own rules

It’s legal for someone who has been on the terrorist watch list to buy an AR-15. Range is over 400 yards- think four complete football fields. The gun nuts talk about this weapon as crucial for “self-defense.” It can empty a 20 round clip, even as a semi-automatic, in under 20 seconds, accurately, in the hands of someone with good training.

You don’t have to be very brave, strong, smart or even very skilled in a crowded environment to kill a lot of people. I was trained in the military to use one, for war. Warriors have now come out against the sale of these types of weapons to the general public. These are weapons meant for a “well regulated militia” the forgotten part of the 2nd amendment. Gun nuts also quickly ignore the logical extension of the “right to bear arms” not including arms such as hellfire missiles, tanks and nuclear weapons.

My feelings about the 2nd amendment are fully explained in this video:

There is a huge difference between a black powder muzzle loader and an AR-15. There is also a difference between a gun and a knife, and the knife Rambo had in “FirstBlood”, and a pen-knife.

So when I went to the Federal Building on Friday to help my friend, the formerly homeless veteran Sean, I left my 2″ Swiss Army knife at the office, because they have a rule against carrying weapons in a Federal Building. I use that knife several times a day, to open boxes, to tighten screws, to open bottles, to cut down basketball nets etc. And while it is a “knife” and I could probably kill someone with it with a very lucky stab to the chest avoiding the ribs and getting to the heart and yanking hard, or carefully slicing both main arteries in the crotch, or the easy access ones in the neck, it’s still not that easy and it requires skill, speed and serious intent. Slicing someones throat isn’t as easy as Dexter made it seem (and he usually used surgical scalpels).

What I didn’t leave at home was a 1.5″ Swiss Army manicure knife that’s attached to my keys.

Swiss Army Pen Knife banned by US Marshals

This isn’t a deadly weapon.

Nothing worse than federal marshals with guns making the law up as they go along. At the Dayton Federal building they made me it off the property to be able to access the building and the social security offices. As in they even suggested that I walk it across the street and conceal it somewhere in the alley for future retrieval. Of course, I protested, they already knew who I was because I also had to present a photo ID and most of them are former Dayton cops.

But, as always, I question authority, especially when it seems stupid. The FAA had changed the rules on stuff like this last year and I was pretty sure they weren’t taking away nail files, and sure as shit weren’t taking away metal barrelled ball point pens, which make fine tools to sever the jugular vein or serve as an emergency tracheotomy tube.

I go upstairs, whip out my phone and look up the LAW- and it says knives have to be over 2.5 inches.
I go back down to push the envelope. Asked to speak to a supervisor- after being threatened to be taken off the property for protesting my rights- and two guys acting like mercs, come out- one of them wearing desert jungle boots and an OD T-shirt, looking like he’s ready for action in Afghanistan.
I cited the law, which I had pulled up on my phone- they said they have “policy.”
That’s not the way this works fellas.

Possession of firearms and dangerous weapons in Federal facilities

“(2) The term “dangerous weapon” means a weapon, device, instrument, material, or substance, animate or inanimate, that is used for, or is readily capable of, causing death or serious bodily injury, except that such term does not include a pocket knife with a blade of less than 2½ inches in length.”

Read it and weep.

We are a nation of laws for good reason. You can’t shoot someone in the back and say you were threatened under cover of law, oh, wait, I’m out of examples…

Cops who make their own rules are dangerous.

I have the name of the local supervisor, but instead, I’m going to push this up the chain of command. The reality is, this “policy” is just another way that those who are supposed to protect and serve, instead harass and discriminate at will. The fact that so many people are turned away from the Social Security offices by “security” personnel is a good reason to move that office out of the Federal Building into an office where the people can have full and unfettered access to their government (the guards tell hundreds of people a week, if not a day, to go to the office on Hoover that doesn’t require ID.

To serve and protect, means to adhere to the laws that are in place. Cops are never supposed to be judge, jury and executioner, they are supposed to be the epitome of the law.

No one elected these Marshals to make the law for good reason. It’s time that someone we elect step in to stop this chicanery in the name of security. After all, no one asked me to remove my shoes and we all know how lethal shoe bombers are.

Smile for your mugshot, and be white and rich

When I was arrested, I knew I didn’t want to look like the mugshots I’d seen before- Mick Jagger was firmly in my minds eye, I tried to smile and was told “no teeth” so I put on a shit eating grin and kept my lips together. My crime was of wearing a black balaclava in a Dayton City Commission meeting- sitting perfectly still, in protest of illegal secret meetings- including one discussing how to keep citizens from speaking at the meetings- or at least, shutting off the tv cameras when citizens come to speak up. It took 2.5 years to clear up. It cost a lot of money to lawyers. It cost the taxpayers. I had long ago agreed to not sue, if the city dropped charges- they didn’t.

Mine wasn’t criminal justice- mine was civil liberties at stake.

Yet, everyday, in the United States, our beloved “democratic” self-righteous county, screws up justice, just as it screws up democracy, with money, power and race as factors.

I present to you two Dayton boys gone bad.

Brock Turner left, Eric Baum right. Two criminals, two different outcomes. Mugshots

Brock Turner left, Eric Baum right. Two criminals, two different outcomes.

The one on the left is Brock Turner, white, wealthy, division 1 swimmer at Stanford. I can’t find his booking photo- just this picture, over and over. He was found by 2 Swedes riding bicycles, physically assaulting (the description by the victim makes this a lot more clear) an unconscious girl, while he was intoxicated. Had they not interrupted his actions, rape would have been the charge. A crime against a person.

The one on the right is the guy who I’ve served as a “big brother” to since he was 10. He’s now 39, and in custody of the local Sheriff. His charges- breaking and entering, carrying a concealed weapon, etc. are crimes against property.

The one on the left, didn’t have to sit in jail waiting for his court date, he was out on bond. The one on the right, arrested March 9th, 2016, is in jail. No one will bail him out. His family has given up on him, I’ve disowned him and divorced myself from his troubles. The house he was renting from friends, foreclosed. He’d stopped paying rent. He had a painting business- but, due to his untreated mental illness and experiments with Meth- he had lost his truck, his tools, his phone. His baby momma and three children (a fourth child with his first baby momma is also struggling to stay out of trouble at 17) had moved out in November. The house was being broken into- even after the bank boarded it up. There was evidence that he was probably still cooking meth inside- after the utilities had been cut off.  Any chance of him picking up the pieces of his life are over.

He’s heading back to prison. Third time. But, here is the difference between the privileged white boy and the poor black one, one has spent more time in jail, not prison (there is a difference) than the other one- and never for actually harming anyone physically.

I don’t know Brock Turner. I do know people who do. One female college professor I know whose kids are friends with him, almost excused him for his actions due to his own intoxication on Facebook. I wanted to throw up. Go read the victims’ statement linked to above.

I searched all over for his booking photo- and then realized why I didn’t see one, he was probably never booked into jail.

Eric has been booked into jail more times than I can count. But, I’ll just share one with you.

He’d gotten out of Nobel Correctional after serving a full three year sentence, and was living with me, and had a 3.95 GPA from the first year of an associate’s degree that he earned while there. His first day at Sinclair, he went to the campus police to report something he saw (he suffers from undiagnosed paranoia) and when the campus police looked him up, they saw a Dayton warrant from before he served his three years- and arrested him. He spent the night in jail on his first day trying to better himself back in the world.

But, let’s talk about why he went to jail for 3 years, other than being black in Greene County (it’s not on the books- but it seems to be a crime). He was involved in a minor fender bender while intoxicated. While waiting for the police, he thought it would be a good idea to go into the nearby bar and call me- asking me to come out and help him. When the cruiser arrived and he was mouthy with the cop- he was put in the back seat of the cruiser, in shackles- where he ran his mouth and said to the cop that he “wouldn’t live to see his next birthday” while the cruiser video cam recorded.

The judge said it was open and shut- threatening an officer of the court is a felony- punishable by a minimum of 3 years. Had Eric slugged the officer instead- it would have been a misdemeanor punishable by up to 6 months.

Brock Turner was violently molesting an unconscious girl. He’s sentenced to 6 months with the possibility of getting out in 3 months. He hasn’t spent a night in jail. When he gets out, he may have the stigma of being labeled a sex offender for life, but his life will go on. He’s still not admitted that what he did was wrong. Even in Eric’s most manic state, he still realizes what mistakes he’s made, even if he believes that there are people (including me) who are actively collaborating to screw his life up for something he did almost 20 years ago.

The sad thing is that prison won’t solve either of these problems.

Eric has needed professional mental health care since he lost his mother to cancer at 13 (probably a preventable death, but since she had outstanding bills to Greene Hall for her detox, she didn’t go to the gynecologist when the first clues of something wrong appeared).

Brock has obviously needed both lessons in what consent means, and what is acceptable sexual behavior- as well as treatment for alcohol abuse.

Three months or three years in prison won’t undo the damage he did to his victim. While the thought of Mr. lily white Oakwood getting raped in prison might make some people remotely satisfied that justice was somehow served, it isn’t a solution either. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

The money Brock Turners family spent bailing him out of hot water was probably exorbitant. My own legal bills ran over $75K for my case of 4 fourth degree misdemeanors.

Brock will grow a beard, change his hair style, start using his middle name, find some place to “hide out” and continue his life. Sure, he’ll have to register as a sex offender, but, some will overlook it, hire him, marry him, have his kids- just like Eric managed, but the difference is- no one will do the same for Eric.

This country is still racially and economically segregated and unjust.

We’re not about to address the issues of a proper health care system to help people who need it.

We’re not about to reform our justice system to make it equitable or to focus on rehabilitation.

Brock Turner should have to tithe for the rest of his life to either the victim or to rape prevention or alcohol education issues. He should be put in prison until he fully accepts responsibility for his violent actions. He should be banned from drinking or purchasing alcohol for life.

Eric Baum should be put in a highly supervised half way house, tested for drugs and alcohol for life, and allowed work privileges with his income being directed to pay child support. Putting him in prison won’t protect anyone, won’t solve the problem. He isn’t capable of managing a life that isn’t highly structured and monitored- but, that said, it doesn’t mean prison is the only solution.

In fact, I’ve yet to see prison actually do much to solve society’s problems except for the most dangerous psychopaths, serial killers and arsonists. It hasn’t done a thing to reel in the criminals of Wall Street, nor has it stopped the drug trade or the killing that goes along with it.

Need proof? Eric has been to prison twice, jail a bunch- and he’s still not able to operate on his own in society.

Need more proof- Brock Turner, despite being incredibly violent, is only going to go for 3 months.

It helps to be rich, white and to smile for your mugshot.

It’s time to deny service to Mississippi

I hate MississippiTim Cook, CEO of Apple, is gay. According to Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, some people are allowed to decline him service.

Mississippi’s governor signed far-reaching legislation allowing individuals and institutions with religious objections to deny services to gay couples…

The measure signed by Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi allows churches, religious charities and privately held businesses to decline services to people if doing so would violate their religious beliefs on marriage and gender.

Source: Anti-Gay Laws Bring Backlash in Mississippi and North Carolina

Apparently, Mississippi didn’t learn about civil rights and non-discrimination from Dr. Martin Luther King, so maybe it’s time for Tim Cook to teach them a lesson.

Let’s face it- Citizens United says corporations are people too- and have a right to buy elections, and by the same standard, they should be able to decline to serve an entire state if it wishes to discriminate.

My proposal is that Apple shut down all their Apple stores in Mississippi, tomorrow. Then, shut off access to the entire state to the iTunes store, to iCloud, to Apple Maps and any and all programs on residents’ iPhones.

I would hope that Google joins in- and sets up a geofence and denies service to the entire state. No Google. No Google Maps. No Android updates.

Throw in Facebook. Geofence the entire state. If you are in Mississippi, you’re off Facebook. Just like that.

I would think that if these three companies cut off all services within the state- Mississippi would cease to exist- but, for good measure- Ebay, and PayPal can join in too. All of these companies have believed in and supported diversity. Microsoft can jump in too- although who really uses Bing?

Since we don’t have legislators or leaders who do anything without the almighty dollar directing them- maybe, just maybe, teaching the people of Mississippi a lesson not to elect bigots, racists and haters to office will send a message to all of these holier than thou misanthropes a lesson.

Enough people died in Mississippi to end segregation in the sixties. Supposedly, we moved forward- to where we no longer judge people by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

America has no place for bigots like Phil Bryant.

Which of our corporate chieftains will have the fortitude to step up and stop this hate from spreading?

WSU sure has funny priorities these days

The call came in a few days ago- a Wright State student who was organizing Bernie Sanders events on campus was distraught: apparently, someone had donated some sodas for the meeting, which they distributed for free at a debate watch party.

The next thing you know, they were being threatened with being banned from campus. You see WSU signed an exclusive contract with one of the big soda companies for exclusive rights on campus, and this soda was from their evil competition.

I was in the midst of work, and it didn’t really register as a battle worth fighting. They’d looked me up for my posts critical of the university for the scandal train that’s been running around the university for too long. The more I thought about it after I hung up, the more I realized, they are willing to go ballistic over $20 worth of pop, but a million dollars to Ron Wine without a contract– that’s ok?

This “soda gate” had gone all the way up to Dr. Rountree- yes, the opportunistic political climber now sitting on the Dayton Board of Education. This is what she gets paid close to six figures to rule on- free soda distribution.

In the meantime, the Dayton Daily has yet another example of the school trying to weasel around the Ohio Sunshine laws:

Wright State University has paid $309,750 to an independent auditing firm to review its practices amid a federal immigration probe and other ongoing controversies, but says it will not make the audit’s findings public.

Wright State says the details of Plante Moran’s work are not subject to Ohio public records laws because the firm was subcontracted through the law firm Dinsmore and Shohl, therefore the audit falls under attorney-client privilege.

The university repeatedly has denied requests for a copy of the firm’s findings, beginning with a written denial in October: “(They) are privileged and the university has no plans to share them publicly at this time,” WSU spokesman Seth Bauguess wrote in response to a request for the records under Ohio public records law.

This newspaper later followed up with a request for records on how much Plante Moran was paid. That information was received this week.

Plante Moran, a certified public accounting and business advisory firm based in Michigan, was paid for work done in 2015 with five checks from WSU, cut between September and January.

Dinsmore has billed the university another $108,000 this fiscal year under a pair of contracts for “immigration matters” and “legal advice and services related to internal investigations.”

“Every organization can find ways to do things better and those of us who love and support Wright State know that our university is no different,” WSU Trustees Chairman Michael Bridges said when he announced the hiring of the CPA firm in June. “We look forward to detailed and aggressive recommendations from the outside accounting professionals at Plante Moran to help us make the best possible strategic decisions for our university.”

The work by the two companies is related to an ongoing federal investigation into possible violations of immigration law, which led to several top university officials being suspended, fired or forced to retire.

Source: WSU spent over $300K on audit it won’t release

Let me translate, Wright State paid Plante Moran directly, yet claims the work was hired by a sub-contractor, also hired directly by the university, so that the work product, done for the school, is not public record.

The board chairman, who already illegally voted on the hiring of his son to an unposted job, at one time claimed that WSU hired Plante Moran back in June to help THEM, Wright State, not the law firm, make best possible decisions- but, oh, we’re not going to see it, because our lawyers need to keep it secret.

It’s time to fire President Hopkins, bring up the hack “spokesman Seth Bauguess” on charges of violating the Sunshine laws, and to replace not just the board president, but the entire board, which has been asleep at the wheel.

There is no more room for this kind of deceit at a public university. The report needs to be made public no if, ands or buts.

What good are public information laws if they aren’t enforced?

And those damn commie students with their 3 cases of soda. Send them off to the gulag. We can’t be sipping contraband soda while rooting for a damn democratic socialist running for president. What is this world coming to?