Violated, AGAIN- lost count. Chainsaw missing.

  • The Chainsaw case
    The Chainsaw case
  • The Broken Window
    The Broken Window

I got a chainsaw for Christmas. Used it Sunday afternoon.

Went into the garage today- and the window was broken out- and the only thing missing was the chainsaw. They left the case, the extra chain- the oil. They didn’t get anything else- despite there being kids bikes, my safety shield for the chainsaw- and my motorcycle and two scooters.

This is the sixth theft in 2 years.

The E-crew came- they had gloves, no prints.

But- if you happen to see an 18″ Poulan Pro, .42cc, model PP4218AVX/ 966557901 serial number s/n sn 10145D400582-3

It’s mine. Feel free to shoot the perp- or better yet- fire up the saw and dismember him.

I’ve secured the garage, and have added additional security precautions.

Warning- I was taught to shoot pistol by someone on the Army Pistol Team. I’m not going to ask any uninvited guests questions before I double tap you with some 9mm Winchester Silver Tips.

I’ve lived in South Park since 1986. The “crime spree” all tracks back to the arrival of a new “neighbor” 2 years ago. I’m not saying it’s a match- but I don’t believe in coincidences.