Social Media as a change agent

Why the US needs to intervene in Ukraine

Preface: I know this isn’t a normal esrati report type topic- and my highest military rank was E-4, but as the saying goes, those who don’t study history are bound to repeat it. With the world wired web- technology and information flow is totally different for this war than any other. It’s why I can Read More

The right way to pay for journalism

My last post, the video of me returning the weekly ad circulars distributed by CoxOhio created a mini-viral sensation in Dayton, where residents are sick of picking up garbage that someone is getting paid to throw into their yards. Of course, the people at Cox Ohio are sick of trying to replace ad revenue that Read More

When congress screws up your love life

Most people still don’t like to admit they met on a dating site, although more and more do. Hoping to run into “the one” randomly, at the right time has odds about as good as the lottery, or getting hit by a self-driving Uber. This week, in the tumultuous chaos of Trump’s Washington, between firing Read More

2 hours of your life you’ll never get back: Esrati + Gem City Podcast

This was recorded about a month ago. Libby came over to the office and we had a really long chat. You’ll have to click over to their site to listen in, and those who’ve listened already said they enjoyed it. It’s great to have other local media giving the community information in different formats. After Read More

First Four at UD Arena. First, look for the flag

$72 Million dollar renovation. New seats, new floor, new scoreboards, new sound system, but, wait, where do we put the flag? Normally, it’s hanging in a prominent position, in wide view, and well lit. It has a place of honor. It’s respected. And it’s where we turn when the National Anthem plays. But, we’re UD, Read More

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