Our Broken political system

City of Dayton selling citizens out to Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLP

My dead mother got one. I got one. The veteran I take care of got one, right in the middle of the pandemic. A “Notice of Delinquent Citation(s)” from a law firm in Texas that specializes in debt collection. The first two didn’t even have account or “offense dates” listed – they were just “notice Read More

Our democrat, not a democrat = not democratic

It’s long been a belief of mine that the Ohio Democratic Party and the local Montgomery County Democratic Party are the worst enemies of Democrats running for office in the state. Yes, a republican challenger candidate is a better friend to a democrat than their own party. The biggest expenditures for the Ohio House Democratic Read More

Dayton needs new leadership yesterday

I just watched the video of a stabbing of a student with a pencil. The room was totally out of control. Next I hear, the school is telling students if they take their cell phones out to record things like this- or share the video, they will be expelled. Because, of course, the First Amendment Read More

The wacky world of Dayton politics

Looking at the petition turn in on the Board of Elections site and so far, there are some surprises: Dayton 1-term school board member, John McManus has switched parties to the Republican side to run against minor-league party boss Russ Joseph for County Treasurer. Joseph, who lost to Republican Mike Foley after being appointed to Read More

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