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Tombstone for "Your local Newspaper" Darwin Award winner- Content galore, failed to monetize

You’ll be sorry when the local newspaper dies

This story is happening everywhere, but, who will be left to tell you, and why you should care… a lot. First, the email came to tell us that the Dayton Daily News would no longer print a Saturday edition, and that subscribers should “read it online.” Bam, just like that, you just lost a seventh Read More

Remembering Sandy Mendelson

Yesterday they had a funeral for Sandy Mendelson. I didn’t go. I also read in the paper, on the TV news websites, that he was a “supporter of downtown” and a “successful business man.” I have a different perspective on him. But, I wasn’t going to spend part of my 4th of July weekend writing Read More

“A culture of corruption”- but only if you’re black

Full disclosure: Joey Williams and I first met on the campaign trail when I was running for Mayor to unseat Richard Clay Dixon and he was running for school board. I consider Joey a friend. I’ve watched him get married, his kids grow up, and his career do exactly what he wanted to do. I’ve Read More

I’m David Esrati, and I don’t approve this message

It’s happened a lot recently. Randomly, I’ve connected with someone who said “Aren’t you David Esrati, I read your blog.” Not necessarily read it every post, but, have read it. One of my hockey teammates even said it was helpful to him when he looked for “Where to get Baklava in Dayton” A very pretty, Read More

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