Sticky fingers- Ohio is the glue capital of the U.S.

Just read this in Ad Age- and now know what the Buckeye state can call a claim to fame: Glue.

Loctite owns “Super Glue” out of Cleveland, Elmer’s is in Columbus- and Gorilla Glue stuck its HQ in Cincinnati.

Let the jokes begin readers… or should I stick to stuff about Dayton, where no one sticks around past their tax abatements?


Mike Manning RIP

There are a lot less journalists today than when I was growing up- the son of Cleveland Plain Dealer copy editor. And while bloggers and internet sites may give you a lot more choices in where to get your info- the hard core “newsman” is a dying breed.

They knew their beats- inside and out. Had their sources- on speed dial. Asked the right questions, drew the right connections- all under a time-squeeze deadline.

Mike Manning Sr. was one of those guys. I can’t tell you how many times my phone used to ring, and he’d be on the other end asking for some insight or checking facts. I remember him working for both Cox and Sinclair- but, his history probably had him working with more people in tv news in this town than Don Wayne and Jim Baldridge combined.

He probably taught more young journalists how to get the real story than a J-School.

He passed away – and the DDN obit is a single liner. I wish I could tell you more- but, I’m on a deadline- gotta go.

Mike Manning was a piece of Dayton’s Institutional Knowledge Memory Bank that won’t ever be replaced.

Mike- RIP. #30

The real story on the Big Ten Network, the Buckeyes and Time Warner

The Big Ten Network (BTN) and Time Warner Cable (TWC) have been having a full page ad war in the Dayton Daily News (DDN).

The Big Ten Network is a last ditch attempt to milk cash out of College Sports- the last place where slavery is still legal in this country. The fans are getting squeezed, the bar owners too- and the fact is- all of this is buggywhip thinking.

No one needs a BTN- or TWC either. It’s called IPTV- or Internet Protocol Television- and it’s quite simple- the games should be available via the Internet in streaming HD format- for a simple pay per view scheme without ads, or free or reduced cost with ads.

Buckeye fans should be pissed- because they should have access to their team.

For the money both BTN and TWC spent having their argument- they could have probably added BTN to the digital tier without costing the consumers a cent.

Time to admit that there are worse schools than DPS

No matter what “No Child Left Untested” says- I’m sure even DPS dropouts can give a better answer (and find the US on a map) than Miss S. Carolina (and you wonder why they still have the stars and bars on their flag?)

I’ve also heard Dr. Mack was building a house in South Carolina- maybe the beauty pageant academy could use a new superintendent?

Calling all Daybreak alumni-

In my real life I own an ad agency- and we are working with Daybreak, the local runaway shelter.

We’re looking for people who used their services over the last 25 or so years- and are willing to talk about the impact it had on their life. It’s for a video- but, clients will be shot behind a screen.

If Daybreak helped you- this is your chance to help them back. This video is part of their largest fund raiser of the year. We begin shooting next week.

If you would like to participate, please e-mail darcys at daybreakdayton dot org