Aftermath of a break-in

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted nearly as frequently in the last 2 weeks. Nor have Greg and I been videotaping the Dayton Grassroots Daily Show.

The break-in at my office took a toll on my work flow- and I’ve been playing catch-up since. A lot of time has been wasted restoring computers (even though everything was recovered- nothing that was taken was still usable after the idiots stole it, haste makes waste) and getting quotes on the door and talking to the insurance company.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about what brought 3 delinquents together to go on their ill-fated, middle of the night crime spree. Obviously, they weren’t even smart enough to steal what was valuable on the market- most of what they took are cell phones- easily traceable, with no value unless they are connected to a network (which can ID them). What they stole and what they passed up in my office showed that they flunked computer theft 101- taking 2 monitors that weren’t nearly as valuable as the computers they were connected to.

Two of the three are still in jail. The one who is not showing on the list is the one who had the longest record (either he’s already been sent upstate- or he’s out on bond). I can’t find out anything  because the detective who has the case doesn’t have working voice mail. I was never contacted about the court hearings btw. I would have gone.

In the review of this whole thing- I’m saddened to have to say that Dayton hasn’t even been able to produce good crooks.

The system won’t do anything to reform these 3 losers- all it will do is add to their problems.

Will these three ever contribute anything to society? Unlikely. More than likely they’ll all have at least one kid that’s almost doomed to follow through life in their footsteps. One of the three had told the cops he was along to make money because he has a kid on the way- how refreshing.

The U.S. now has more people in prison than any other industrialized nation. These idiots will continue to cost us all for years to come as we pay for their room and board and get nothing in return.

In the meantime- I’m facing higher insurance premiums, and my property value has been perceptually lowered. No longer am I able to say that my neighborhood is safe- thanks to the last year.

Is it time to abandon ship? Some would say yes.

I think it’s time to look at our entire society- what values do we promote and reward? Until we bring honor back to being a citizen in the real sense of the word, we’re going to keep getting screwed.

It’s not just the petty hoods either- it’s the people like Tom Petters, Bernie Madoff and the wizards of Wall Street and Washington who’ve looked out for the wrong people for too long.

If you really want to judge the success of a country/society/economic system- I think you have to look at how it treats its lowest of the low- not the best of the best. As I look back at this whole ordeal- I’m starting to think our country has failed us more than we realize.

Your thoughts on my very unrefined thoughts?

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