Historic South Park

Free Shakespeare in South Park- v7

Seventh season starts tonight, Aug. 7, and runs through Sunday Aug 9. Who would have thought that a neighborhood could start a Free Shakespeare program and keep it going for that long? Welcome to my neighborhood. Historic South Park is a neighborhood that works together to make living in Dayton a unique and wonderful experience. Read More

Slush fund, Architect and Developer: the three ring circus of public/private partnerships

The very first slide started with an oops, another oops, and another oops. Up steps Steve Budd of CityWide Development (the slush fund) with a slide of the holdings of CityWide, Miami Valley Hospital and maybe even the University of Dayton between 35 and Wyoming Street along the Brown/Warren corridor. And, no, we won’t mention Read More

Dealing with a neighborhood cancer

Note, this is a long read. This is about a lot more than a demolition derby and a crime clan. Please take the time to read. Friday, Dec 12, 2014. I had just settled into bed after playing hockey. Our game started at 10 p.m.- and we left the ice at 11:30. By the time Read More

Why South Park property values rise

In today’s Dayton Daily news, the front page story talks about the tanking property values in Montgomery County- and then gushes over South Park- a “gainer” among the rest of the failing county. To begin with, you have to realize that when your property is already way undervalued due to the failures of our local Read More

Why Historic South Park should be in your future: reasons #2438, 2439

Do your neighbors get together and throw together a play? And not just any play- Shakespeare? Didn’t think so. Not only that- do they invite the world to see it for FREE? Yep- you can do that tonight, tomorrow and Sunday nights- Show: The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare Director: Susan Robert Producers: Galen Read More

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