Why we should recall the entire Dayton City Commission: Violated- AGAIN garage robbed

My garage was broken into – again. I won’t bother you with how it happened, but they took their time hauling stuff out. A lot of stuff.

From what I can tell, here is a list:

1 large & 1 small “Battery Tenders” for motorcycle and a scooter
1 battery charger/air compressor combo- Red- about the size of a backpack.
1 Women’s Schwinn Skyliner cruiser bike– black and silver – with combination cable lock (wrapped around the frame- but not locked).
1 Men’s Raleigh Technium Mountain bike- sand blasted to bare metal and clear coated, has yellow cables, black handlebar, a yellow cycling computer, an odd split seat (looks like twin kidney beans), lights front and rear. This bike is like no other and should be easily identified.
1 Girl’s bike- purple and green graphics
1 Poulan 16″ .33cc chainsaw with case (missing sheath). They may have the original box but the case isn’t for this chainsaw- a giveaway. The chainsaw didn’t work- and was ready to go in for warranty repair.
1 Echo gas-operated weed wacker- mid-line, .25cc or there about. Straight trimmer- has the the cut string head- and it throws the line out – was about to replace the head.
1 Sears big rear wheel 21 or 22″ 6 hp (or 6.5hp) lawnmower.
1 5″ block palm sander in black case with dust collector- might be a Ryobi.

There may be more. My girlfriend hasn’t been here to look.

All this stuff was stolen in Dayton, from my house in South Park, on Bonner Street.

If anyone sees any of this stuff- especially my bike, please call Dayton Police officer Shawn Smiley, 937-208-3430

Now, on to why the City Commission needs to go. Instead of trying to woo Kroger to Wayne and Wyoming, our police force has dropped to record lows. We can’t hire more police because we can’t administer a fair test, and- we can’t hire seasoned police officers (except chiefs from out of town) because of some stupid labor negotiated contract. The most essential service Dayton must perform is the safety of citizens’ and private businesses’ assets. If your assets aren’t safe, you have no reason to invest. End of story.

This makes the FOURTH break-in over the last three years to my house and office. All documented on this blog.

First my rear door to my house was kicked in during broad daylight and stuff was stolen and not recovered. See Violated. June 10 2009 I didn’t file an insurance claim since the stuff taken was barely over the deductible- although I miss all my movies on DVD.

Then my office was broken into in the middle of the night. Computers were taken, office trashed, but the computers were recovered (all rendered worthless) See Violated again Mar 23 2010 I  live blogged this one as it unfolded.

Then my chainsaw was stolen- I’d had it less than a week. It was a Christmas present from my honey. It still hasn’t been recovered: Violated, Again- lost count, chainsaw missing. Dec 31, 2010

Now this. I’ve left out the 3 times my girlfriend;s car was broken into here, and the one time it was broken into at her parents’ house in North Dayton.

I’ve lived down here for 26 years. Had next to zero problems. All this changed when a nearby home was sold in foreclosure to a family that runs with the wrong crowd. I’m not saying that they did it- but, it’s strange how things have changed since they moved in. The house next to them was broken into repeatedly- having 2 air conditioners stolen, etc.- when the law students that occupy it aren’t around. Yet, our overworked police can’t seem to catch anyone.

I’m going to inventory every single item in my garage, with pictures, and every single valuable thing in my house this weekend. I’m going to buy a security system- and I’m going to keep asking people why they’ve allowed our city commission to waste millions on things like tech town, when they can’t keep our tech stuff safe.

Public safety has to come first.

btw- reward offered for information leading to arrest and conviction of thieves and for the return of my bike.

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