Customer Service stories in Dayton OHIO

What incompetence at USPS looks like

Here we go, Esrati bashing people again. This time, the post office. Unlike President Trump, I don’t believe in shutting down the post office, I realize it’s mandated in the constitution, and without it, there are plenty of American’s who would be unreachable by any other service. Yesterday, out of frustration, I spent an hour Read More

Unacceptable answers on Dayton water outages

The responses from city officials on why water isn’t safe or available to over 400,000 people in the area are unacceptable. While Nan Whaley and her “Culture of Corruption” crew have been busy buying up buildings with tax dollars and giving them to developers, they have ignored the most fundamental role of government- basic infrastructure. Read More

Cincinnati Bell delivers the worst customer service

I used to be a big fan of Cincinnati Bell. Recommended them for business services often. Same copper as Ameritech/ATT/SBC Global or whatever they want to call themselves- but cheaper. Most of the time, the guy who came out to deal with problems was from ATT. Last August we lost our main work number for Read More

Incompetence of Dayton City Hall on their Street light tax

$6.69 was how much the Certified mail cost. Time to prepare the letter- stuff the envelope with the 4 checks totaling $577.92 to return, had to cost another $20 in labor, paper, envelope etc. Instead of getting their money now, they’ve turned it over to the Montgomery County Treasurer- adding additional costs- of data entry, Read More

The dilemma of the friends and family plan comes to light

Karen Wick Gagnet and Jim Gagnet are like family to me. I’ve known them for over 20 years. I’ve watched in amazement as Jim has set his sights on redevelopment and done things that others wouldn’t even dream of. The list of his successes is formidable. At one point, he was teamed up with Tom Read More

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