Trump, Turner, The F35 and unicorns

The F35 is made of moneyTrump says the F35 costs too much. Congressman Turner has never met a weapons program, especially one run out of his district, that he’s not in love with. The F35 is a mythical air superiority, one size fits all services, fighter, that was obsolete before it ever flew. A unicorn is a mythical creature that allegedly looks like a horse, but has a single large horn protruding from its forehead.

On 13 June, 1944, the Germans sent the first V-1 across the channel to bomb London. This was a week after the Allies had landed on Normandy. V stood for Vengeance. 1 was because it was first. The first crude cruise missile, long before microcomputers, GPS, and laser guidance systems were developed.

The modern cruise missile can deliver a larger payload, across longer distances, faster and can be retargeted in flight. It was the beginning of the end of the need for slow, large, manned bombers.

The Air Force, run by pilots, high on testosterone and brainwashed by watching the movie “Top Gun” too many times, still believe that battles in the sky are won by men in cockpits. They’ve pushed for newer, faster, stealthier, more lethal, planes even though the Germans were smart enough to take their pilots out of danger to deliver bombs back in 1944. The Japanese, who hadn’t yet become the geniuses to give us the Walkman and the transistor radio, gave up on the idea of trying to bring their pilots home and invented the Kamikaze, a one way ticket to Valhalla, as a desperation move to do what the Germans were doing without a guy in the sky.

The F35 is our Kamikaze, no matter what the technology, no matter what the price. There is no sane reason to put a human in a plane to go battle with other aircraft. The future, is in drones/unmanned aerial vehicles/remotely controlled aircraft. Yes, that thing you bought the kids for Christmas for $49.95 is the entry level air superiority fighter. Just add a few million more, and you have a craft that can go faster, farther, deliver more payload, and pull as many G’s in a turn as you want- because without a pilot in the plane, you don’t have to worry about the fundamental limitations of humans- they weren’t meant to go on a roller coaster without rails traveling at mach 2. Typically a fighter pilot is trained to manage up to 9g’s in very short bursts. Much longer, and the risks become deadly.

For those of you who don’t comprehend mach 2, it’s 1534.54 miles per hour, twice the speed of sound. The fastest roller coaster in the world right now tops out at 150mph, and may max out at 4-5 G’s for very short periods of time.

Remotely controlled vehicles don’t care how many G’s they pull or how fast they go. They can even be disposable, just like Kamikaze pilots. This is, and has been the future of warfare, and the defense industrial complex doesn’t care. They want to sell us the most expensive buggy whip ever in the day of the electric, self-driving car.

The F35 pilot is equipped with a helmet that costs over a half-million dollars each. It’s a marvel of technology- by turning his head to the floor- he can see through the bottom of the plane and what’s below, swivel his head back- and he can see all the way behind him, look at something- and mark a target- all while flying at hypersonic speeds, but why? All this information can feed a pilot on the ground- far away- or not feed a human being at all. We know what the enemy looks like, just program the computer to kill it.

Unfortunately, while President Trump knows the public has been getting shafted with cost overruns and on the most expensive weapon ever, he thinks that shaving 20% off the cost changes things and makes it better. It doesn’t. It just makes it a cheaper coffin for our pilots who will be facing hordes of unmanned craft that cost next to nothing comparatively and can pull 20 G’s and not pass out.

Last summer, I sat down with Moshe Arens, former ambassador to the United States from Israel, and their 3 time defense minister. He’s an aeronautical engineer by training, and was a staunch opponent of Israel buying the F35 (he lost that by one vote). His answer was a much less expensive plane built and flying with Israeli battle tested technology, that first flew in 1986. The Lavi was cheaper, single mission, and higher tech than what had been proposed by the US. However, Arens lost his battle by one vote, with Israeli politicians believing that by helping the American military industrial complex get what they want, Israel would solidify its interdependence with the US.

While Trump is asking to look to an upgraded F18, maybe, he should be looking to the Lavi, or to the Swedes who went the low cost route with the JAS 39 Gripen, of course, either of these aircraft wouldn’t come with nice fat campaign donations that fund chicken hawk politicians like Turner’s campaign. Lockeed Martin is his number one contributor, and the defense industry is his number one segment.

As always, follow the money. In 2018, the Montgomery County Democratic Party must run a better candidate against Turner, or realize that we’re just backing turning our pilots into kamikazes instead of winning battles so that Mike can have money to continue to be your congressman suck up to the defense industry.

You don’t have to believe in unicorns, or vote for Mike Turner, or believe that the F35 makes us safer. It just costs a lot, like President Trump keeps saying. If he wants to drain the swamp, killing the F35 would be a good start.


Whaley and the Syrian refugees

The vitriol in the comments on Facebook, and even the South Park NextDoor site, was incendiary. “You can have them live at your house” and “why don’t you take care of homeless veterans first” were recurring themes. Recall was mentioned too.

What did Queen Nan do?

Whaley and 17 other U.S. mayors sent a letter Thursday asking the president to increase the number of asylum-seekers America will take in.

Source: Dayton mayor would welcome Syrian refugees

And, I actually agree with her and the 17 other mayors. We should do more for refugees- and we should also ground the Syrian Air Force- like yesterday, but, that’s the question you should be asking Congressman Mike Turner- who takes yet another swipe at Whaley for overstepping her authority.

The parallels between Turner and Whaley are becoming more apparent over time- both lust for complete control and a strong mayor form of government, both love media attention, and both can’t stand it when they hire a city manager who actually tries to do the job.

Whaley is predictable in her actions- she always wants to put herself on a higher pedestal- to feel more important, to pry her way kicking and screaming to the Na(n)tional stage. Her ego knows no bounds.

And, she wants to please people with money- so she can keep her campaign coffers full- and show her prowess at fundraising- the new prima facia scorecard for politicians. Her connections with Miller Valentine, with the Fairgrounds project, the no-bid Arcade fix, etc. are suspect.

The other essential in Queen Nan’s court- is loyalty. There may not be a ceremony involving drops of blood to seal the oath, but, the passing over of Terry Slaybaugh for the interim manager’s job for Shelley Dickstein was most likely due to Slaybaugh’s short jaunt to Milwaukee which was seen as a slight to her royal highness.

There is zero interest for Nan to work to improve service delivery to current Daytonians unless there is a donation to be had or a tent pole accomplishment for her to add to her resume. She just doesn’t operate at that level. It’s the megalomania factor at work.

Dayton is in desperate need of more citizens- as is Ohio. We’ve lost 2 seats in Congress due to population stagnation, and now we’ve lost the speaker of the house. Nan looks at Syrian refugees as additional taxpayers- knowing full well that they also come with federal assistance dollars to help them get started. The idiots commenting on the article in the Dayton Daily news don’t understand that there is a huge difference between documented refugees and undocumented illegal aliens.

The United States was founded and built by “refugees” – and we seem to have done OK. The idea that those fleeing the war zone are ISIS jihadists trying to infiltrate the U.S. is laughable- but, reading comments you’d think they are coming over wielding Kalashnikovs.

The mess in the Middle East is a much bigger problem than just refugees, it’s human rights, it’s religious freedoms, it’s economic, it’s a complete lack of peace and prosperity- and much of it can be attributed to the lack of statesmanship by the political hacks we elect. Europe has an even bigger problem with assimilating refugees than we do, and yet, we’re not working together to stem the flow. Probably because we allow our defense industrial complex to sell way too many weapons to the wrong people- and they in turn buy too many political offices in our country- including Mike Turner’s seat.

If you need to see what refugees can mean to Dayton, all you have to do is look to the Ahiska Turks in Old North Dayton- what was falling down, is now standing tall. And while they didn’t come here originally because of anything any politician did – Mayor Gary Leitzell reached out and made the connections and the “Welcome Dayton” program was born- Nan has had no problem stealing credit and trying to give it to Matt Joseph to prop up her most loyal puppet on the commission.

The likelihood of any Syrians actually showing up in Dayton is small. But, the reality of Nan putting herself on a stage with her heroes Rahm Emanuel and Bill DiBlasio has already happened. Her goal has been reached- and most Daytonians are none the wiser.

Congressman Turner’s new fiancee

Congressman Mike Turner poses for a photo with his fiancee, Majida Mourad, and his daughters Carolyn, left, and Jessica at the Dayton Art Institute’s Art Ball 2015 on June 13. E.L. HUBBARD / CONTRIBUTED

Congressman Mike Turner poses for a photo with his fiancee, Majida Mourad, and his daughters Carolyn, left, and Jessica at the Dayton Art Institute’s Art Ball 2015 on June 13. E.L. HUBBARD / CONTRIBUTED

The Dayton Daily news calls Congressman Turner’s new fianceeone of the most beautiful people in Washington.” They describe Majida Mourad as “a Toledo native who is the vice president of government relations at Cheniere Energy Inc.”

Cheniere Energy is a big supporter of fracking.

They left out that she is “a Senior Advisor to The Abraham Group” a Washington based  “international strategic consulting firm headed by former Energy Secretary and U.S. Senator, Spencer Abraham.”

She gets a mention for the revolving door from government to lobbyist by Open Secrets.

And apparently they don’t know how to do a quick google as one of my readers did- from an Oct. 14, 2008, story:

Now, meet Majida Mourad, the beauty school grad who falsified federal employment and top secret security clearance forms and gave details of security for our nuclear weapons to Muslim nations on the State Department terrorist list.

Majida Mourad heads both Muslim-Americans for McCain and Arab-Americans for McCain, and is a lobbyist for Arab and Muslim nations.

Heads Up Muslim-Americans for McCain, Has One Up on “Grease”‘s Frenchy Mourad has many former top co-workers from the Department of Energy seeing red because it is well known that she lied on federal employment and top secret security clearance forms–a federal crime–and got away with it, with the help of her friend, then-Secretary of Energy, and now partner, fellow Lebanese Arab-American Spencer Abraham. Both Abraham and Mourad are partners in The Abraham Group, which represents Arab and Muslim nations lobbying America.

When Abraham became Secretary of Energy, he enlisted the White House to appoint Mourad as one of his top Energy advisors. But upon applying for the job, Mourad lied on both her SF-171 form for federal employment and her application for Top Secret security clearance–a federal crime–claiming she had a college degree from Indiana University. In fact, after several semesters at IU, Mourad barely completed enough credits equivalent to a year at college at the time.

The only degree Mourad did in fact have at the time was a diploma from a cosmetology school. So, as a beauty school graduate, she does have one up on Frenchy, the “Beauty School Drop-out” from “Grease.” Oh, and the divorced Mourad (who also went by the married name Majida Dandy), was an uncredited extra in a pool party scene on the ’90s TV series “Beverly Hills 90210?”

Given this information, the use of Mourad in the McCain campaign–after John McCain had to dump federal insurance fraud convict and Hezbollah agent Ali Jawad in May–raises serious questions about the McCain campaign’s vetting process when it comes to Middle Easterners and about which Arabs and Muslims would get hired in a McCain administration.

Mourad who worked for pro-Hezbollah/Arafat former U.S. Senator and Energy Secretary Abraham throughout his political career, is now Abraham’s partner in lobbying on behalf of various Muslim and Arab nations seeking energy contracts with America. So much for John McCain’s claim that he doesn’t want lobbyists on his campaign.

Sources close to Abraham also say that Majida Mourad does not do anything without the tacit approval and involvement of Abraham–who sent $86 million of your tax money to Hezbollah in South Lebanon at the request of the Arab American Institute’s Jim Zogby, who blocked federal tracking of alien visa holders entering America (also at Zogby’s request), and who was one of two U.S. Senators who refused to sign a letter to Bill Clinton asking him to condemn Yasser Arafat at the height of homicide bombings in Israel in 1999 and 2000. Read the complete dossier on Spencer Abraham’s pan-jihadist activities.

Last week, the Detroit Free Press disclosed that Abraham has been serving as a surrogate speaker to Michigan Arab voters on behalf of John McCain. Sources close to Abraham say that Abraham is heavily tied to and closely involved with the McCain campaign and that Mourad’s involvement is proof of that. So much for John McCain’s claim that we must fight the terrorists over there (Iraq) so we don’t have to fight them over here. Now we know that the terrorists’ Senator and Energy Secretary is squarely inside the McCain campaign.

Those familiar with Mourad are outraged and alarmed that John McCain has enlisted her for more than half a year to head up his outreach efforts to Muslims and Arabs. About a dozen individuals who worked with her confirmed that Ms. Mourad claimed repeatedly on applications for both federal employment and Top Secret security clearance that she was a graduate of Indiana University.

But, in fact, while Mourad went to the school part-time, at the time she had barely completed a full year of credits at the school. I checked with Indiana University’s Registrar’s Office, and the school confirmed that Majida Mourad attended University of Indian’s Kokomo campus and finally graduated with a 2-year Associate’s Degree (the equivalent of a Community College degree) in June 2004, after four semesters of correspondence courses and just a few months before she and Spencer Abraham were dumped from the Department of Energy by an angry Bush Administration and well after Ms. Mourad lied on her federal forms.

IU says Ms. Mourad attended the school for 12 semesters over 11 years from Fall 1993 through Summer 2004. The school also confirms that Mourad “attended” online/correspondence courses from 2002 to 2004, while she was supposed to be working full-time at the Department of Energy. Yes, you the American taxpayer paid her high salary at Energy not only after she had the chutzpah to lie on and falsify forms,but also while she was “attending school” full-time.

Her former colleagues are alarmed that not only did Ms. Mourad and Spencer Abraham cover up her federal crime of lying to get Top Secret security clearance and federal employment, but this beauty school grad also frequently toured high-security federal nuclear laboratories with high security nuclear energy, technology, and weaponry. Several published schedules of then-Energy Secretary Abraham’s trips to nuclear facilities confirm that “90210” extra and senior Energy advisor Mourad was with him.

In December 2001, Paul Sperry–now an editorial writer at Investor’s Business Daily–reported on then-Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham’s pledge of $1.2 million in additional tax dollars to a United Nations program, in which Abraham gave tours of and a course about U.S. security measures for nuclear reactors to representatives from countries including then-Saddam-controlled Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Cuba, and Sudan, most of which were then on the State Department Terrorist list (and most of which remain on that list). Energy Department sources say that it was beauty school grad, federal employment/top secret security clearance form falsifier, and Abraham senior advisor Majida Mourad who allowed and oversaw this outrageous compromise of our national security.

So, how did Majida Mourad get away with lying on federal forms and not doing jailtime?

Here’s how it went down, according to several Bush Administration sources. Abraham wanted the Bush Administration to appoint beauty school grad Mourad to the position of one of his top senior advisors at Energy, as a political appointee. After she filled out the forms and lied about having a degree from Indiana University, the White House did its due diligence and discovered that she, in fact, had no degree from Indiana University at the time. The White House told Abraham that Mourad was not to be hired and that she would get no political appointment. Abraham was told that Mourad had to go.

But the White House chose not to prosecute Mourad. Behind the White House’s back, Abraham hired Mourad anyway. He got away with it by hiring Mourad as a contract employee and she continued to work as his senior advisor, accompanying him on all trips around the world.

When several Department of Energy employees objected to the continued employment of Mourad on the grounds that she committed a federal crime and falsified at least two federal applications, Abraham and then-Energy counsel Lee Otis (incredibly now a Justice Department attorney) fired several of them. They also required other Department of Energy employees to sign confidentiality agreements, promising not to disclose Mourad’s crime, in order to retain their employment. And finally, Abraham and Otis threatened Energy employees with retaliation in the form of lawsuits and prosecution, were they to disclose Mourad’s crime….

So, why did Spencer Abraham risk his career and persecute whistleblower employees to protect fellow Lebanese Arab Majida Mourad and cover-up the federal crimes she committed?

Although there have been allegations of a personal relationship between the attractive Mourad and Spencer Abraham, sources say that is unlikely and that the more likely reason is that Abraham likes Mourad’s access to celebrities and the wealthy. The 38-year-old Mourad has been squired around Washington by 69-year-old gazillionaire AOL founder Jim Kimsey. And she was rumored to have “dated” her former employer, Congressman Sonny Bono, which sources say was a likely reason she was not employed long by his successor, Congresswoman Mary Bono. Mourad bragged to third parties that Mrs. Bono gave Mourad a David Yurman bracelet with eyes on it as a parting gift, saying “No matter where you go, I will always have my eye on you.” And Mourad told a Washington magazine that an ideal date of hers was when a boyfriend flew her to London to have dinner. (Very low maintenance woman.)

Mourad is also tight with pro-Hezbollah, pro-Syria, anti-Israel Republican Congressman Darrell Issa a/k/a Jihad Darrell, with whom she recently co-sponsored the showing of a Muslim movie at an Arab film festival in Washington.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Who is Majida Mourad? Muslim-Americans/Arab-Americans for McCain Chief Committed Federal Crimes, Lied on Top Secret Clearance Forms; Right-Hand (Wo)Man to Hezbollah Bud Abraham; Plus, Who is Randa Fahmy Hudome?

Of course, Turner is already known to help the person he sleeps with- his former wife built her marketing consulting firm on the back of no bid contracts from the Dayton Development Coalition, Kettering Health Network (who hired her once she’d been exposed), and doing work for the Home Depot PAC, as well as for the Army Corps of Engineers while her hubby was on the Armed Services Committee. All of which has been extensively documented on this site.
I wonder if he’ll invite Donald Trump to the wedding?

Mike Turner, Hypocrite

It wasn’t a problem when Mike Turner’s wife got a no-bid contract from the Dayton Development Coalition to give us the wildly expensive and horribly flawed “Get Midwest” campaign. It also wasn’t a problem that his wife did work under a GSA schedule for the US Army Corps of Engineers while he sat on the House Armed Services committee. Of course, the FEC also ignored his wife’s work for the Home Depot PAC, which was just a nice way to support him, without any FEC oversight.

But now, Turner is crying foul over Russ Gottesman running against him because Gottesman’s business was subsidized by the very same quasi-government slush fund called the Dayton Development Coalition that made Lori Turner a ton of money.

The campaign for U.S. Congressman Mike Turner announced on Friday it has prepared a federal elections complaint against a recently-declared opponent.

Turner’s complaint alleges by spending any time running for office, his Democratic challenger Russ Gottesman would violate the terms of two $300,000 state loans he received from the Dayton Development Coalition to start a pair of businesses.

Gottesman, 36, and his wife own Commuter Advertising and He is also a part-time faculty member at the University of Dayton, according to his campaign website.

Gottesman said last month he will challenge Turner, a Dayton Republican, in the November 2014 election to represent Ohio’s 10th congressional district. The district covers all of Montgomery and Greene counties and part of Fayette County.

The Turner campaign said the types of loans Gottesman received typically require recipients to dedicate “100 percent of their professional efforts” to running the business that received funding.

The Turner campaign reasons that by running for office, Gottesman must either be spending less than 100 percent of his professional time running his businesses, or he got the DDC to alter the terms of his loan, which would be an illegal in-kind campaign violation.

“Either Mr. Gottesman has chosen to shirk his responsibility to the taxpayers, or he has undertaken an action that could be illegal,” said Turner spokesman Tom Crosson.

In a responding statement, the Gottesman campaign said Turner’s complaint is “false” and if it is filed, the Federal Elections Commission would find in Gottesman’s favor…

Dayton Development Coalition spokeswoman Kristy Rochon confirmed the loans, but declined to answer specific questions about them, saying the terms are confidential, and the DDC does not comment on political races.

via Congressman Turner prepares complaint against campaign opponent |

I had hoped we were done with Lori Turner and the Turner Effect, now that she has divorced Turner and moved to Indiana, but alas, sadly, thanks to her former husband’s bizarre FEC complaint, we’re back to square one.

Maybe now that Turner doesn’t have his wife to guide him on PR, he’ll realize this was a can of worms that should have stayed in the pantry.

A project for Congressman Turner: give the VA the tools they need

The half a hammer award to congress for failing to give the VA the tools to do the job

Our congress is willing to give our military weapons they don’t want, but won’t give our VA the tools they need to treat our vets. For this- here’s the half a $600 hammer award.

I’m writing this from room 124A, on 3-S of the Dayton VA.

I came here Monday night with a severe case of kidney stones. As a veteran with a service connected health issue, I’m guaranteed health care. I’ve only used the VA for the last 7 or so years- despite having coverage via my partner, Teresa who works for Elsevier. She even reminded me that she could take me to MVH- which is five blocks away instead of to the VA which is five miles away. When you are in serious pain- the idea of closer counts.

I told her I preferred the VA- because all my medical records are there (electronic)- that the people at the VA care about me and that I trust them. 24 hours later- I know I made the right decision. Partially, because instead of being sent home after the stones were removed (less than 14 hours after arrival) I’m still here- taking it easy, with a catheter still in place. At the Valley- they would have been sending me home- because the insurance company said to.

The doctors that worked on me were all fantastic, from the experienced calm hands of Dr. Potts in ER, to the follow up twin geek residents who stepped in after to assess, to the Johns Hopkins trained urologist who ultimately put in a stent, removed the stones and made sure that I wouldn’t be waiting the next two weeks for a very big stone to pass.

But, despite all this stellar work- and support from nurses, anesthesiologists, social workers and even the legal guy who helped fill out the directives before surgery, there is one small issue that needs to be addressed, now, not later.

The urologist is part of a husband and wife team- he wrote the textbook on non-invasive surgery for urological (I don’t remember the rest of it… and my phone was dead, so no picture to show) – and she was the one who answered all the questions and discussed my options. They came here two years ago to help straighten out the department, which apparently was in trouble. I didn’t know this, but there is an international shortage of urologists. They are getting ready to leave Dayton- for points elsewhere. She talked about wanting to be working on troops suffering from extreme pelvic trauma in the first 4 hours after getting hit by an IED- but that the Army won’t take her at 51, she also talked about the fact that military medical system doesn’t integrate as well with the VA as they could- or should, but that’s not the real sticking point.

The fact is, while they can put my stent in- when it’s due to come out in a few (a) weeks– they don’t have the technology to take it out. In fact, they haven’t had it for the entire two years they’ve been here. It seems the VA only bought one machine– and didn’t buy the service contract that guarantees a replacement when this one needs fixed. Apparently, they also don’t have the money to fix it, so instead, they are going to send me to a private physician to remove it- and have the VA pay. She’s worked in for-profit hospitals and said that she always had the tools she needed because she made them a lot of money. Apparently, to our congressman, it’s more important to write laws that guarantee business for the insurance companies that would have sent me home this afternoon- or to the defense contractors that sell us weapons systems that the services don’t need or want like the C-27J or the M1 Abrams tank. Yep, defense contractors and insurance companies get preference over taking care of your veterans because defense contractors and health insurance companies donate lots of money to our congressman’s campaign- and the VA docs don’t.

If Congressman Turner really wanted to do something to help the VA- instead of creating a media circus over some missing records or a senile dentist gone bad- he’d be asking the docs what tools they need to do their jobs and making sure they had them.

We’ve all heard of $600 hammers- well, in this case, they’ve given my urological heroes half a hammer- the one to pound the nail in, but not the one to pull it out. With election time coming up- and 2 weeks before my stent needs to come out- let’s see if our congressman can work for the people who used to work for the base that he swears his candidacy on.

Photo of David Esrati in VA hospital bed recovering from kidney stone removal surgery

Have iPhone, internet access will publish.

And to all my champions at the VA- if there are other stories like this- where you aren’t given the tools to do your job for our veterans properly, now’s the time to speak up. Please go to a public computer- like at a library, or use a friends home computer or a mobile device at a non-government hot spot- and leave a comment on this post. You don’t have to use your real name or email address, just be honest. Tell us about what Congress isn’t getting for our vets- and let’s let our congress earn their jobs back by getting it to you – before November 6.

Thank you for all you do. Despite not having the proper tools– you have the heart that’s missing in the cold world of corporate medicine- and that’s why I choose you first. Because when most of you say “Thank you for your service” I can say the same thing back.

And, special thanks to Director Costie, who even made a bed side visit and is currently investigating this situation as well. My bet is that he gets the stent remover back in service before our congressmen does.


29 aug 10:12 am The head of surgery stopped by with an update- the post is getting read. They have three of the scopes they need- 2 are out for repair. The docs don’t like working without a spare. They also have plenty of a different kind of scope- a cytoscope, which will work to take my stent out. No need to go to private practice. The surgeons want a more expensive type of equipment- that isn’t in the budget- and there are some disagreements on brand- but this is internal politics. All of the equipment was bought within the last 2 years and most of it was put in service last August. They are being careful stewards of our tax dollars. I had this update done once with the right names- but lost my internet connection- via my phone, so it got lost. They still are hoping to add wi-fi to the rooms, but that isn’t crucial to the provision of health care.

How much does it cost to get a government contract?

I think I’m starting to see a pattern. I’ve bid on a few smaller government projects as an SDVOB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business) which is supposed to help my small business get a piece of the government. Even when I’m the low bidder, it somehow never comes our way.

So when I saw a small local company win a contract (a company I’d never heard of before) the first place I looked was the FEC donations pages. But first, the DBJ article:

A local defense contractor has seen a flurry of new activity, including a $3.7 million deal for a high-profile client.

Beavercreek-based Sawdey Solutions Services Inc. was recently awarded a one-year contract to provide program management support services for the Defense Department’s comptroller.

As a result, the 58-employee company is gearing up to hire at least 14 people who will be stationed in Virginia at the Defense Logistics Agency, which issued the contract. About half of Sawdey Solutions’ workers are in the Dayton area.

Connie Sawdey, president of the company, said her small business was hand-picked for the latest job, which is a big deal. She expects the award to boost the company’s reputation and past-performance record, which is critical to being competitive in the defense industry.

via Sawdey Solutions corrals contract – Dayton Business Journal.

Then to the FEC Database:

Contributions to Political Committees


09/12/2005 500.00 25971192115
09/18/2007 1000.00 27931394968
06/01/2009 2000.00 29934270728
08/31/2010 2000.00 11930417557


09/02/2011 1000.00 11952654178


04/29/2010 500.00 10990876705


08/02/2006 1000.00 27960058702
08/04/2006 1000.00 27960058703


08/12/2007 1000.00 27931394968
08/06/2008 1000.00 28933530484

So the answer is…. in this case, $11,000

Note, no presidential donations, no other candidate donations, no party donations- all to Mike Turner and Steve Austria.

Unlike my donation page, or Ron Paul’s, or the President’s, Mike Turner doesn’t require people to say that they aren’t a government contractor. He just makes sure they aren’t a foreigner and giving too much per cycle:

I affirm that the following statements are true and accurate:

By submitting your contribution you are acknowledging that you are a U.S. citizen or a permanent legal resident and that this contribution is not made from any funds associated with a corporation, labor organization, or national bank.

Contributions to Citizens for Turner are not tax deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes. The maximum one individual may contribute is $2,500 per election. Federal law requires political committees to use their best efforts to obtain and report the name, mailing address, occupation, and employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a calendar year. Corporations and foreign nationals without a green card are prohibited from contributing.

via Contribute to Mike Turner’s campaign today! :: Citizens for Turner – Piryx.

And the one contract my firm was recently dismissed from as a subcontractor (after 7 months of providing the technical basis of performing the contract for free)- a smaller VA contract, I went and looked, the Prime had given $1,000 to the RNC.

You won’t see my name on a donation of over $250 to a congressman, is that why I never see my name on a government contract?

News and Not-News from The Dayton Daily News(less)

There is a local election for Congress, where 9 citizens are challenging the incumbent. These 9 people have been attending events, speaking, campaigning for almost 2 months. We’ve not seen a TV camera yet.

The incumbent, Mike Turner, pops into town to sign something, to announce something- he always gets a TV camera or a quote in the paper. From an unauthorized blood draw at the VA, to weighing in on where the Aviation Hall of Fame is going to have its induction dinner (and, no, the government has no official part in the HOF – it’s an independent non-profit)

But, 4 geekers decide to go on the roof of a church- The Dayton United Christian Center (the correct name of the church) and not only are all the TV stations here, but so is Channel 7’s sister company, the Dayton Daily News (with a TV camera). The “reporters” didn’t even recognize a potential congressman or former Dayton City Commission candidate who was discussing the arrests with his friend and supporter Larry Sizer, who was the real hero in this- spotting the crooks and calling it in.

They did manage to have this story online, complete with the mug shots of the geekers:

Four people were arrested for attempting to steal copper from a church Wednesday afternoon.

Police responding to calls from neighbors about suspicious activity at Oak Street United Methodist Church, in the city’s South Park neighborhood, found two suspects trying to hide on the roof of the church at Oak and Bonner streets….

“It’s pretty brazen, but when it comes to metal theft, right now they don’t care. They are going into vacant houses, taking air conditioning units right out of windows,” Wolford said.

via Suspected copper thieves caught on church roof |

They did manage to get our neighborhood name right- despite not knowing the proper church name (it was a Methodist church until about 15 years ago when the Methodists consolidated their urban ministries and sold the building to Pastor Doris Swartz and her congregation).

If you are wondering why voters just 5 days away from the primary are still a bit miffed on who the candidates are, we could blame the candidates for not selling out to Corporate America so we can buy expensive air time on their stations and expensive newspaper ads in their paper- or, we could blame the media for showing a bias for “if it bleeds it leads.”

Maybe instead of candidates’ forums, we should have fist fights in the street (the first time my campaign hit the first page was when then Mayor Clay Dixon took me outside to “school me” about talking about his campaign finances- might have been the last time I made the front page too- other than as part of a wrap up of an election).

Our system of informing voters is very undemocratic and very broken. Is it any wonder that Dayton has such a low self-esteem as a community? Our media covers our dirt bags like they are more important than our congressmen- unless he happens to be one too- and has sold out to the highest bidder.

If you want to know about the candidates for congress in OH-10 in 2012, you have to depend on candidate David Esrati for keeping you informed at not on the “news media” in Dayton.

Of course, my readers knew all about the copper thefts in my neighborhood- it was the focus of my first campaign video, Foreclosure. It even won a Silver award from the local American Advertising Federation chapter.

Mike Turner sticking his 2 cents in on health care to protect his donors

This story is about political grandstanding of the most contemptuous sort. It’s a hatchet job, being amplified by a congressman, by a newspaper in search of another Pulitzer prize. It’s a story that needs to be analyzed a little deeper to understand what’s going on.

To set the story in perspective, I’m a Service Disabled Veteran and I get my health care at the Dayton VA. I’ve also had care through the commercial health care system- because in order to offer health care to my employees, I used to have to enroll in the for-profit medical system that this country continues to espouse as “the greatest in the world” while severely underserving our citizens. Given a choice after experiencing years of both- I can tell you that I’d choose the government run health care at the VA any day over the medical billing mill run by the duopoly of  Premier Health Partners and Kettering Health Network and supported by the virtual duopoly of United Health Care and Anthem in our community.

Last year, the Dayton Daily News latched onto the story of a VA dentist, working well past his prime at 81, who wasn’t following hygiene standards properly and some whistle-blowers got fired. There was a huge investigation, Dr. Pemberton retired, and Congressman Turner was leading the charge to find someone to blame at the VA. It made national news. The Dayton Daily even wrote a scare story: “Dayton VA investigated more than any other veterans’ hospitals” yet when you read the first graph you find:

Since 2006, the Dayton VA Medical Center has conducted more in-depth investigations of patient abuse and other employee misconduct than any VA hospital in Ohio {emphasis added}, a Dayton Daily News examination has found

via Dayton VA investigated more than any other veterans’ hospitals.

The Dayton Daily News won a Pulitzer in 1998 for a series on failures of military medicine. It’s my belief that they see the Dayton VA as their chance to win another.

To put things in perspective, I’m sure Dr. Pemberton didn’t follow modern processes for disease control as specified by the American Dental Association etc. But, as a patron of dentists for at least 45 years, I can remember when dentists didn’t wrap the room in plastic wrap, wear surgical gloves, eye shields or drape themselves in surgical gowns to go rooting around in your mouth- and yet many of us lived to tell the tale. The outbreak of AIDS brought a whole new level of protection (and lots more disposable medical waste) into the dentist’s office. Was Pemberton wrong? Yes. Should the system have caught him earlier? Yes. Was the VA negligent? Yes. But, so far, we’ve spent millions in investigations and found just a few cases of hepatitis and they can’t be directly correlated to Dr. Pemberton. The director was shuffled out, the whistle-blowers were exonerated, and Turner can now claim he’s there for our disabled veterans.

This week, we’re seeing the creation of another VA  “crisis” prime for political grandstanding. From the Dayton Daily News:

The Dayton VA Medical Center is investigating more allegations of improper conduct by an employee, this time in its anesthesia unit.

The allegations include an accusation that a doctor drew blood from patients under anesthesia without their knowledge or consent, according to a document containing the complaint.

…According to the complaint, the doctor also kept in his office a supply of a controlled substance, propofol, that he obtained from other VA employees. That propofol was kept in an unauthorized location and was not monitored or managed through the pharmacy even while there was a nationwide shortage of the drug in 2009……. It also wasn’t clear Wednesday how many patients allegedly had blood drawn without their consent, or when the activity took place.The allegations pose fresh challenges for the Dayton VA as it tries to restore its image following a scandal over infection control issues in its dental clinic in 2010 and 2011.

The federal hospital since 2006 has conducted more in-depth investigations of patient abuse and other employee misconduct than any other VA hospital in Ohio, the Dayton Daily News reported last year

…“If true, these allegations are troubling to say the least,” U.S. Rep. Mike Turner, R-Centerville, said in a prepared statement.

“Since the dental scandal this past year, I have been concerned about the management and standards at the Dayton VA Medical Center. Our veterans deserve the safe and reliable health care they were promised when they entered military service. The new director, Glenn Costie, has indicated that he will take this matter seriously and provide a full accounting to our community.”

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, also expressed concern about the alleged misconduct.

“He has contacted the VA to express his concern and has requested that the VA complete a full, fair and prompt investigation on this matter,” a Brown spokeswoman, Lauren Kulik, wrote in an email.

via Local VA investigating more conduct complaints.

So we have political outrage over a dentist past his prime not following standard hygiene practices and an anesthesiologist who drew some blood without consent and had a private stash of a controlled substance.

Yet, zero outrage over the cost of three stitches to an uninsured citizen at Miami Valley Hospital. (the total $1,423 in case you don’t want to click the link).

Never mind this story from today’s paper about Miami Valley Hospital:

The state Department of Health on Friday confirmed there was one death associated with last year’s outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease at Miami Valley Hospital.

…a lawsuit filed this month against the hospital in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court identified a hospital patient whose death certificate lists Legionnaires’ disease as the cause of death. The patient, Charles O. Preston, 94, of Dayton, died on March 20.

via Death at MVH associated with Legionnaires’ disease.

Here we have an actual death, caused by not following proper procedures. Congressional outrage? Zero. And in reading the DDN article, we find that the laws on reporting the outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease are weakened under state law.

I had an unnecessary heart catheterization at Kettering after their fancy MRI scan of my heart showed problems due to their insufficient administration of radioactive tracer dye. Luckily, a friend who worked there managed to get the bill waived since their test was flawed (it was still being evaluated as a non-invasive process for doing heart scans). Was it the end of the world- hardly- yet, drawing blood without permission isn’t anywhere near as risky as sticking a camera into someone’s main arteries.

Here is the dirty little secret. Mike Turner doesn’t like public health care. If you look at donations by industry at Open Secrets over his career you find the following:

  • Health professionals rank 6th in all-time giving with $145,020
  • And hospitals and nursing homes are 17th with $96,620
  • This is leaving out his number one donor- “Leadership PACs” which may include medical lobbyists: $322,739

Do VA employees have to start donating to Mike Turner’s campaign so he will leave them alone to do their jobs and he can go after the real health-care fiasco in America- that of the overpriced private health-care system?

If  Mike Turner really cared about helping veterans, he’d not have allowed the wars to go on for over a decade, creating tens of thousands of new severely service disabled veterans. If he really cared about his constituents, he’d have pushed for the institution of single payer health care for everyone, eliminating the 35% premium those of us who have private health insurance pay to support a totally unnecessary middleman in the delivery of health care: The health insurance industry.

If you’ve managed to make it to the end of this article and agree with what I’ve said, please consider making a donation to my campaign which does not accept money from Corporations, Special Interest Groups, PACs or lobbyists. It’s time we had a representative in Congress who can stand up for us instead of for the corporate money that buys a seat in Congress. Thank you.


The Republican Candidates in OH-10 are all no-shows

Just got back from a candidates’ night held in Fairborn by the League of Women voters in conjunction with the Tea Party. All the Greene County Republican candidates were there. All the Democrats running for Congress in OH-10 were there- but Congressman Turner couldn’t be bothered- nor could his opposition. Despite a very Republican crowd- the people who want to represent them can’t be bothered to show up. What did Edward Breen and John Anderson have better to do tonight? Turner was probably out soliciting more money for his re-election.

I’ll have video of all the candidates up soon. It’s now up. Feb 8.

The people in Greene Country should be commended, they had more people at this forum than at any I’ve seen in years.

Once again- the Dayton Daily News was not in attendance, nor were any TV stations. Bet they covered Newt Gingrich at Memorial Hall today, who despite not having a snowball’s chance at being the Republican nominee-  can be counted on for spending big money with the media- so he gets coverage.

I’m not a big fan of three-minute speeches- tonight I remembered how short it is. Time to write some stock 3-minute speeches.

What would you want to hear in 3 minutes?
Here are the videos- all 6 Dems plus an appearance of the Libertarian candidate for Congress, David Harlow who is running unopposed.

Harlow’s web site still lists him as a candidate for the Ohio 8th. He’s still a Ross Perot supporter.

David Esrati (me) – main issue take money out of politics, make sure the voters are well informed and able to have a two way conversation with their representative.

Olivia Freeman- who is going to have the “Freeman Administration” and is a business woman who is “already getting things done” by asking for corporate money to fund social problems.
Tom McMasters- who will tell you the same bad joke about how to tell an extroverted physicist, and promises to be a fiscal conservative, if you only read what he blogged about in 1999, you’d realized he solved the worlds problems.

Sharen Neuhardt- has a farm, eee eye eee eyo oh! And, she’s from Dayton and her father was a Dayton policeman, and she couldn’t beat Steve Austria because of the gerrymandered district (if you look up Gerrymandering in Wikipedia, you see a picture of the old OH-7- might have been in another speech)

Ryan Steele is a philosopher/pizza delivery driver who used to be a libertarian until he worked for DP&L and had to shut off peoples power. All of the people I’m running against are nice decent people, but Ryan’s campaign is the most refreshing. You can donate, but never more than $100. His site still isn’t up yet- but I think it’s going to be

Mac Van Allen- He’s running because the “super committee couldn’t get it done”- and this retired teacher from Centerville will teach those people in Congress how to fix it- because he can quote Warren Rudman and knows how to compromise.

Mike Turner for Congress 2012 – OH-10

I have no videos of Mike Turner- nor his literature, because he didn’t show up at any candidates nights. He did send a representative to the Fayette County Tea Party candidates forum, but nothing else. You can hear a podcast of that on my recap of that event.

Of course, Mike shows up in the paper often. He, and his wife, Lori have been featured prominently on this site since it started. I was the one who exposed Mrs. Turner for doing work for the Army Corps of Engineers under a GSA schedule while her husband sat on the Armed Services Committee, and that she was doing work for the Home Depot PAC while her husband was in Congress. Instead of linking to individual posts- you can just look at the category The Turner Effect (the name of her former firm).


From Complete list of candidates for Congress in OH-10, Montgomery, Greene and Fayette County

Bio: Mike Turner was elected to Congress in 2002 and served two terms as Mayor of Dayton. Rep. Turner is a life-long resident of the Dayton area and lives in Centerville with his wife Lori and two daughters.

Answer 1: Throughout my time in Congress I have advocated for our government to cut spending and cap it at a responsible level so that we may balance our budget. We must remember though that the Constitution empowers Congress to “Provide for the common Defense.” Fulfilling that obligation and meeting our budgetary responsibilities are not mutually exclusive. As a nation, we should be able to provide for our defense and balance our budget. One should not come at the expense of the other.

Answer 2: The most important issues in this race are jobs and growing the economy. As our nation’s economy continues to struggle, I’ve focused on solutions to help spur economic growth and encourage job creation. I’ve consistently supported legislative efforts to reduce the tax burden on families and small businesses, eliminate regulations which stand in the way of our job creators, and help American workers keep a larger share of their hard-earned income. As a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, I’m focused on growing Wright-Patt and will work hard to protect the jobs and missions at the base.

From the Dayton Daily News’s Republicans offering primary voters distinct options.

Mike Turner

Turner, 52, lives in Centerville and is in his 10th year in Congress. He also worked as an attorney and served as mayor of Dayton for eight years. He has often focused his congressional efforts on the health of Wright-Patt, Ohio’s largest single-site employer.

Turner said he advocates across-the-board spending cuts to balance the budget, but adds that defense has already been cut and should not suffer further. He has been criticized by Anderson for votes early in his tenure to raise the debt ceiling. Turner argues that those votes came when the debt was $7 trillion lower than it is today.

Turner said entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare need reform, and benefits should change for those younger than 55.

Asked about voter frustration with gridlock in Congress, Turner blamed President Obama, claiming he has been unwilling to have a dialogue on spending cuts outside of defense.

Turner wants U.S. forces to stay in Afghanistan to ensure that terrorists do not gain control. He said his experience and advocacy for the region make him the best candidate.

“Our local economy is incredibly tied to the success and hard work of the men and women who serve at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,” Turner said. “My work on the Armed Services Committee has expanded, supported and defended Wright-Patt.”