Violated 3x. The “war on drugs” fails us again

Siebenthaler and Carter Ave. Sometime last night. A little silver Honda Civic with a HOPE sticker in the back window, became the third crime to affect my household in the last 2 years. First the house was broken into in broad daylight, then the office in the middle of the night– and now, the girlfriend’s car, while it was sitting on the street outside her parents’ home, as we had borrowed their pickup to work on the move.

photo of dashboard of Honda Civic after theft

The aftermath of a break in

The stereo won’t bring more than $50. There wasn’t much else in the car to take. The most valuable item was probably the power inverter on the seat- that took 12v and made it into 110 ac. Thieves aren’t very smart. The entire dash is gone, plus the stereo- and the broken window. Probably around $1,200 damage- a $250 deductible and good business for the car dealer, the stereo maker and the window replacement guy. But, now, because some junkie needed a $50 fix- the home values in that neighborhood drop again, insurance in the neighborhood go up, and Dayton reinforces its reputation as a crime-riddled community.

In today’s DDN there is an article about our overcrowded prisons, the costs, and the number of non-violent offenders. No DOH.

You almost have to wonder how stupid can we be? Other than the difficulty of getting high in prison- and the risk of being sexually assaulted- room and board and health care, may be a better option than a homeless shelter or living on the streets.

We’ve got to have meaningful, living-wage jobs in this country for all, or we’ll end up looking more like “Escape from New York” than hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. If people want to get high- and waste their lives, their brains, their bodies- I’m with the libertarians- let them, and let’s tax them. We can put in provisions that if you buy and use drugs like heroin, meth, crack etc.- you will instantly limit your lifetime health insurance benefits- and we won’t fix your broken bodies.

But, if you just smoke weed- you’ll be paying taxes to help pay for health care for all- just like the taxes on booze and smokes. Because face it- it would have been cheaper to give this crack head thief a hit- than to fix the damage he caused in pursuit of his high.

Yep, I’m running for Congress and I think the “War on Drugs” is a desperate war on the desperate. I’d rather focus on full employment, education, first-class public infrastructure (including trains and public transit) than a hallucination that we can stop people from getting high on legal or illegal substances.

We may as well try to stop people from having sex. Or is that next?

Our daughters shouldn’t end up in trash cans.

Cover of Esquire Feb 1967In 1967 ad great George Lois did a cover for Esquire that is now on display at the Museum of Modern Art– it showed a woman in a trash can- with the headline “The New American Woman through at 21.

Heather Walker, 18 and deadHeather Walker was only 18, and ended up in a trash can in Dayton, off Jersey Street not to far from where I live.

The police department refused to take a missing persons report on Miss Walker, parent of a 2 year old, because she was 18 and “emancipated” and had a history of running away from home.

Somehow, that just doesn’t cut it with me.

Not just the response from the police department, but the people who live near where the body was found. The people who were around Miss Walker as she was obviously becoming a crime statistic. Someone had to know- and somehow didn’t come forward.

February 9 to April 6 is a long time for someone to vanish- and not, morbidly and literally, cause a stink.

Is it because of who she was that we didn’t give a shit?

If you are Steve Fossett, and you don’t come home, people look for you.

If you are an 18 year old woman, who lives with your parents, no crime has occurred until we find your body.

We all wonder how a man could keep his daughter imprisoned in his basement in Austria for 24 years, but seem to think it’s OK to ignore a parents plea for help in finding their daughter.

Photo by Ty Greenless, Dayton Daily NEwsTo the people who live near where the body was found- how could you not know something was amiss?

To the police who sat on their hands- how can you look at them now with out seeing Heathers blood?

And to the people who did this- Esquire cover or no- women don’t belong in trash cans.

If people wonder why we have the death penalty, this is it.

But, before we condemn the killer- we have to look at ourselves. If it does indeed take a village to raise a child, we all failed Heather Walker, and for that, I’m angry, sad, hurt and disgusted.