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Have you been trashed by the Dayton Daily news?

I’ve been trashed in the paper. I’ve been disrespected by their “journalists” and going back, by their “editorial board” when they used to have one. But, the worst trashing I get from them is the garbage they indiscriminately throw in my yard, on my sidewalk, in the gutter of the street- of their “advertising circulars.” Read More

The Esrati Report S1 Ep 5

Welcome to the Esrati Report, I’m David Esrati and you don’t want to be me. Well, the results are finally in. A Foley in and a Foley out.  And, no, we’re not talking about a Foley catheter- although the results are almost as painful to think about. Lifetime politician Dan Foley is officially out of Read More

The Esrati Report S1 EP 4

Welcome to the Esrati Report, I’m David Esrati and you don’t want to be me. Last night, instead of broadcasting live, I went to the Dayton Unit NAACP meeting to hear a panel talk about veterans resources in Dayton Ohio. I posted the video to this channel, and you can watch it, or you can Read More

The premiere of the Esrati report

And, we’re off. Way off. From the screen shot to the audio, to the graphics- but, we thought we’d try to do a live video broadcast of all the news that’s news to the Dayton Daily news and the local tv stations. We’ve got no idea what we’re doing but practice makes perfect. Give us Read More

Daytonian Greg Hunter to take on Liz Cheney for Wyoming House

For those of you who remember the old days of this blog, there was a time when I tried a daily vlog. Back in 2010, when video blogging wasn’t quite the thing it is today. It was a point, counterpoint, with me being the left and my friend and neighbor Greg Hunter would be the Read More

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