Mike Turner, Hypocrite

It wasn’t a problem when Mike Turner’s wife got a no-bid contract from the Dayton Development Coalition to give us the wildly expensive and horribly flawed “Get Midwest” campaign. It also wasn’t a problem that his wife did work under a GSA schedule for the US Army Corps of Engineers while he sat on the House Armed Services committee. Of course, the FEC also ignored his wife’s work for the Home Depot PAC, which was just a nice way to support him, without any FEC oversight.

But now, Turner is crying foul over Russ Gottesman running against him because Gottesman’s business was subsidized by the very same quasi-government slush fund called the Dayton Development Coalition that made Lori Turner a ton of money.

The campaign for U.S. Congressman Mike Turner announced on Friday it has prepared a federal elections complaint against a recently-declared opponent.

Turner’s complaint alleges by spending any time running for office, his Democratic challenger Russ Gottesman would violate the terms of two $300,000 state loans he received from the Dayton Development Coalition to start a pair of businesses.

Gottesman, 36, and his wife own Commuter Advertising and MyEndoBook.com. He is also a part-time faculty member at the University of Dayton, according to his campaign website.

Gottesman said last month he will challenge Turner, a Dayton Republican, in the November 2014 election to represent Ohio’s 10th congressional district. The district covers all of Montgomery and Greene counties and part of Fayette County.

The Turner campaign said the types of loans Gottesman received typically require recipients to dedicate “100 percent of their professional efforts” to running the business that received funding.

The Turner campaign reasons that by running for office, Gottesman must either be spending less than 100 percent of his professional time running his businesses, or he got the DDC to alter the terms of his loan, which would be an illegal in-kind campaign violation.

“Either Mr. Gottesman has chosen to shirk his responsibility to the taxpayers, or he has undertaken an action that could be illegal,” said Turner spokesman Tom Crosson.

In a responding statement, the Gottesman campaign said Turner’s complaint is “false” and if it is filed, the Federal Elections Commission would find in Gottesman’s favor…

Dayton Development Coalition spokeswoman Kristy Rochon confirmed the loans, but declined to answer specific questions about them, saying the terms are confidential, and the DDC does not comment on political races.

via Congressman Turner prepares complaint against campaign opponent | www.mydaytondailynews.com.

I had hoped we were done with Lori Turner and the Turner Effect, now that she has divorced Turner and moved to Indiana, but alas, sadly, thanks to her former husband’s bizarre FEC complaint, we’re back to square one.

Maybe now that Turner doesn’t have his wife to guide him on PR, he’ll realize this was a can of worms that should have stayed in the pantry.

Lori Turner leaves town: KMC Marketing opportunity?

It was reported in the Dayton Daily news today that Lori Turner has headed to a new job “as the chief marketing, innovation and customer experience officer for Beacon Health System in Indiana.”
It’s been my experience that the longer the title, the less able.

For those of you who don’t know- Turner is the recently x-wife of Congressman Mike Turner, OH-10.

Now that Ms. Turner, and the “Turner Effect” are totally out of the local picture- maybe Kettering Medical Center can look to hire professionals again to run their marketing. The billboards with the arrow saying “Emergency Room Left 4 miles” on I75 were the laughing stock of the industry.

But to compete with Premier Health Partners, and their monolithic stranglehold on everything from doctors practices to labs and service providers, Kettering needs to use some judo to take their underdog position and leverage it.

More than likely, all Turner’s departure means is that their problems with the Feds- who were threatening to cut them out from reimbursements for high patient bounce-backs, is now over and they don’t need help from DC to keep them out of hot water.

For years, Kettering used Penny Ohlmann Neiman now the Ohlmann Group. There was a brief dance with the Powers Agency in Cincinnati and then with Hafenbrack in Dayton before her highness decided to take it all inside. Premier is using Real Art, which used to be Lori’s go to shop when she ran “Turner Effect” where they helped her launch the “Get Midwest” flop. We will see who Kettering approaches, and if they will buy local. There’s plenty of marketing talent in Dayton to choose from, check out the best list of Ad agency’s in Dayton on The Next Wave site. (full disclaimer- I own The Next Wave and maintain the list).


First Four Festival canceled for 2013

Logo for the First Four Festival in Dayton for 2012 for the NCAA March Madness

Logo for the First Four 2012 festival

A cryptic email came out today about the cancellation of the big party in the Oregon District for the NCAA first four that kicks off March Madness.

Oregon business owners / property owners and interested parties of the Oregon District:
Regarding the First Four Festival:
The Local Organizing Committee has been working with the NCAA to produce events in the region surrounding First Four and Selection Sunday.  The NCAA is not allowing local sponsorships for public events (like the First Four Festival) which has impacted the LOC’s plans for the First Four Festival this year.   The Local Organizing Committee has reached an agreement with the NCAA to not have a First Four Festival this year.The NCAA team is primarily an all-new group, different from the folks that were involved from NCAA last year; however, the LOC is committed to working with them for next year’s Festival.
Just a reminder however…Dayton has an entire week of basketball for First Four, 2nd and 3rd rounds this year.  And, the arena has been sold out for the First Four which strengthens Dayton’s ability to secure the games beyond 2015 (we have them through 2014).  This year, there will be 4 days of games, 16 teams, 10 nationally televised games from UD Arena and an entire week to showcase Dayton to visitors.
I know that you, like the rest of us, are disappointed there won’t be a First Four Festival this year, but we are working on some other events in Oregon that will promote our businesses to visitors and Dayton citizens alike. Stay tuned for more information on these activities!  If you have any additional questions, please contact JP Nauseef, First Four LOC Chairman.
Mike Martin, President
Oregon District Business Association
JP Nauseef, was the former CEO of the Dayton Development Coalition before being eased out after the public found out they had hired Congressman Turner’s wife to do a campaign on a no-bid contract. Since then, he’s been busy working in his own consulting firm that seems to have the backing of the Mathile Family.
While it’s unclear exactly how much was spent on this party last year- and by whom, the same cast of characters were involved, with the graphics and advertising handled by Real Art (they were subcontracted for much of Ms. Turner’s “Get Midwest” campaign). I did have the opportunity to meet with some graduating UD seniors around May- and they said that that this party was the first time they’d ever been to the Oregon District.
Was there a bid package published for the job of “Local Organizing Committee” last year? It might be interesting to do a little digging on this.
The good news is that the basketball tournament is still coming to town, and that tickets are already sold out.

Blind faith and con men in politics

A few of the posts on this site have been getting a lot of attention from people in Arkansas lately and the Special Operations community, the ones about the young paratrooper who fell out of the sky into Dayton and immediately set up a “non-profit” – “Citizens 4 Change,” to save us from ourselves. His ties to Dayton were, from memory, because a girlfriend’s family was from here- but, it really didn’t matter, because the guy we knew as Kenneth Wade or Kenneth Wade A, is now the Democratic Congressional candidate in Arkansas district 3- running against a Republican incumbent in a Republican District– and making a royal mess of it.

When he pulled up stakes in Dayton, he went to West Memphis, Arkansas, and started with the non-profit thing again- this time as “Residents 4 Arkansas” which lasted about a heartbeat and a half, before he moved across the state to Russellville and decided to run for Congress, now known as Kenneth Aden.

Publicly supplied Photo of Kenneth Wade Aden in military uniform

Ken Wade Aden in uniform, no Special Forces Tab- but, we’re looking at the wrong sleeve.

The mess seems to be that little Kenneth (I say this because of his physical size and his behavior) seems to have a problem with telling the truth. While in Dayton, he never mentioned Special Forces as part of his military service. I knew him as a paratrooper with the 82nd who had served in Iraq. His bio, that I had posted here– from his early congressional site said nothing of SF. But apparently, that wasn’t enough of a military record for Ken- he decided to start telling people he had completed the Q course and was SF qualified- although in his picture in uniform- he doesn’t display the SPECIAL FORCES tab- that’s been the standard since I got out.

Personal note- full disclosure: Just like Ken, I went to the Q Course and for personal reasons, I self-selected out 2 days before the completion of Phase 1- I wasn’t sent to the 82nd- but instead was given orders to serve first with Service Company, 5th Special Forces, and then to Service Company, 7th Special Forces- ostensibly until I would go back through the course. I was a radio operator, 05B, with the 1A4 designator for Morse code, and a paratrooper. At that time, radio operators who could master the dots and dashes were in short supply. I was separated from the Army on Temporary Disability Retirement Leave (TDRL) after an injury that was made worse by poor military medical care (The one time I was proud of the Dayton Daily News was when they did the exposé of military medicine and won the Pulitzer– I could have been a case study), came to Dayton to enroll at Wright State under VA chapter 31 benefits. After 18 months, I was re-evaluated medically, deemed fit for service- given options to return to active duty, separate or enter the Reserves- which was the choice I made. I was  assigned to the 11th Special Forces (Reserve) in Jamestown- where I was placed on an A-team as the secondary radio operator- still not having completed the Q-course. My last quarter of college, due to the demands of work, school and Reserve duty- I separated from the 11th group and never received other orders. My only permanent party duty was served in an SF unit through my entire military career- I have never worn any other patch. Therefore I’ve always said I served with Special Forces- not in it, and have been through enough training to fully understand and respect the mission and to speak with authority on the subject.

Maybe it was because Ken knew his BS wouldn’t fly with me, it never came up in Dayton, but, as it’s been unfolding in Arkansas, the Democrats are now stuck with a candidate suffering from self-inflicted stupidity. His campaign will unlikely raise another dollar, nor will voters take much of what he says seriously. He’s also being accused of embellishing his academic achievements- with claims of degrees and post-grad work that seem hard to verify.

However, Ken, as the eternal optimist that he is, is still going around telling people the sky is green and grass is blue- and that this is all an attempt by the incumbent to “swift boat” him. Last week, his campaign manager quit. And to top it all off, the Army has taken the initiative to issue new orders rescinding what may have been a doctored DD-214 or a clerical error, that had shown Ken as 18B qualified (after I left active duty- the Army changed the SF Q qualification from a designator on your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) to an actual MOS- the 18 series- when I was on active duty I would have been a 05B1a4PK  (or something like that- it’s been 25 years I’m sorry if I don’t remember the exact way it breaks)  but now I’d have been an 18E). Even Aden’s former platoon sergeant pulled a recommendation letter he had submitted in favor of Ken- saying he’d been duped by our con man.

Aden is still not doing the honorable thing and resigning from the campaign to give the people of Arkansas a chance to run someone else. He’s announced an online  town hall for July 11th to clarify matters.

Many veterans are blaming the Supreme Court for dropping the “Stolen Valor” laws against lying about military records– but, if there is one thing I can say about the military- they do keep records- and there are very few things you do solo in the military that can’t be verified that are worth talking about. From my experience, it was even hard to poop in private on most occasions. Lying about your military service almost never works.

The sad thing about all this is that once again, the voters are the ones who get robbed. For a democracy, where the ballot is supposed to give us an opportunity to make changes in leadership and change the course of our nation, very rarely do we feel we’re given choices among the best of what America has to offer.

There is the issue of getting on the ballot, where the two major political parties have monopolized the process and served as gatekeepers to keep people off the ballot. There is the issue of costs to communicate your positions- with the average cost of running for Congress over a million dollars and climbing. We’ve allowed gerrymandering to decide more elections than voters and last but not least, you either have to be an empty suit or a glutton for punishment to put your life under the microscope of public opinion and the political dirty-tricks squads. We’ve almost engineered a system for sociopaths  or megalomaniacs to be the only ones willing to run.

Kenneth Wade or Kenneth Aden isn’t the only questionable person out there. I’ve had to tell a former county employee/school board member not to lie about serving with Special Forces right here in Dayton. We’ve had the local Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance running around behind Rev. Raleigh Trammell for years bullying local politicians and engaging in the joining of church and state (despite their non-profit status) – and finally, it took the FBI to come in and shut down Reverend Trammell for welfare fraud (something he’d already served time for in the late 70’s) only after he practically destroyed the SCLC.  Seriously, who vets the people we elect? Voters aren’t given enough information to even make an informed decision on the ones who make it on the ballot.

We do background checks on teachers, police officers and even little league coaches. We probably should be doing it on most preachers from the history of the Catholic Church and abuse. Shouldn’t we start requiring it of candidates for office?

But then again- we know that once we elect most of them, they become crooks anyway? How else do you explain the fact that our beloved Congressman, Michael Turner, has let his wife serve as a funnel for dirty political money into his household for years? (The no-bid contract for the Dayton Development Coalition was awarded to Lori Turner’s now defunct company- The Turner Effect, as well as work from the Home Depot PAC and the Army Corps of Engineers- on a GSA schedule no less- while he was on the Armed Services Committee- well documented on this site). And, from this header Mike posted on his Facebook account– you’d almost think he served (I chastised him for it and it disappeared)

Facebook header photo that would make you think Mike Turner served in The Air Force

Putting “Michael Turner” and “Serving” and “US Air Force” together is almost “stolen valor”


I’ve had a guy cut my hair who served 18 years for murder who I think I’d trust more than Mike Turner to do the right thing for the people as a congressman. But, he can’t run for Congress- it’s one of the few things that disqualifies you from running.

Kenneth Wade Aden may be a liar, but, as long as we continue to auction off seats in Congress- we’ve got a House full of them.

My advice to the people of Arkansas 3- tell him to stop campaigning and don’t give him another dime, but go ahead and vote for him and send him to D.C.- where he’ll either fit right in- or actually make the rest of them so nervous that things may actually change.


Kettering Medical Center under investigation by the feds- hires Congressman Turner’s wife

Kettering Medical Center announced to their employees today that they were expecting to be exposed by the Dayton Daily News for being under investigation for Medicaid and Medicare certifications. From the time they were surveyed and notified there was a problem- they did what any hospital does- they hire the wife of a Congressman on the House Oversight committee. That’s right- there’s a reason Lori Turner came on board when she did.

Here is the notice the administration sent out to their staff:

We would like to make you aware that we anticipate media coverage on Wednesday morning that outlines deficiencies found in a recent Ohio Department of Health survey of the Behavioral Medicine Center inpatient unit on Lamme Road in Dayton. (KBMC)

We believe the steps we have taken will fully satisfy CMS concerns, and anticipate a favorable outcome prior to the January 13th deadline. Kettering Behavioral Medicine Center was surveyed by the Ohio Department of Health in mid-December, 2010. Following the survey, the Department advised the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, that certain matters in the mental health area related to suicide attempts, were not in compliance with federal requirements. Due to this finding, KBMC was placed in immediate jeopardy status.

Detail on deficiencies surrounded the classification of four suicide gestures and unfortunately, one successful suicide. Additionally, an employee, in response to a physical threat, allegedly pushed a patient forcefully. That staff member is currently on leave.

CMS will next follow-up with a return visit to KBMC to review the steps we’ve taken and others that we plan to implement. The survey was conducted under Sycamore Hospital’s identification number but was limited to the Behavioral Medicine campus on Lamme Road. However, future surveys may well include both KBMC and Sycamore, and related outpatient facilities.

Because this is a public document, the Dayton Daily News has obtained copies of the detailed CMS report and plans to run the story tomorrow. We are responding to the press accordingly. In future days, we can anticipate additional activity and we will keep you informed.

If Kettering was to fail the compliance tests- their Federal funding would be at jeopardy. Although Kettering Health Network doesn’t take near as many Medicare and Medicaid patients as Premier Health Systems- it would seriously tilt the playing field if they were no longer able to take the federal dollars.

The Dayton Daily recently also reported on the frequency of nepotism at KHN:

For example, given Fred Manchur’s status as KHN’s chief executive officer, KHN’s employment of his son, Richard Manchur, and his son-in-law, Jared Keresoma, creates a workplace scenario that would be prohibited at KHN competitor Premier Health Partners.

via Executives’ relatives more common at KHN.

While the Monarchy of Montgomery County thinks the friends and family plan is the way to work- the Federal Government typically doesn’t agree with those types of polices. Considering KHN very rarely hires non- Seventh Day Adventists to top positions- it should be questionable if they are eligible for federal funding at all- since they are not an equal opportunity employer.

The hiring of Lori Turner should be looked at carefully as a conflict of interest because of these Federal investigations.

Lori Turner’s new gig: VP at KHN

Announced today: Kettering Health Network has hired Congressman Mike Turner’s wife, Lori Turner as their new Vice President of Market Development and Strategic Communications.

Her firm did some work for Kettering Health Network back before the “Got Midwest” giant FAIL.

Of course, considering many of Kettering’s top administrators are huge donors to her husband’s campaign, and Raj Soin just bought the naming rights to the new hospital in Beavercreek- this is just one more way to buy a Congressman.


The position is a new position- and was not posted. This is highly abnormal for KNH- they normally hire from within- or post positions- also, Turner will be one of a smattering of non-Adventists at the VP level. [End update]

Ms. Turner’s former firm, “The Turner Effect” was not very shy about doing work that normally bright people would avoid- like having a GSA schedule and doing work for the Army Corps of Engineers while her husband sits on the Defense Appropriations Committee. She also did work for the Home Depot Political Action Committee, which would be an easy way to skirt normal campaign funding restrictions.

(If you aren’t familiar with any of the above transgressions of common sense- do a search or two on this site- we’ve been breaking this story like Jose Canseco breaks bats).

When the Dayton Daily News gets it wrong: Dayton Development Coalition salaries

A letter went out today to the stakeholders of the Dayton Development Coalition- to correct an article by Lucas Sullivan at the Dayton Daily, which I wrote a post about: Dayton Development Coalition is out of touch

Turns out, what was printed as the “Base pay” for the CEO was the “Total Pay”- big difference, but, still puts the head of the DDC, with his small payroll, and limited responsibility ahead of both our county administrator and the Dayton City Manager- by a large factor. However, the public sector has a big problem with pay for performance, be it teachers salaries or city managers.
Here is the DDC letter:

MEMORANDUM TO; Dayton Development Coalition Members and Stakeholders
SUBJECT: Dayton Development Coalition Compensation Model

Dear Coalition Member and Stakeholders,
As you may know, on Sunday, the Dayton Daily News ran two articles concerning the Coalition’s plans for paying bonuses to employees. We wanted to share our thoughts with you on the issue.

Consistent with common business practices, the Coalition’s compensation model is built upon a total compensation package for our employees that provide each with a fixed salary, plus variable compensation (i.e. performance incentive bonus to which the Dayton Daily News is referring) which is paid to employees for meeting performance goals.

The variable compensation model is used by the Coalition because we believe it is important for employees to be incented and rewarded for delivering results; it is a model common in private industry. The alternative would be to pay all employees their total compensation as a base salary regardless of the results they deliver.

The compensation of the CEO and two other senior positions have been reviewed by an independent consultant based on a nationwide analysis of like organizations and found to be consistent with those organizations. All awards of performance incentive pay must be approved by the compensation committee of the board of trustees. Contrary to what was reported, we are still in the review process for 2010 results and no decisions on perforn1ance incentive pay have been made.
The article also erroneously reported the CEO’s base salary for 2009 as $257,000, leading readers to extrapolate that his total compensation was higher. In a news story in July, the Dayton Daily News accurately reported that this was the CEO’s total compensation package, not his base salary. (see http://www.daytondailynews.com/news/dayton-news/regions-development-efforts-are-fragmented-across-many-groups-795997.html).

As for our results, you can find a copy of the Coalition’s 2009 Annual Report, on line at http://www.getmidwest.com/2009/annual_report/. The 2010 Annual Report is in the works.
Much of the work of the Coalition is strategic and long-tern1 and will result in new job creation for several years. The staff at the DDC is very talented and could be working anywhere else earning more compensation. Instead, they have chosen to focus their talents on growing the Dayton Region.

We appreciate your understanding and support of the Coalition. Please feel free to contact John Landess or Bruce Langos if you have any questions about the Coalitions, its record of success, or its personnel policies.

DDC Board of Trustees Compensation Committee

John Landess- Turner Foundation, Chairman of the Board DDC,

Bruce Langos, COO Teradata, 2011 Incoming Chairman of the Board, DDC

Pete Luongo, Retired CEO, The Berry Company

Beverly Shilito, Partner, Sebaly, Shilito, & Dyer

If the DDC can be faulted for anything- it’s that the compensation committee is made up entirely of private business people, with no elected representation. Are we to understand that zero public money goes into the compensation, or operating expenses of this organization?

We also have to ask who is the watchdog of the public funds they’ve been entrusted with. Based on Deb Feldman’s record of accounting for public money, how can we expect that our money is being well spent- or legally spent? And there still hasn’t been any answer on how a major marketing contract was awarded no-bid to Congressman Turner’s wife and her firm, “The Turner Effect.” Do they just get a mulligan and get to go on as if nothing has happened? Also, Bev Shilito, who sits on the board, is an owner of Real Art, the firm that produces much of the collateral for the DDC- another conflict of interest. Mr. Luongo’s son was on the payroll, as is the Mayor of Kettering’s wife. Are these ethics violations- or just business as usual?

To avoid the hint of impropriety, this organization should be more careful in its dealings if it wants to earn the regions trust and grow its role.

You know times are tough when bank presidents have banking problems

There are the bankers on Wall Street who carry home cash in a wheelbarrow, without ever having to sign on a line for anything.

They run the bank into the ground, get multimillion-dollar bonuses- get bailed out by the taxpayers and then “retire” with a big fat golden parachute and a pension for life.

Then there are real people, like:

Dayton City Commissioner Joey D. Williams, president of Chase Bank in west Ohio, has been named in a lawsuit filed on behalf of Fifth Third Bank and faces a financial judgment stemming from the default of a small business loan…
The loan was for the Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuit restaurant at 5800 Wilmington Pike in Centerville, which is closed.

The lawsuit was filed in late 2009 in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court. A Dec. 1 judgment awarded the bank $850,000, which includes court costs of $113,039, according to court records.

via City commissioner named in loan default case.

I’ve known Joey well for over twenty years. I’m sure this is quite embarrassing to him- as well as a financial burden. But, the reality is, at least he actually put his own money up in starting a small business, that employed people. I’m pretty sure that 5/3rd took special pleasure in making an example out of a competitor, instead of working out a deal.

To me, this just says that Joey’s more like us than like the political slime that goes into office driving a Dodge Shadow with a Bush I bumper sticker- and ends up a multimillionaire congressman driving Cadillacs (Mike Turner).

Times are tough. Welcome to the club Commissioner Williams.

Want to do business with the Government?

If you aren’t a retired General, and want a slice of the government deficit spending- you can get a GSA schedule for your business and be pre-approved for Federal buyers. It’s a daunting amount of paperwork and challenging for most small businesses (although, not to hard for Lori Turner, wife of Congressman Mike Turner).

VOB108, a business group made up of military veteran business owners (disclosure: I’m a founding member) is hosting a FREE workshop that can help you through this process:

On Thursday, January 14, 2010, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, VOB108.org will sponsor a Vendor Workshop that will assist you in understanding and locating Federal Bid opportunities specific to your individual company NAICS codes. The workshop will take place at The Sinclair CC Learning Center offices located at 1900 Research Dr., in the Miami Valley Research Park, Rm #112, lower floor, use the parking lot located on the NE end of the building. Registration is Free, but REQUIRED. Register via email to: [email protected].

Registration & Seating is limited. Workshop speaker is Mr. Paul Adams, Customer Service Director, Great Lakes Region, GSA Federal Acquisition Service. The goal and scope of the workshop is to present to current GSA Schedule holders and potential schedule holders an in-depth look at the GSA structure and Bid process.

via VOB108.org GSA Workshop, 14-Jan 2010 — VOB108. click on link for more info.

As always, doing my best to keep you informed. Hope to see some of you there.

Hypocrite Mike Turner- and the truth about tax incentives for economic development

I guess it’s OK for people in Georgia to pay for stealing our tax base, but, not OK for us to pay for the move.

At least that’s the logic that comes from our soul for hire Congressman Mike Turner:

U.S. Rep. Mike Turner, R-Centerville, argued that the stimulus request was part of an overall consolidation of jobs in Georgia stemming from NCR’s decision to move its world headquarters from Dayton to suburban Atlanta.

“The consolidation created, which included jobs from Ohio, is one big project and cannot be separated,” Turner said. “The administration has prevented Georgia from using our tax dollars to take jobs from Ohio.”

via Georgia city is denied $5.5M for NCR.

Of course, the City of Columbus Georgia has no shame, sucking up to NCR like a sick kid to ice cream. They will now pay for NCR’s “gift” of jobs out of their own cash tapped pockets. All while, CEO Bill Nuti hauls in his $2K hourly wage. That’s money paid to local government for the delivery of basic services like police and fire- going to pay for the promise of a few jobs, with no true guarantee of payback. If you need an example of how this kind of deal fails- look no farther than Springfield Ohio- that lavished money on local firm Qbase, with the promise of 100+ jobs in two years- only to see less than 5. See this post on the original deal- “Bad investments by government”

In fact, QBase went as far as to tell its Greene County employees to file taxes as working in Clark County. At least two employees, were advised by their CPA’s to file to get those taxes back- and did- showing work schedules that proved they worked less than 20 days in the Clark County masquerade. Unfortunately, real investigative journalism no longer happens in Cox Ohio land (publisher of the Dayton Daily News and The Springfield News Sun).

These kind of deals are pure poison to local governments who count on the short memories of tax payers, and political smoke and mirrors to distract people from gross misuse of tax dollars.

Turner, of course has no problems with giving away our tax dollars to private businesses- he was all for an earmark to NCR for work at WPAFB before they announced their move- but then turned around and told them to buy a Congressman in Georgia instead. See this post: Congressman Turner admits he’s for sale

He also has no problems with Qbase- an odd company that hires the same firm (Real Art) that his wife works with to deliver on no bid contracts to the Dayton Development Coalition. If you remember- The Turner Effect recklessly overcharged for the hapless “Get Midwest” campaign that came in at almost a million dollars. You can brush up on this Turner side show here: http://esrati.com/?cat=201 It still boggles my mind how a Congressman’s wife can have a GSA schedule to do work for the Government, or do work for Political Action Committees without serious ethics questions.

The reality is- tax dollars shouldn’t be used to “create jobs”- except for the delivery of services directly received by the tax payer. Police, fire, water, sewer, courts, street maintenance are all good investments for the common good.

Taxes supporting some industries while ignoring others are just a plain and simple redistribution of wealth. In fact, maybe the first law to be passed is that any corporation that has a Political Action Committee, or spends money on lobbyists- should be precluded from receiving any tax dollars for a period of at least 5 years. Turner used to receive significant backing from NCR and their PAC.

This won’t stop the kind of manipulation done by a company like Qbase which pushes employees to donate to politicians (Democrats and Republicans) as part of their employment (Qbase pushed employees to attend a $500 per couple fund raiser for Ted Strickland and also for top management to give $1000 ea to Congressman Steve Austria). The only thing that can clear this mess up is when someone from the Clark County Auditors office starts investigating where those 100+ jobs are (Qbase at top employment only reached 120- nationally) and what really came in from that investment.

Jobs come to communities where people want to live and work. Fundamentally, I believe that a level playing field should be one of the foremost goals of government. When we play favorites- as Turner has shown to do, all it does is leave us with memories of what we did when we did have money and the cash cow that fed us and them- as we continued to milk the system dry with our own short-sightedness.