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HHS required cigarette package design 3

Ohio Smoking ban finally gains teeth

Our legislators are really good at coming up with new laws, regulations and restrictions- without figuring out the costs of enforcement. When the smoking ban went into place it was totally unclear about who would enforce the ban. As some establishments chose to ignore the ban, thinking fines were just going to be a cost Read More

It’s only been a year since the smoking ban went into place

It’s been a year. And now our County is finally handing out it’s first fines. Makes you wonder if some people working for the county should still have jobs? What part of the law didn’t they understand? The county health board approved fines Wednesday, Aug. 24, for three area drinking establishments accused of breaking the Read More

Strickland shows his spine is missing- again

When an issue goes on the ballot- the voters don’t get to line item vote- it’s a simple yay- nay thing. We also don’t get to make excuses after the fact. We are presented with a choice and vote. Simple. No trying to define the word “is” or anything else. And in the election – Read More

Letter to the Editor: Act of protest seems to be lost art

Today’s paper had a shortened version of what I sent in- here are both versions: Know what to do if person has a seizure; Learning trades should be option; Death penalty needs re-examination; Act of protest seems to be lost art Act of protest seems to be lost art Re “Theater audiences are free to Read More

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