Saving Money In Dayton Ohio

The best way to clean house

You probably think this post is about how to fix the House of Representatives after Matt Gaetz screwed the pooch on Kevin McCarthy. It’s actually really simple and should have taken place on Jan 7, 2021 after a whole bunch of Republican’s in the House, who were elected in the same election that Joe Biden Read More

How to save money on your electric bill in Dayton Ohio

How to save money on your electric bill in Dayton

Community wide aggregation was supposed to help you get the lowest prices on your utility bill and is generally a great idea. Except, when the City of Dayton decides to be all high and mighty and pick a deal that includes a green power premium rate plan. Not that I’m against clean energy, but, there Read More

Veterans and active duty military save money on Cell bills

If the prices sound too good to be true, it’s only because the big 4 cell phone companies rip you off. is a reseller of cell plans- to veterans, active duty military and some children of vets- that cuts out the big salaries of the CEOs and all the other BS and gives you Read More

Political campaign hot cards and websites for less

Shameless plug, or doing my part to change the way politics work? One of the biggest problems facing America is the high cost of running for office. I know full well how much it costs, having run more times than most (and lost). To help cut the expense of running for office- my firm, The Read More

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