Sale on Amazon prime this weekend

Amazon prime sale: $73 for the year starting at 6pm Friday- till Sunday until Midnight.

For those of you who shop at Amazon and don’t have a prime membership, here’s a chance to save some cash. Prime gets you free shipping on almost everything you could want from Amazon- which can save a lot if you order a lot, but, it also gives you access to their prime video- which has complete seasons of classic TV shows, movies, and even some original content. Compare the cost to Netflix- and it’s cheaper.

This offer is celebrating their recent Golden Globes win for their original- “Mozart in the Jungle”- which I’ve not watched.

But- I thought I’d make sure my readers would know.


Veterans and active duty military save money on Cell bills

Defense mobile logoIf the prices sound too good to be true, it’s only because the big 4 cell phone companies rip you off. is a reseller of cell plans- to veterans, active duty military and some children of vets- that cuts out the big salaries of the CEOs and all the other BS and gives you a cell plan you can live with.

They are currently partnered with AT&T, Sprint and T-mobile- you can get on any of those networks if you own your phone and it’s either programmed for those networks, or unlocked.

For example, I was on T-mobile, paying about half of what I was on Verizon- and with military discount, I was at $67 a month. With Defense Mobile, a better plan on AT&T network is $50 a month, before the 10% discount for being an American Legion or VFW member (an American Legion membership costs $25 a year to save $60).

Besides being on a better network for coverage, the hot spot that I was paying extra for, is included in the DefenseMobile plan- one pool of data, no separation between phone data and hot spot data as T-mobile had.

The best bonus? DefenseMobile only hires veterans. You can phonetically spell your name and say Niner, and they get you.

I had a discount code for 25% off your second month- but I can’t find it right now- I think it was EMC25- try it on the phone and see what happens.

To all you veterans and active duty in Dayton- thank you for your service, from one of you.

Political campaign hot cards and websites for less

Shameless plug, or doing my part to change the way politics work?

One of the biggest problems facing America is the high cost of running for office. I know full well how much it costs, having run more times than most (and lost).

To help cut the expense of running for office- my firm, The Next Wave, does campaign pieces- websites- printing- for a lot less than what most “political consultants” charge- and it looks better.

We just did a logo, hotcards, letterhead, envelopes, car magnet and a website for local judicial candidate Mia Wortham Spells.

Mia Spells Hot card Mia Spells Hot card back

The website is basic, but functional and responsive. Done in WordPress, with a PayPal donation engine. You can learn how to manage a WordPress website yourself by coming to one of our Websitetology Seminars, the next one is Tuesday June 23.

Our printing prices are some of the best in town- 1000 4/c, 2/s 4×6 hotcards on 16 pt stock are only $44.55 You can find more prices at

We’re also doing design work, hotcards, banners and yard signs for Dayton City Commission Scott Sliver and signs and some other printing for Dayton School Board candidate John McManus.

We’ve done door hangers for Beavercreek Township Trustee Tom Kretz, notecards for State Rep. Jim Butler,  Butler Twp. Trustee Joe Flanagan, Liberty Twp. Trustee candidate Rhonda Freeze and of course former Dayton Mayor Gary Leitzell and city commission candidate David Greer (one of my favorite portrait shoots). This is mostly in the name of full disclosure- and just because we do design and print for these people, doesn’t mean it’s an endorsement.

What’s funny is that the local Democratic party does a lot of its printing out of Columbus instead of supporting a local Service Disabled Veteran (me) and probably pays more for everything.

Don’t overpay for crappy printing for campaign literature that no one will read anyway – buy it from The Next Wave.

It’s time you elected politicians as tight with their own money as they’ll be with your money.


PechaKucha 20×20 – Dayton – Vol. 22 – Rambunctious!

Dayton Oh Pecha Kucha 22 poster by Andrew Dailey

Click on image to download full size, 11×17 pdf

If you live in Dayton and say there is nothing to do- it’s on you.
Here’s a cheap date night event that will probably overdeliver on entertainment value- based on the speakers.

Of course when an event is free (donations really keep this going)- and only held 4x a year- you should be out of excuses to attend. PK is held in over 800 cities all over the world.

I’ve told you about PK nights before- and this is no different. 20 slides, 20 seconds each- any subject. Tomorrow night- I’m in the line-up with “How to piss people off”- a subject I’m told I’m eminently qualified to speak about.

Also- my friend Bryan Suddith is sharing “Confessions of an Uber Driver.”

Connie Post who is second in command of the Dayton Daily news editorial page (yes the lower case “d” is always intentional here) and one of the best photographers I know is presenting “Designing a Positive and Blissfully Rambunctious Community Outlook” (which takes almost 20 seconds to say.)

Shelly “Glad Girl” Hulce- is presenting. She used to work for Mayor Leitzell and is well known in local music circles.

Omar Peters who is the “official face” of Dayton’s new bike share and a planner with MVRPC is presenting.

Riley Driver, the king of the Dayton Chess Club will pwn us all with his deck.

Cassie Guard is doing “Teach Her to Twirl Her Tassels and Watch Her Conquer the World!” and I’m sure there will be others just as fascinating.

Wright-Dunbar Conference Center
1100 W. 3rd St.
Dayton OH 45402

March 19, 2015
7:30pm – 9:30pm
Free, donations

via PechaKucha 20×20 – Dayton – Vol. 22 – Rambunctious!.

How to get fast affordable business internet in Dayton

Hint- it’s not from Time Warner, it’s not from AT&T and it’s not Cincinnati Bell (they use AT&T’s pipes).
In Dayton- the city- you can’t and won’t get fiber from any of the standard providers.

T-1’s and fractionals are expensive. DSL is dog slow. And you can’t get real upload speeds from cable.

What’s a small tech firm to do?

Call Norm Wentland at Dayton Digital Development (937) 371-3192- and hope and pray you can get an antenna outside your building that can go line of sight to Downtown. Norm is running a peer to peer network over radio waves- and will give you a fixed IP and at least 8Mbs symmetrically up and down for $100 a month.

I mounted my antenna yesterday on the chimney- hooked it up- and got this from

Ping 25, download speed 41.43Mbs and upload of 29.64Mbs

Speedtest screen shot from Dayton Digital Development

Yes- the ping is high – most of the time it’s around 19- but the download is a good 10mbs faster than what Time Warner does on downloads and the upload is 6x faster.

Finally- uploading video to YouTube won’t take an entire weekend.

My client at the Dayton Mall with the 3d scans and prints- is struggling with the DSL that’s available there from AT&T. He needs at least 5MBS up- and they are only able to deliver about half that.

How are we supposed to attract business with our water, when our internet flows like frozen molasses? Why are we building parking garages for real estate developers on Water Street when we should be building internet infrastructure for online businesses everywhere? This is the infrastructure of the future- who will need a parking garage after Google perfects the self driving car?

Watching the people from Miller Pipeline destroy South Park streets to put in new gas lines- I’m wondering why we haven’t demanded that all new utility work includes adding fiber to the home? Why should we have to dig everything up again? Unfortunately our digitally delayed politicians have no clue how important basic internet connectivity is.

I posted this on Facebook this morning and already a friend has called Norm. I’ve known about this technology and Norm for years- I’m not sure why I suffered slow internet for so long.

Say good bye to the telco and cable crooks- and get your business up on the fast track.

Here is the real facts on what you get from Time Warner- warning- not quite safe for work:


And as a side note- almost all of TW cable and internet was out most of today in South Park because it was windy. Why do we allow ourselves to live in third world internet land?
When Estonia and Vietnam are almost entirely covered by WiFi- and S. Korea has access speeds 20x faster than us, our leadership should have some explaining to do.

In the meantime- you can call Norm.

Saving money in Dayton: Cell phone bills

Last year I had to switch from a pretty amazing family plan with corporate underwriting to a solo plan with Verizon. My cell bill went from about $70 a month to $110 a month. That’s almost $500 a year that could have bought a new pair of skates and gloves for this hack hockey player.

With the one year anniversary coming up- I decided to do some comparison shopping. I have an iPhone 5- btw, which can run any network with the appropriate SIM card. I’m happy enough with it- and don’t feel the need to upgrade.

Calling Verizon and just suggesting I switch to Sprint or T-mobile got an instant offer of a “valued customer” cut to $60 a month before taxes- or about $70 a month in real world. However, despite having 2 gb of data in the plan- to share it with my iPad or laptop was going to add $20 more a month- no matter what- so I was only looking at a $20 discount.

For the record- I had unlimited calls, texts and a 2 gb data cap- and paid extra to be able to hotspot it from my phone.

Sprint- who I used to love- had me talking to a call center in some other country- and started out right away with trying to sell me a new phone. I didn’t feel like they “got me.”

T-Mobile was incredibly helpful. Yes- I know they don’t have LTE here yet- next fall, but, they don’t include a contract either. Pay first month and a month in advance, and unlimited everything- and to get 4.5 gb to use as a hotspot- $68 pre tax or $78 with taxes.They offer discounts for military, veterans, AAA members- ask and see what they can hook you up with. I got 15% off for being a veteran.

Now we’re talking. They send a SIM card- and you are in business. One warning- don’t request the SIM card until you are out of penalty phase for your current provider- for me, that’s Dec 21. TMobile expects instant activation- and Verizon will ding me $120 for terminating before the drop dead date. If I want a phone- “with approved credit” – it’s $149 right now for a 16gb iPhone 5S and $22 a month for 2 years. No interest, no contract. I can easily sell my current 32GB iPhone 5 for at least $350 so it may be a decent option- but, as I said- I’m OK with the 5 for now.

T-Mobile and Sprint are really shaking up the field right now- with unlimited data and fixed length phone financing- instead of the pay in perpetuity for a phone that’s subsidized.

It doesn’t really matter what company you have now- try calling and see. First question is always- “when do I not face an early termination fee”- and then threaten to switch on that date. If could save you some serious cashola.

Another option is the Republic Wireless phone. It’s an earlier version of Android, and you have to buy the phone upfront- but the bill for a “smart phone” is $10- 25 or 40 a month depending on what you pick. Their secret is that most of the time- your voice and data are over a wifi hotspot, but that when you aren’t in wifi range- they use Sprint’s towers. PizzaBill has had one for about a year and seems pretty happy.

And, btw, if you break your cell phone, or drop it in water or any such other #FAIL, check out my friend and fellow veteran Jim Kreinbrink’s shop in Cross Pointe Center- Cell Phone Repair– he can fix phones, tablets, netbooks, laptops and game systems. (937) 435-2771 175 E. Alex Bell Rd., Ste 240, Dayton, OH

This is the first post in a planned series of “how to save money in Dayton Ohio” as an added value to my readers. If you have ideas- feel free to add them in comments- or contact me. Maybe I’ll need to come up with an official “Esrati Reader Discount Card” which will get you discounts at establishments around town :-)