Ohio 10 congressional district

A tale of two democratic parties

Right after my shoulder surgery, I went to the Montgomery County Democratic Party meeting- with the intention of throwing my hat into the ring for Chairman. There is no way I would have gotten elected, because, the Monarchy has their own plans. But, it turns out, excluding me from running because I wasn’t a precinct Read More

Defund Politicians

Out of failure, the roadmap to the future

I lost to Mike Turner. It was expected. However, I spent a hell of a lot less to lose than anyone else- and had zero party support. To the little over 200 people who donated to my campaign and believed enough in me to put their money where my mouth is- I owe eternal thanks. Read More

Can anyone predict elections anymore?

My father used to have a large black glass tray which had the headline “Dewey Defeats Truman” and the story from the front page of the Chicago Tribune from the day after the election in 1948. Dad said it was a reminder to always get the facts straight. And, back then, newspapers still endorsed candidates, Read More

DCCC gets an F in advertising 101

I live in Ohio 10. I know that, because I’m running for Congress in it. I also am a Democrat (although 1 county out of the 3 I’ll represent doesn’t like to accept the election results and won’t “endorse me”). So, when I turn on the TV for a brief decompress after working all day Read More

David Esrati not endorsed mailer

“David Esrati [not endorsed]” and what it means.

It came in the mail today. The Ohio Republican Party sent a mailer to all the people I wish I could send a mailer to- but can’t afford to, because I’m not backed by 27 Billionaires like Mike Turner is. If I’d used all the money I’ve raised- I could have spent it on a Read More

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