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When your nasty neighbors leave your neighborhood

When your neighborhood cancer goes away

This story started 18 Aug. of 2008. It ended Feb 14, 2024. 16 years of hell on Bonner Street thanks to one house, holding one family and a community powerless to stop the insanity. My neighbors and I are all still in a state of disbelief. No longer do we have to listen to vehicles Read More

Tipp City School Board Member Anne Zakkour gives a Nazi salute and Seig Heil to the board president who resigns

Tipp City School Board- 2 different stories

This is a follow on to the last post, where I talked about “Journalism 101 on investigating candidates and politicians” and how the news isn’t necessarily what it used to be. Two stories out of last nights Tipp City School Board meeting: The Dayton Daily news: “Tipp City school board president Patry resigns abruptly“ update: Read More

What we should have learned from issue 1

August 8, 2023 the gerrymandered Republican super-majority in the Ohio Statehouse decided to waste about $20M of the taxpayers money to hold a single issue referendum. Not a damn one of them will be held liable for this boondoggle. Issue 1, was an attempt to make it impossible for citizens to initiate a referendum or Read More

Vote No on issue 1 in Ohio Aug 8 2023

The issues with issue 1 and the August 8, 2023 election

There are groups everywhere, of every political persuasion telling their people to vote no on issue 1 in Ohio on August 8th. This is an illegal (the State Legislatures wrote that law after last years stupid expensive August primary) election that’s being pushed through by the Republican super majority in Ohio that knows no limits Read More

The dirty little secrets of the Board of Elections

The Montgomery County Board of Elections hasn’t exactly been a mountain of piety over the years. More like the den of impropriety, where decisions are made on who gets to get on the ballot- and which politicians pick which voters and who gets a cushy government job without any kind of screening or job posting. Read More

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