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Violated 3x. The “war on drugs” fails us again

Siebenthaler and Carter Ave. Sometime last night. A little silver Honda Civic with a HOPE sticker in the back window, became the third crime to affect my household in the last 2 years. First the house was broken into in broad daylight, then the office in the middle of the night– and now, the girlfriend’s Read More

Violated- again

When the phone goes off in the middle of the night- it’s never a good sign, especially when it says “ALARM”- as in alarm company- not time to wake up. Those of you who’ve been reading a while, remember the first “violated” post- June 10, 2009. That time, someone kicked in the back door of Read More

Greene County catches Dayton criminals: and thoughts on justice

There is a difference between getting caught for a crime in Dayton and getting caught in Greene County: you’ll do time in Greene County. Ask my former housemate: twice sent to prison for crimes in Greene County that would hardly get him into jail in Montgomery County (yep, I was a terrible mentor for 22 Read More