Justice delayed is a legal strategy that needs to end: The saga of Aaron Hartley

How long does it take the system to prosecute a crime? And who benefits? Is this a system for the lawyers, by the lawyers instead of for the people, by the people?

Since I published the story about Kettering divorce attorney Aaron Hartley being found guilty of assault, 3 other women have come forward to share their similar stories of abuse. In the meantime, the Kettering Judge who is supposed to sentence Hartley for the assault case has been out of the loop- with the sentencing delayed over and over.

In the meantime, other cases against him, including domestic violence, have also been delayed. What started out with a complaint and a Temporary Restraining Order on 8-17-20, TR/CR Case 20CRB00992, and was scheduled for a hearing on 07-28-2021 is now scheduled for 11-03-2021.

Another case, TR/CR Case 20CRB01311, lists Domestic Violence, Child Endangering/Abuse, Assault, and Child Endangering/Health was filed 10-30-2020, he was arrested and bailed out on 11/02/2020. A jury trial was scheduled for 05-05-2021, the next entry is odd- vacating the 21 APRIL 2021 jury trial because of the public health crisis, reset for 7-28-2021, another trial was set for 08-11-2021, 08/05/2021 the state requests a different date, A jury trial was scheduled for 09-15-2021, which was then delayed due to Covid Quarantine, and finally JURY TRIAL for 11-03-2021 at 08:45AM.

The assault case, TR/CR Case 20CRB00148, where he was found guilty on July 29 2021- and was to be sentenced on Aug 11, 2021 and then on 09-15-2021 still hasn’t happened. It’s now also scheduled for 11/03/2021. That case began on 01-28-2020.

So- what was going to be a double header trial on November 3rd, will now be a triple header, with 2 jury trials and a sentencing. In the mean time, Hartley continues to practice his odd form of legal counseling which includes a whole bunch of women saying he was inappropriate- and ripped them off.

Let’s face it- our legal system has become a protracted process where lawyers make money and we all pay the price.

Here’s a few excerpts of what victims have shared with me:

He told me we needed to get the draft of our divorce decree and parenting plan in order to present to our next court date. He had me meet him on a Saturday morning alone in his office to work on it. I thought that was weird, but he told me it needed to get done. He pulled an old case and just switched the names. It didn’t take long like he said it would. As we were sitting in his office he began to tell me we needed to get together after this was all over and have play dates with the kids. I smiled and tried not to be rude and placated the situation. I started to feel a little uncomfortable, so I made an excuse to leave. As he walked me out, he hugged me goodbye. I honestly didn’t know what just happened, but my instincts were starting to kick in….

The meeting right before our next court date, I showed up to the office and he told me that he had to go pick up some gifts he had wrapped for his daughter’s birthday. He insisted I come along so we can talk about my case. We went on these errands, and then he told me he was hungry, so he pulled off at a Buffalo Wild Wings. I didn’t know what to do, I was confused but we still hadn’t talked about my case. While we were in the restaurant, he ordered me a drink without me asking him to, and I didn’t ask for one either. Still, I thought maybe we would start to discuss our upcoming trial. I was very wrong. He began to tell me “how pretty I was and that he looked through my ex’s Facebook and his new girlfriend’s as well”. He told me I was “way prettier than her,” we should hang out after this is all over at my house.” At a loss, and going through a very emotional unstable time, very skittish, I didn’t again know what to say or do, so I tried to placate his offer just so we could leave. At this point, I made the fact known I had a sitter for this meeting, and I needed to get home to them…

Next meeting he asked his client to accompany him to a chiropractic appointment-

On the way back to his office, he again told me how gorgeous I was and how I needed to come over to his house, as he caressed my inner thigh….

The next morning, I received a bill from him, and he had charged me for each of those meetings where nothing was even spoken of in regard to my case….

My dad immediately terminated his employment with us, and I sought new council, with whom instructed me that Aaron told me the complete opposite of what any lawyer should advise his client…

I tried to find someone to hear my story then, but I didn’t think anyone would believe me. I was a 27-year-old, going through a nasty divorce and custody battle, no money, no job: I thought I would look like I was looking for a handout. I also believed that I was making it up in my head, I had no proof. I felt so dirty, worthless and alone. So, I dropped it.

My life would be so different right now if I hadn’t trusted my case with Aaron at the beginning.

Aaron P. Hartley is a monster. He was very unethical. He did not advocate for his client which was his job to do. He preyed on my ignorance of divorce, my vulnerability, and my lack of self-worth at the time. My children have suffered from his debauchery as well, and it is still hard for me to make ends meet. If I can do anything to stop him from doing this to any other client especially young women, I will.

And yet Judges and other lawyers, allow him to continue to practice law. Delaying sentencing is almost as wrong as the things that Hartley has done. It allows a criminal to continue to prey on victims. Judges seem to have immunity veils wrapped around them in Montgomery County. Once you’ve been elected the “unwritten rule” is you can be challenged the first election and then- never again until you age out or die. That’s a lot of power for judges with zero accountability.

It’s almost impossible for the average voter to research and review the conduct of a judge- or measure their performance. Other attorneys who don’t want to be blackballed by a judge, refuse to speak up when a judge is incompetent, or mismanages a case. In Kettering, it’s almost impossible to find who the judges are, in this case, it’s Judge James F. Long as far as I can tell (their “Public Records Online system doesn’t allow you to download the actual filings like Montgomery Counties). There is the other Kettering Judge- Judge Frederick W. Dressel, and the Kettering website tells you nothing about them. For more info look at their Linkedin pages- or do a google search. This is embarrassingly bad on the part of Kettering.

But hey, that’s just Kettering. In Montgomery County, his divorce is moving at a snails pace as well. Filed 08/25/2020, for a Las Vegas marriage on October 13, 2019, there have been 65 filings on the docket to date.  They were married for 317 days, and the proceedings have taken 389 days to date. That almost equals one filing for every 5 days they were married. How entangled or complicated can a sub 1 year marriage be? And, lets remember, this was a marriage to a client who he started sleeping with before the divorce was final.

One of his other victims is still waiting to file. She spent $30K with him for a totally inept representation. Hartley was more interested in getting in her pants or using her professional connections to blackmail his x-wife. She hired Hartley because of his fake Google reviews- and it cost her and her kids a lot more than $30K.

While judges and attorneys manipulate filing deadlines and hold pro se clients to an insane standard to learn and abide by these arcane processes, it seems that when lawyers are charged with crimes, they can manipulate the system to delay everything into the ground. Note- you and I as taxpayers pay for the courts, the websites, the filing of all these documents through the multitude of incompetently built websites that obscure the public records from the public on purpose. Case in point- the Federal system PACER, threatens to charge you .10 per page of documents you download- even if you can’t tell what it is until you download it. Charging for PDF’s is a crime, especially when it’s in your own case.

Lawyers and judges need to be drawn in kicking and screaming into the digital technology age. From their arcane page layouts- to hand stamping documents and scanning documents rendering them non ADA compliant, to zero case management tools- like providing next steps- deadlines- and templates for housekeeping processes to the absolute biggest problem- is that downloaded documents don’t show up with a standardized naming convention (docket.pdf is NOT the name of every document). There are numerous other improvements that could be made to court records online- including simple color coding for parties, ie- plaintiff, defendant, court, or batch download features.

What we’ve created is a system that only lawyers can use- and love, because it makes it almost impossible to do the simplest things- like divorce an attorney who preyed upon his client, or hold anyone accountable for their delays in managing the docket.

Aaron Hartley should have been stopped from practicing law for anyone but himself after he was found guilty of assault, yet he still walks free and could be finding his next victim- all thanks to his fellow lawyers who have done nothing to police their own ranks.

I’ve kept this focused on the failings of the system to bring Kettering Attorney Aaron Hartley to justice. But, I could have also talked about the failings of Judge Erik Blaine and Judge Gerald Parker to work within the time limits of the Ohio Sunshine Laws in my Dayton Metro Library public records case, or in my case against the FBI and the DOJ for hiding the Nan Whaley grand jury tapes (The DOJ asked for an extension despite already having delayed responses over and over to my FOIA requests and appeals).

Hopefully, if you are considering hiring Mr. Hartley, you’ve done your homework and know that he’s not as good as his Google ratings make him out to be





Nan Whaley warrants and what they may mean

We know Nan Whaley has no problem running for Governor right after being elected Mayor. She did it 4 years ago.

This time, she’d taken out petitions- and planned to run again. Considering her fat campaign fund, most people were scared to challenge her. It’s why she ran un-opposed last time.

So when she pulled out at the 11th hour, and Jeff Mims had to hurry up and re-file to run for Mayor- something didn’t pass the smell test.

Was it because the FBI told her she couldn’t, under the deal she cut to avoid prosecution for pay to play? The Feds have a strange way of talking obtusely:

Asked about the status of the investigation, U.S. Department of Justice spokeswoman Jennifer Thornton responded: “The investigation is not ongoing.”

Thornton would not comment on the DOJ’s decision to not prosecute. “DOJ policy prohibits me from commenting outside of what’s detailed in public court documents,” she said.

Source: Search warrant: FBI investigated if contractor bribed Dayton mayors

Which investigation? Let’s be specific. Because, if Commissioner Williams did wear a wire to get his sweetheart deal and let the clock wind down on statutes of limitations, they sure didn’t get anything for his cooperation.

There are lots of ways to look at the Whaley money machine. First place to look is at the donors to Issue 9– where everyone who gave, had ties to the city. And the total failure of the Student Suites/Dayton Daily News/Schwind building demolition- which was probably the main impetus for the whole investigation- still has no answers. Steve Rauch got paid to make a hole- and leave it there- while “winning” one of the historic treasures downtown- the old Cox HQ. See: The hole on Ludlow Street

Some of you like to read, some of you like to watch TV- so I made a video going over the whole big question which needs to be answered: Are the DOJ and the FBI letting Confidential Informants and indicted criminals on a plea deal stand for office- and should the feds be charged with misprison of a felony?

Watch and subscribe.

And the missing white people from the indictments for the Culture of Corruption

Here are the unsealed warrants in the case against Nan Whaley- the FBI GPS tracking and the phone tracking.

It’s pretty clear that David Cleavenger, (with apparent “white guy immunity”) a former City of Dayton aide was Rhine McLin’s bagman, and WIllis Blackshear Sr. was Nan’s.

My earlier references to Marlon C. Shackelford as a person of interest in the investigation are further flushed out by these warrants.

It’s obvious, the FBI and the DOJ expended considerable resources in this operation, just by these two warrants. Taxpayers have a right to be pissed about how they failed to get a serious conviction against Steve Rauch, and that McLin and Whaley seem to have a hall pass. Remember, in our city hall, it takes 3 votes to award any contract.

You’ll also see mention of CHS-2, which is probably the infamous Mike Marshall- the FBI CI that helped bust Winburn and Williams, who ran United Demolition:

6. In July 2013, a former project estimator and manager (hereinafter referred to a Confidential Human Source Two “CHS-2”) of a now defunct demolition company that directly competed with SRI was interviewed. CHS-2 stated that he began bidding on federally funded demolition projects from the City of Dayton in approximately 2009. At the time, SRI did the majority of demolition work for Dayton and it was “very hard to compete” with them in the bidding process. CHS-2 heard then Dayton Mayor RHINE MCCLIN was RAUCH’S girlfriend at the time. CHS-2 suspected MCCLIN used her influence to ensure RAUCH obtained federally funded demolition contracts because SRI won virtually all bids.

Esrati.com identified Marshall as the CI right after the April 30, 2019 indictments- see May 6 post: The Wire: Dayton Edition

For now- read about Whaley’s involvement in my previous post today: Whaley was suspected of bribery by the Feds. Esrati.com told you first

And read the unsealed warrants:

  unsealed Sept. 1, 2021, when it was first noticed by Seamus Hughes, an author, researcher, and Deputy Director of the George Washington University Program on Extremism


warrant was unsealed in August 2017

Whaley was suspected of bribery by the Feds. Esrati.com told you first

The Dayton Daily news now officially has egg on their face.

But, so does Politico, The Huffington Post, The NY Times, the Washington Post, all the major newspapers in Ohio, the local TV stations.

While I didn’t have the unsealed warrants, I did know that the tapes were played to the Grand Jury and sought them out. The FBI and the DOJ were going to prosecute her for corruption. I wanted the actual tapes and filed in Federal Court- on August 10, 2021 to get them:
Esrati files in Federal Court to expose Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley’s part in the “Culture of Corruption” investigation. No news outlet picked up the implications, but apparently, others dug into the Federal PACER system (a convoluted online system from the Federal Courts that acts as a paywall to stop the public from accessing their own public records) and found that Whaley was a target of a criminal investigation.

Well, so was Joey D. Williams, and he had become a confidential informant according to the records I published, well before he ran and won re-election. My question stands- did Whaley do a plea deal too, in exchange for being a CI? And when are some of the white people in Dayton going to get in trouble for being the “everyone else was doing it” that Williams claimed?

Again, this story goes after the dead Willis Blackshear as a bagman and Rhine McLin as another accomplice. Still nothing on the public servants and quasi-public corporations like the director of planning, the HRC (under Roshawn Winburn), CityWide Development- who have been funneling money to Steve Rauch Inc for decades.

This is only the opening of the story- I recommend you go read the whole thing. And remember, you read it on Esrati.com first.

The FBI suspected Dayton Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley in 2014 of accepting cash bribes from a city contractor, according to unsealed search warrant applications filed in federal court.

Whaley was not charged with any crime. The warrants detail sworn statements from FBI agents to a federal judge outlining their suspicion of impropriety. In both instances, federal magistrates found probable cause to grant the warrants.

In the documents, the agents told the judge that a controller for demolition company Steve Rauch Inc. — which pleaded guilty last year to a charge of conspiracy to engage in mail fraud regarding subcontracting work — said in recorded phone calls with another company official that Whaley accepted cash bribes from Rauch on multiple occasions.

The search warrant requests were filed for phone records and permission to place a GPS tracker on the vehicle of Willis Blackshear Sr., then the Montgomery County recorder, who the FBI agents alleged worked as a courier between Rauch and Whaley. Whaley served on the Dayton city commission and was running for mayor at the time.

“What he [Blackshear] does is he acts as the intermediary, so Nan [Whaley] doesn’t have to come out here,” said the controller, identified as Dan Feucht, in a recorded phone call detailed by the FBI.

“You know the City of Dayton Commission doesn’t have to come out here. So he [Blackshear] does all the running. He comes out here and collects all the money.”

The other party to the phone call, identified only as a former project manager for Rauch’s company, asked if “even Nan Whaley is in on that deal?” Feucht responded, “Oh yeah, very much so.”

Whaley, through her campaign, declined an interview. In a statement, she denied any wrongdoing.

“These seven-year-old claims are baseless and categorically untrue,” she said. “In the course of federal investigations into illegal activity in Dayton, unfounded claims were made against me. Investigators did exactly what they should do: thoroughly looked into it and found nothing. I can only assume investigators saw through these claims because I only learned about them this week, but I’m glad they were taken seriously and I’m grateful for the FBI’s work to root out corruption.”

The Whaley campaign said it would be issuing a research document Wednesday countering the allegations contained in the warrant requests.

About six months before announcing the Rauch indictment in October 2019, federal prosecutors announced indictments against Dayton City Commissioner Joey Williams and city employee RoShawn Winburn alleging bribery involving the procurement of city contracts. All eventually pleaded guilty.

The search warrant applications also accuse then-Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin of accepting bribes and steering demolition contracts to Rauch. Feucht estimated Rauch gave McLin $100,000 a year, according to the FBI affidavit.

McLin was not charged with a crime. She declined to comment Tuesday on claims lodged within the search warrant affidavits, as did Rauch….

Whaley allegations
According to the FBI’s description of Feucht’s statements in interviews, recorded calls and meetings, Feucht attended a meeting in Rauch’s office in the summer of 2013. There, the agents wrote, Rauch handed Feucht an envelope that Feucht believed — given its weight, size, and previous experience with Rauch — contained cash. Rauch, they wrote, asked Feucht to give it to Blackshear.

Again in October 2013, just before Whaley won her first mayoral election, Rauch handed Feucht a similar white envelope and asked Feucht to give it to Blackshear, according to the FBI.

“Specifically, Rauch told [Feucht] he gave [Whaley] $50,000 in cash, and has ways to get the cash to Whaley that is not detectable,” the FBI wrote in the search warrant application.

“On another occasion, Rauch told [Feucht] he is using Blackshear as a ‘go between’ to Whaley.”

Additionally, Feucht claimed he witnessed Rauch, during a March 21, 2014 meeting with Blackshear at his office, reach into his front pocket and grab a roll of cash wrapped with a rubber band. He then removed an “unknown amount of cash” and gave it to Blackshear, per the FBI.

The affidavit attached to the warrant is comparatively light on detail regarding any supposed favors from Whaley in return for the alleged payments. Agents who wrote the affidavit cite two instances, without specific dates, where they say Rauch was having “issues” on a project and allegedly told Feucht that Rauch “gave Whaley money and she needs to take care of it.”

Additionally, the agents told the judge they needed to record a looming meeting between Rauch and Blackshear.

“The meeting is expected to include a payment from Rauch to Blackshear for Blackshear’s involvement in [Steve Rauch Inc.’s] City of Dayton contracts in furtherance of the above described violations of federal law,” the agents wrote.

Source: FBI suspected Dayton Mayor Whaley of bribery in 2014, court documents show – Ohio Capital Journal

Whaley can try to explain this all she wants, but the only real way to prove her innocence is to ask the Feds to release all tapes of her made by Williams and other FBI CI’s or agents.

The FBI and the DOJ still have some real explaining to do on why they allowed Williams to run for office after already cutting a plea deal and an agreement to resign- and him being allowed to dictate when this would all be made public.

They also need to explain on how they can’t seem to indict a single white person.

Read the full indictments here:
And the missing white people from the indictments for the Culture of Corruption

Did the Supreme Court just deputize you?

Texas Abortion Deputy- $10K will travelWith the decision of the Supreme Court to allow the Texas abortion ban to take place, a new precedent has been set, and while it’s being billed as novel, the same type of law has been in effect in Ohio for decades, just not concerning abortion:

Under the law, Texans can sue anyone who assists in the procurement of an abortion, from the doctor who performed the procedure to the taxi driver who delivered the patient to the clinic to the family member who gave her the cash to go. Successful plaintiffs are eligible for a $10,000 bounty, plus legal fees.

The law is a flagrant violation of Roe v. Wade. But because Texas has deputized private citizens to enforce the ban rather than rely on executive authority — a deliberate choice meant to prevent federal courts from blocking the law — the court has declined to act against the ban, citing the “complex and novel antecedent procedural questions” of the case. For Justice Sonia Sotomayor, this is nonsense. “The court,” she wrote in her dissent, “has rewarded the state’s effort to delay federal review of a plainly unconstitutional statute, enacted in disregard of the court’s precedents, through procedural entanglements of the state’s own creation.”

Source: Opinion | In the Dead of Night, the Supreme Court Proved It Has Too Much Power – The New York Times

All of a sudden, Texas has turned every citizen into a bounty hunter and set the reward high enough that you could make a living as a very creepy abortion activist. Just find one person about to have an abortion- and then sue all the people who enabled it- and voila- you could make $100,000 easy. The biggest flaw in all this is how do you prove that the woman was less than 6 weeks (42 days) pregnant. Last I checked, fetuses don’t have an odometer like a car telling you how many miles they have been driven. Was the woman 43 days? 44? 41? And then there is the question of the evidence of assistance. Can an Uber driver know they are aiding and abetting a crime serving as the getaway driver?

The brewing shitstorm over abortion in Texas is yet another example of the dangers of gerrymandering, of politics getting in the way of good government. It’s a classic magician’s trick: the “magic” happens somewhere else while the audience is distracted. “Conservative politicians” know they can always fall back on their trusty double barrel shotgun of abortion and gun rights to draw attention away from their other mischievous stupidity- where they claim to be in favor of small government, while breaking the one we have by selling off almost anything “socialist” to the highest bidder in the name of “capitalism.” In this case, putting law enforcement in the hands of Joe Six Pack who will probably be carrying an unlicensed gun on the way to “protect the life of the unborn” in ultimate, yet totally missed, hypocrisy.

Let’s be clear, if “socialism” was really evil, we wouldn’t have schools, police, fire, public water, public streets, public highways, a military, a system of courts, prisons, etc. All of those things are owned by all of us, for efficiency, and to create civilization instead of anarchy. We pay for it all the same way churches pay for their operations- a tithe, except it’s called a tax- and it’s been manipulated by the best politicians money can buy- to create a huge wealth gap. The problem is, most Americans are really bad at math and can’t fathom the difference between a million and a billion- or what kind of power a trillion dollar company has on the world’s economy. “With great power, comes great responsibility” was made popular by Peter Parker aka Spiderman, but, the reality is with enough money comes real dangers.

Let’s talk about our newly minted profession of Texas Abortion Rangers- where the State will reward you handsomely with a seemingly endless hoarde of cash for enforcing their new law. Do we establish tip lines to these new quasi-police forces? Do tipsters get a kickback? Will billboards appear for “Abortion Stoppers R Us”: call us to report a missed period, we’ll pay you 10% for a successful tip! Will the next step be requiring an app that tracks periods- and when you miss one, you must report for an exam to make sure you carry a future Texan to full term?

This whole “deputizing citizens ruse as novel law” has a precedent in Ohio, and it’s just as ineffective. The Ohio Sunshine Laws, which require public officials to do their business in public, has effectively deputized citizens to enforce it. The only difference is the cost to enforce it is higher than the rewards of a successful prosecution. It’s a law that has no public enforcement policy- i.e., when you see a violation, you can’t report it to anyone to enforce, and unless you are a lawyer, you won’t get paid for your time. The fines are low ($500 per offense- without any definition of what counts as an offense) and in the case of delaying of public records that may be used to prove that the politicians broke the law – the cap is $100 a day – for only 10 days (so delaying release of incriminating evidence for years can pay off as a legal defense strategy- I am in front of the 2nd District Court of Appeals arguing this on Oct 5, 2021 in my library case).

Compare this with a $10K payoff for each and everyone involved in a Texas abortion. Applying a $10K per person to a violation of the Sunshine laws- and when you catch the Dayton Public School Board doing what they did last Tuesday in a “Special Session” where they awarded a $15K preliminary consulting contract to Nan Whaley’s spouse, Sam Braun, in secret- and you’d be the proud recipient of $70K for reporting the seven board members: $10K ea for the Superintendent, the Treasurer, the board secretary, each DPS SROs in attendance, the person running the video feed, the audio engineer and maybe even the custodian who opened the room for the meeting (we’re still not sure which side of Ludlow Street we’re announcing a meeting at btw). Do the math- you could make $150K for enforcing the “Sunshine Law”- oh, happy day. (More on this story soon.)

Slight problem, school board members are capped at making $6K ea a year, no matter how many meetings they attend- and all that power and glitz from overseeing a $400 M operation would quickly fade. Of course, when you can give contracts to folks like the City Manager’s spouse, Gary Dickstein, who barely lasts a year, and you get to keep in the good graces of the “Monarchy of Montgomery County” all is well.

A famous advertising guy, Bill Bernbach, is quoted as “It’s not a principle until it costs you money” – and let’s be clear, in America, it’s getting to be, it’s not a law worth a damn unless someone can make a buck off enforcing it. That’s a really shitty way to run a country, and it makes a mockery out of all the high-falutin’ ideals that the founding fathers tried to bake into our infant nation.

Let’s be 100% clear, the new abortion law in Texas is as good a reason to jettison that entire state from the rest of the country. If laws like that are allowed to fester, they will infect the other 49 with more bad laws. I don’t need to quote Niemöller here, but it seems appropriate:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

If you are a 14 year old girl, who is still not totally comfortable with her period’s regularity, who didn’t receive good sex ed in the backassward Texas schools, who got pregnant, without really understanding that it happened, why should you now be the grand prize for some stranger to win the Texas Abortion Deputy jackpot?

We all know that the only reason this law passed the Supreme Court 5-4 was because President Obama was denied placing a justice while President Trump was given a red carpet. This isn’t law being practiced at it’s highest level- it’s politics being forced upon us.

There have always been fears of the power of the Supreme Court overreaching a democratic process and this may be the final straw. But until gerrymandering is fixed and politics isn’t an auction, we’re going to continue to confuse government’s responsibilities to all of us with a business based on winners and losers and a P&L statement to measure our democracy’s success.

Let’s be clear, asking citizens to enforce laws, when they don’t even understand what government could and should do, is sort of like asking insurance companies (or judges) to manage your health care. Oh, wait a moment…

If you enjoyed, or value this kind of free speech and mix of news and editorial, be aware that it has its risks. Esrati.com was recently threatened with a lawsuit over content concerning public corruption. Any donations to the legal defense fund are appreciated and can remain anonymous.


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