The plan for Wright State after the fall

The secret plan for Wright State after it goes belly up was accidentally leaked today, as our new Ohio Governor accidentally slipped the tea leaves into the Dayton Daily news:

DeWine’s administration is already looking at infrastructure readiness in cities surrounding Wright-Patterson. He said he’d like to see available buildings right off base so that contractors and other businesses can easily move into a building in close proximity to the military.

Source: Military affairs chief remains unpicked – Dayton Daily News

The University has already seen a 10% enrollment drop, and with the coming strike next Monday, just before the last day to withdraw from classes, WSU will see another 50% drop. Attempts to find quality college professors that will cross picket lines are about as futile as Mike Brown winning a Superbowl or Donald Trump telling the truth. Not only will Wright State be in another fiscal fiasco, DeWine has been just as complicit in allowing the current board who crashed the ship losing $130M continue on as the skippers. He was the Ohio AG through all this after all.

If DeWine doesn’t step in to remove the board and their proxie puppet, Dr. Cheryl Scrader by weeks end, you know that he’s just angling to make sure that his buddies in the Beavercreek Mafia get first dibs on turning Wright State into more of Pentagon Parkway.

The Nutter Center will become the new Greene County Convention Center, and Clark State will keep a building or two for offering all those “STEM” certificate programs that WSU Trustees General Moore and Douglas Fecher think are the keys to future jobs.

Wright State as a four year institution of higher learning will be dead. And the people who pulled the trigger won’t be held accountable at all.

The only person without any culpability who should remain on the Board is Bruce Langos. He may be the only one who understands that if you don’t have teachers and you are selling education- your business is kaput.

Of course, all the secret shell corporations, WSRI, WSARC, Double Bowler Properties, Wright State Foundation, WBI, ATIC, and SOCHE, will all remain in business, sucking off the last vestiges of what the state and the university faculty built. The Med School will be spun off separately, so that Premier and Kettering Health can keep their pipeline of cheap slave labor available.

Tom Hanks will be begged to invest in the film school to keep it open, decline, and the $150M raised in his name will finally be accounted for- as it turns out it went into the pockets of….

to be continued.

Sunshine laws smackdown case continued (that’s delayed for us non-lawyers)

Judges were assigned Jan 2, 2018. The panel was to be Judges Froelich, Welbaum, Tucker.

Apparently, in their reviews of the case so far, one of them determined a conflict and has recused themselves.

update: “Judge Jeffrey E. Froelich has recused himself from this appeal. The case will go back into the court’s scheduling process. When an argument is re-scheduled, you will receive a notice of the date and the panel.”

Probably for the same reason the original trial court judge, Dennis Langer, also recused himself since they both sit on the the Dayton Public Schools Foundation (see Froelich bio)

The oral arguments have been delayed until further notice.

The hearing was supposed to be tomorrow, Jan 15 at 10:30.


Merge school districts or die

Logo for Dayton Trotwood Madison Northridge Jefferson Public School DistrictDayton and Jefferson Township schools are on takeover watch and Trotwood just dodged a bullet. All are currently struggling to keep students and relevancy as vouchers and open enrollment at neighboring districts are going to continue to suck students (and the accompanying state funding) away.

Trotwood is adding open enrollment this year, which will suck kids out of Dayton. But, open enrollment won’t mean unlimited enrollment- meaning the phenom athletes trying to escape Dayton’s major screw-ups won’t be allowed in unless they have academics to go along with their athletic prowess.

Jefferson Twp schools shouldn’t be allowed to exist- with less students than a single DPS elementary school (not that Trotwood is that big, their 2800 or so students is about what was in my 3 year high school growing up).  If Ohio Lt. Governor John Husted was serious about government efficiency- he’d be the first to stop the insanity of 608 school districts for 88 counties, although ones like Oakwood would never allow a forced merger. The critical difference is that Oakwood is performing (which goes hand in hand with being poverty free) and Dayton, Trotwood and Jefferson are poverty ridden and failing.

By merging the three districts, the state clock on takeover should be reset. Put Trotwood Superintendent Tyrone Olverson in charge of the district, let Libbie Lolli run curriculum, and have Richard Gates of Jefferson take over remedial education. With the elimination of three treasurers, duplication of HR, Reporting, Athletic directors, operations managers, payroll systems, purchasing departments, etc- money will finally be found to fund programs like band that make kids interested in school- and transportation for all kids, to all buildings (something Trotwood does and Dayton fails at).

It also solves Trotwoods eviction from the GWOC as they would join the City League- and DPS would gain a swimming pool for a real swim team.

The new district would still probably have to mothball some schools, and some staff would have to find new positions within the blended organization or cut loose. Some pay scales would have to be adjusted since Trotwood pays teachers better than DPS and DPS pays administrators better than anyone.

In the end, it might not help fix the problems that come with poverty at all, but it most certainly will force more money to direct instruction and student welfare than anything else that’s been tried so far.

The only remaining question is should the Northridge Schools with it’s poor scores and measly 1340 students, also be included?


You’re invited! The Sunshine Laws Smackdown event. FREE! Tuesday Jan 15, 2019


Jan 14, 2019 the court informed me this has been delayed thanks to Judge Froelich discovering he had a conflict.

The Dayton Public Schools had a committee hold an illegal secret meeting to decide what schools to close. I filed a lawsuit to hold them accountable to the Sunshine laws. It got dismissed by Judge Richard Skelton on really stupid grounds: He said I failed to prove they deliberated in a meeting I wasn’t allowed to attend.

The violations were keeping me out of the meetings, refusing to allow me to video or audio record, threats to close meetings, failure to notify properly. The video above- pretty much explains it. The idea that I’m supposed to know what they did in a meeting I wasn’t allowed into is a “Catch 22” to say the least. If the court of appeals rules for the school board- they are gutting the Ohio Sunshine laws- which are already pretty weak. See ORC 121.22

If open meetings are important to you- come out and watch, and support me in my quest to protect our rights to keep our eyes and ears on those we elect.

Remember- when you elect someone, you effectively turn over your power to them to represent your interests. They work for us.

It’s already a travesty that the School Board has spent At least $35K defending themselves – to make sure their biggest critic was silenced and excluded.

When: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Where: 2nd District Court of Appeals, Dayton, 41 N. Perry Street Downtown Dayton 45402 Judges Froelich, Welbaum and Tucker.

Court guidelines: No knives (even tiny ones), no cameras, no recording devices, don’t use your cell phone.

Parking: best option- 5 hour meters on W. Fourth street E. of Perry- or park free along the Dayton Flyer bus route- take it downtown and and then walk from the Schuster stop.

The oral arguments are time limited. This will end by lunch. Most of the time, court is held in empty court rooms. Because this issue is so important, your attendance will send a message.

Thank you for your support!

The size of the pie. Winners and losers

Last nights post had some interesting offline feedback.

The most insightful came from a friend who used to work in the “economic development” field in the region- who left about 5 years ago. He’s now working in the Research Triangle (and not for LexisNexis) and says they don’t have the unbelievable asset of Wright Patt- but have totally eclipsed Dayton in leveraging their intellectual capital. And then- he said why (and I’m paraphrasing and tightening it up){

“Dayton has too many people who say they want growth, but don’t want to give up any power. They then become more interested in enriching themselves, and instead of growing the region, have actually caused negative growth.”

Dayton Pie Sharing 101Another explained it this way. Daytonians think of the wealth as a pie- and they are all trying to get a bigger slice- denying others so they can have more. Other communities try to figure out how to either grow the pie- or bake more.

Someone else who was on more committees and boards of directors than humanly possible said “Interesting piece that was long overdue. There was a period when I was in too many committees.”

Back in John Patterson’s day- the ruling local class were in government- no one had struck it big yet in Dayton. Patterson decided to try to take the power away from the elected officials and instead put it in the hands of professional management- and thus the city manager form of government was formed.

But- Patterson never envisioned 30 jurisdictions in the pie tin that is Montgomery County- in his day- there was one. Also- his version allowed the business elite to guide the professional manager in the backrooms- through what became known as “the All-American Committee” who actually used to pick the candidates. This was when Dayton was still a powerhouse city- with NCR, Mead, Standard Register, General Motors, Delco and all the spin-off support firms. Now everyone of them is gone- and *News Flash* LexisNexis won’t be much of anything in a few more years. They’ve transitioned all their hosting too the cloud- and even the servers that were here are being decommissioned. All that will remain is tele-sales and support. The creative brains will be in the Triangle.

So now, we’re left with the 28 or so banana republics each with their own little dictators. Each responsible for tiny islands, with lots of duplicative services. There are no more big “sugar daddies” to support them, so taxes keep rising, services keep declining and the region falls further behind competitively. But, it’s not just Dayton- I just read that Ohio is number 6 at losing population to other states. We’ve got a stupid system of subdivisions that’s destroying our competitiveness. We’re also very accepting of mediocrity in leadership.

The post last night- about the quasi-governmental non-profits that are filled with well-meaning folks who think that if we just drink enough of their flavor of kool-aide, we’ll somehow resurrect our grandeur of times past. Some think back to the Wright Brothers and want to erect a giant plane on a stick at the intersection of I70 and I75 just in time for self-driving vehicles to make paying attention to anything other than our phones when traveling. Others think that distribution is our secret sauce- with the 90 minute market idea- not realizing that Amazon already has distribution figured out. Another group thinks that everything good flows out of the base, another out of our educational institutions, another our cultural, and another our parks and bikeways… and “River Run” and the giant pisher, excuse me, fountain.

The reality is that each of these cake decorating organizations has decided that by paying their directors more than our elected leaders, we’re somehow going to “grow the region” or “Get Midwest” or some other ethereal nebulous definition of success.

When you realize that the head of the Downtown Dayton Partnership with her staff of a dozen- is making more than the City Manager of Kettering, the City Manager of Dayton, the County Administrator- who all have responsibilities exponentially greater, Dayton, we have a problem.

Or when you look at the “Superintendents” of Jefferson Township, Dayton and Trotwood- all failing School Districts- and realize that their sole goal in life is to retire and rehire (like Libbie Lolli) and then go to work for the basically unregulated Montgomery County Educational Service Center like Frank DiPalma and Rusty Clifford and Tom Lasley- and suck at the trough of oodles of tax dollars- when in fact we could have one countywide school district, with one really competent Superintendent, Treasurer, HR Person, Special Ed Specialist, ESL leader etc- and pay them less than any two of these other fools put together and have a lot of extra money to actually spend on teachers and education.

Or the Sheriff- and all the police chiefs of all these different banana republics. It’s as if hiring your own Andy Taylor for Mayberry R.F.D. is a point of pride in Ohio. The police commissioner of NYC has a force of 35,000 under him- and a much higher cost of living- and yet, we could take any three of these “chiefs” and combine their salaries and offer equivalent pay.

Let’s get to the winners and losers. The “winners” are the heads of all these quasi-public non-profit dodges of actual legitimate oversight by elected leadership and accountability for their actions. They make serious money- and contribute next to nothing- except to political campaigns and their own self-service.

Their best friends are “developers” – real estate folks, construction firms, architects, demolition companies, bankers. These folks keep building more shizzle while the population shrinks. Think Mills Morgan, Danis, Shook, Messer, Gunlock, Oberer, Miller Valentine and Steve Rauch.

Their second best friends are the AF Mafia- retired Bird Colonels and up. We find these retirees jobs left and right. You can run a non-profit (into the ground) or a public utility, or lead a task force, or be a university trustee. As long as you help bring defense contractors and contracts to the region, we’ll dote all over you.

And lastly, the political class. We take care of our politicians and make sure they always have a job. It’s how folks become lobbyists, and do the politicians jobs, or end up as employees of a non-profit real estate group buying up buildings for a university going bankrupt, or how money keeps flowing into a certain congressman’s coffers.

The losers are the rest of us.

Coming next- we’re going to start publishing ridiculous pay histories of some of the biggest frauds around.

It’s time to grow the pie and make more. It’s time to cut the crap and get our moneys worth.

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