DPS skullduggery alert

There seems to be some questioning of my report that Dr. Libby Lolli sent out an SRO to the schools with a letter to sign in support of her contract renewal. Not only is this really wrong, in that letters from principals might be valid if asked for by the school board- and should be written individually under the principal own volition- but, also- that’s not part of an Security Resources Officers job duties- and the idea of a paramilitary person showing up from your boss with a letter to sign- is sort of like sending the thought police. Note, SRO’s may also be coming to help escort you out of the building if Lolli was to fire you (a proper use of their position.)

To this- I had confirmation. What I need now- is if you work in the Elementary buildings- tell me which SRO came and what time on Tuesday- so I can properly PRR the video footage to prove this allegation. Also- if you are a signatory- and want to privately state that you would never have signed it- I’ll keep your name out of it- but will publish your positions. Please email me- not from a computer or phone using the DPS network- or your work email- your position, which school, and statement to [email protected] (note- don’t use your phone at work- unless you’ve shut wifi-off first.

Then there is this:

On Tuesday night, Dayton’s school board promoted academic coordinator Tonya Ray to interim chief. Ray previously led Bellbrook schools’ special education department.The changes the state recommends should have been made years ago, Lolli said.

Source: Special education violations abound in Dayton schools, state says

Did anyone check how Tonya Ray’s tenure at Bellbrook went? Word is, there were a bunch of people who thought her performance there was less than stellar. This wouldn’t be the first questionable hire from another district. Lolli has zero HR skills, and has massively failed, as has the board in the past to vet candidates before hire. The person she’s filling in for- Dr. Angela Nichols- had similar skeletons in her closet. The board received warnings from Bellbrook parents – and ignored them as well. The turnover in administration under Lolli has been nothing short of epic. If you are a sports fan- the closest analogy I can think of is the trainwreck of the NY Knicks, who despite bringing in some incredible talent- can’t manage to ever put together a winning record of late.

And, for the record, this was the earliest the DPS board has renewed a superintendent in a long time. Usually, you wait until March to renew, since the contracts flip in June. And isn’t it nice that Nan Whaley piped in with her support- didn’t she used to say she wasn’t involved in the running of the School Board (until she backed the 4 candidates- and made sure the City Managers hubby had a job there).

To all of you DPS staffers who have stuck through this double calamity of Lolli and Covid- thank you. When you say you are doing it for the kids- you actually mean it. I respect the risks you take and your commitment to your profession immensely.

I am reposting what Mario Gallin wrote about this. I assure you- I will prove without a doubt with the video evidence if I get responses- that the SRO circulated letter happened:

I left the Board meeting after all the comments on the contract extension to watch the news. I left that mess to hear that 10 National Guard soldiers who were assigned to protect the next President during the inauguration were removed because a deeper FBI check found they had ties to extremist right wing organizations. Just like the ones who tried to take over our government two weeks ago. Our problems are not just local.
In a previous post, I called on the Board to cite the reasons that they felt warranted an extension of the Superintendent’s contract. I think it is time to be specific and data driven. I wanted them to cite their advisors. Who, besides themselves, thinks this is going well?
So here is what they came up with – the Mayor of Dayton, a coach, a Security Resource Officer, and the labor union leadership for the region. Their comments were lovely, but mostly centered on her willingness to talk with them, which I understand is a refreshing change of pace.
Actual DPS union leadership, with the exception of the Dayton Education Association was, was absent. The DEA president’s comments were at minimum non-committal. The examples he put forward of recent events would not lead anyone to think his membership was supportive.
There was a big kerfuffle yesterday regarding a letter of support by DPS principals. Mr. Ertsgaard, principal of Ruskin Elementary, presented the letter as their representative. He clarified that it was an initiative by the elementary principals, not anything that was solicited by Dr. Lolli. I was relieved that the rumors were not true. I do think it speaks to the climate in the District that so many people thought this was a possibility. Still uncomfortable with the notion, not disavowed, that an SRO went from school to school to collect signatures.
According to his opening remarks, and I paraphrase, elementary school principals are a close knit group in constant, if not daily, communication with each other. The letter which he read into the record was a solid endorsement of the Superintendent to date and a request for her continued leadership. Among other things, they admire her knowledge of curriculum and implementation. They feel that they have been given the tools they need to move the district forward. They made the case that the groundwork for academic success has been laid and just needs time to fully develop to maturity. They are pleased with how she has aligned curriculum direction, professional development, educational resources and the cultivation of community partnerships. You can hear the full testimony at the 1 hour 56 minute mark of the video.
It was signed by 15 of the 16 elementary principals. I am not 100% sure that all the signatories did so with a happy heart, but until I hear specifically otherwise I will take this at face value.
The contract extension was approved unanimously. There is a moment between when the motion is made and seconded and the vote, when discussion is possible. Honestly, I would have felt better if there were an infusion of positive comments, a litany of accomplishments, an acknowledgement of better days to come, but there was none of this. The only person to comment was Will Smith who basically said this year was rough, other years have been rough and there is still a lot more work to do.
Dr. Lolli did speak at the end of the meeting and it was there that she went over the things she has done since she arrived at DPS. You can watch it on the YouTube video at 2 hours 26 minutes in.
There are many who disagree with this contract extension. It is the last in a long line of decisions that have been opposed by various people. But, like the election results, it is a done deal. Time to move forward. The way to effect change at this point is to change the elected leadership. Be the change you want to see. Potential school board candidates need to file their petitions to run by August 4, just over 6 months from now.

The day before our country gets rid of one lunatic sociopath in charge, our DPS board, retains their own. At least our country can sleep easier.

Lolli to continue her reign of terror

It’s fitting- on the day before we dispose of the worst president ever, the Dayton Public School Board of Education- is about to reward the worst superintendent ever with a raise and a new contract.

I swore off covering this trainwreck after I saw a staffer make a presentation with “your perfect title slide” and greek text- and no one chose to stop her, or question her. That was on the contract for half a million dollars with the University of Virginia– one that went off the tracks fast- costing the district hundreds of thousands with nothing to show for it.


Just after posting- I got informed that Dr. Lolli has sent out a letter for principals to sign saying they not only endorse her, but also endorse Wyetta Hayden, for a 2 year contract instead of a single year. It’s being taken around the buildings by a Security Resource Officer. We all know that failure to sign will result in your career being upended. This is highly irregular- and probably illegal.

So to fill you in- I’m going to quote others- and suggest at the end two options that would be an incredible change from the current leadership.

But first- the state evaluates the districts performance. It’s not pretty.


Make sure you read pages 21-25

Here is what former school board member, Mario Gallin, wrote– (note, Mario tries her hardest to be positive and diplomatic)

I don’t know why I expected things to be different, but apparently I did and so finished up the first school board meeting with a sense of disappointment.
The selection of officers was interesting. Mohammed al Hamdani is back as president. Jocelyn Spenser Rhynard, after serving 2 terms as Vice President is now Parliamentarian, an honorary position. Will Smith is Vice President. Better minds than mine can probably make sense of this.
What I particularly enjoyed (not really) was hearing the newly sworn President, now in his second term, lauded by Gabriella Pickett for his leadership as she nominated him, read out the resolutions for approval – meeting dates, memberships, Certificate of Enrollment, etc. including the Resolution on Public Education Week.
All of this was approved unanimously without comment.
The Certificate of Enrollment on Board Docs was updated right before the meeting – and was also uploaded in the Establishment of the Service Fund item. So, no, you did not approve a Service Fund. Which is fine by me, but don’t go spending money you don’t have.
The one that frosts me most is the Public Education Week Resolution. Which does not exist.
If you go to Board Docs, there is a summary agenda on the left. Click on one of those numbered items and a fuller description appears on the right. That is also where the vote is recorded. Item H, which was never on the left panel, is a holdover from 2019, two years ago, when it actually was a resolution (I checked). But nobody even asked!!!
My frustration, which right this minute is palpable, is that we are supposed to take all your decision making as the best possible outcomes on issues that are crucial to the District, students, families, and the larger community, and you don’t even know what the GOD BLESS AMERICA you are approving. How in the hell are we to believe that you have done any research, thoughtful discussion, any reasonable anything, when you can’t even verify what you are voting on.
Moving on.
The Nutrition Services Consolidated Report apparently is just there because the law requires it be on an agenda so they can say the Board saw it. At least they saw the title.
The presentation on the Graduation Seals was pretty interesting. You can watch it on DPS TV Dayton Board of Education – Review Session – January 12, 2021 – Part 1, 17 minutes 40 seconds in. It is up for approval tomorrow. The PowerPoint presentation is on tomorrow’s agenda as well as the actual documents for each seal under Superintendent’s Recommendations.
There was a mention of the two persons who have and who will fill in for the Director of OEC, but no mention of the employment status of Dr. Nichols. Her name does not appear on the agenda as of this writing. There will be a Report on the Office of Exceptional Children tomorrow.
39 teachers are taking classes under the DEA Teacher Tuition Reimbursement program. 7 have applied for reimbursement. Good to know teachers are taking advantage of this.
Nutrition Services has new equipment and according to several comments have been leaders in this pandemic for meal distribution. I found this on the DPS Facebook page. It’s pretty cool. https://www.facebook.com/daytonpublicschools/videos/…
The agenda for tomorrow is posted. In addition to some items I have referred to above, there will be a presentation by Ms. Goins on the Equity Initiative.
There are some additions to the HR Recommendations including a new Males of Color Coach. I have known his father for many years and there are few who are stronger advocates for kids. I have the utmost respect and have always been in awe of his abilities. I’ll bet the apple does not fall far from the tree and DPS will be the better for having him on board.
Meeting begins at 5:30. At this meeting comments from the public are permitted. Do not click on the link on the agenda, it is the wrong form. Go here instead. Comments are due by 5. https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSeu9gDRhFJ6ru…/viewform
The rumors are confirmed. Dr. Lolli’s contract is on Tuesday’s agenda for approval. A two-year renewal with a base salary of $205,000 for the first year. The second year to be negotiated. A $35,000 dollar annuity, a $100,000 life insurance policy, the cash value of which stays with Dr. Lolli when she leaves the District, any and all State retirement contributions, not just the customary employer portion, but her personal contribution as well (this is actually pretty common), insurance, professional membership dues, up to $5,000 a year for costs associated with participating in professional growth opportunities, mileage, and up to$1200 per month in expenses related to work. So, rough numbers probably closer to $300,000. I have not gone back to look at the previous contract, so I do not know what, if anything, is different.
We are in a pandemic and there may be a feeling that it is not a good time to look for new leadership. In that case, why not go for a one-year contract? I, others in the community, and I believe even some board members are less than enamored with the leadership and direction over the past few years. Teacher morale seems to be at an all time low. Human Resources and OEC are revolving doors for staff. There was an unflattering ODE report on the Office of Exceptional Children issued last fall. ESL has not had a director for 2 of the last 3 years. The person in year 2 left after a year. For two of those years the department was led, in addition to her regular duties, by the Chief, Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development. Who has retired. A new rollout for the ESL Department has been promised soon.
The biggest contract fail was the University of Virginia 3-year contract that was terminated after year 2. The person hired by Dr. Lolli to implement the program had a title change, then some time later left. Hundreds of thousands of dollars not to mention the hours of planning time from building administrators and teachers down the drain.
I’m not stuck in history. I refer you to the massive layoff in the fall right before instruction was supposed to begin. A horrible decision supported by the majority of the Board. The on again, off again plans for instruction. The recent teacher satisfaction survey which shows that teachers in the high 90 percentile are not happy. And by not happy I mean they don’t feel they are considered valued employees worth including in planning instruction for their students. The Transportation Department is another hotbed of discontent in large part because of the attitude of the administration.
My interactions with Dr. Lolli have always been cordial. This is in no way personal. But I think the facts speak for themselves. The Board collectively has not put forward anything that I can think of that warrants this contract extension. They are effusive in the meetings, talking about how they appreciate all she has done but I think it is time to be specific and data driven – to use a current buzz phrase. I would also like them to site their advisors. Who, besides themselves, thinks this is going well? I hear often from those who do not. It would be nice to have a balanced discussion.
April Turner posts this on behalf of the Concerned Citizens for Dayton Public Schools: (I can’t add a link).
To the citizens and parents of Dayton, Ohio and its elected officials, faculty, staff, students, and friends of the Dayton City School district:
The Concerned Citizens of Dayton Public Schools was organized for the sole purpose of collaborating with the leadership of the Dayton City School board. Throughout these last 3 years our concerns as a community, shareholders, taxpayers, and voting constituents have been unheard and disregarded. Under the leadership of Elizabeth Lolli, we have seen unprecedented turnovers relating to staff. This superintendent recommended laying off teachers in the midst of a global pandemic, halted both in person and remote learning for the entire school district for more than 6 weeks, and has failed to maintain consistent leadership within the department tasked to service our most marginalized students, our students with disabilities.
The audiology department was abolished even after countless pleas including data that supported the benefit of their service and the students they support. The former company charged with staffing reserve teachers was not renewed even after providing data that showed they not only upheld their agreement, but exceeded it. The 3-year contract with the University of Virginia was terminated after year 2 costing the district hundreds of thousands of dollars. Morale and job satisfaction are at the lowest it has ever been seen even prior to the “almost strike” of 2016, and that is across the board. Teachers, bus drivers, custodians, paraprofessionals, clerical, and everyone who is actually IN the buildings with our children are unhappy, miserable, and afraid.
Finally, the school board presents a 2 year contract extension with a base salary going from $175,000 per year to $205,000??? That is insanity, and for a current sitting board member to state that if year one is unsatisfactory then we can just buy her contract out on year 2?? There are countless horror stories about employees being terminated or forced to resign under her leadership and it needs to stop. Although we are in the midst of a pandemic, we need to cut ties NOW, there are more than enough competent CREDENTIALED employees right here within Dayton City Schools that actually care about our community and not a paycheck. If this school board elects to renew this contract during their last year in office, we will make certain the entire electorate who you are supposed to represent our comnunity will never be elected to another public office again.
This board has no interest in considering other options. They didn’t interview anyone else when they promoted Lolli, who was hired by the previous superintendent, who was hired in a very flawed process. The best candidates who applied- weren’t even among the final three. I don’t need to reiterate how much of a trainwreck the former superintendent was. That she hired Lolli should have been the first clue that she was operating above her level of competence.
The quote that comes to mind to describe all this- is attributed to Steve Jobs “A people hire A people, B people hire C people.” He doesn’t say what happens when D people are in charge- because outside of DPS they never last very long.
The two obvious choices to interview for replacing Lolli asap are Dr. Marvin Jones and soon to be Dr. – David Lawrence. Both are DPS grads, know the area and the people well- and are imminently more qualified to run DPS. Two other options- the recently departed Dr. Donetrus Hill who was in charge at Belmont, or even Tyrone Olverson who didn’t last at Trotwood- but, had more skills in his pinky than Lolli has in her whole cabinet.
I urge any and all of you who have a connection to the members of School board- to reach out and beg them to at least delay the vote tonight- and consider some other options before furthering the career of a woman who runs the district with fear and loyalty oaths- straight into the ground.
Here is the contract for a failure.

It’s time to turn down the political volume

American exceptionalism illustration on an American FlagRhine McLin used to say, “I’m an elected representative, not a politician,” even though her life revolved around politics from the day her Dad died and she ascended to his statehouse seat as if she was royalty.

Even though she didn’t live up to her claim, the idea was correct: once elected, you represent all the people in your jurisdiction, not just the ones in your party, not just the ones that look like you, not just the ones who gave you money so you could win that seat. Getting elected is supposed to be an honor. Most Americans seem to think voting is some sort of supreme power, but in fact, when you vote, you are awarding your power to someone else, and hoping like hell they take that power and use it for good to benefit us all.

A British lord famously wrote, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men…” and he sided with the confederacy with his preference for States’ rights over the larger, centralized Federal government’s power, which – based on historical precedent – he believed would eventually turn tyrannical.

The reality is, for many, politics is not central to their well being. Less than half the people eligible to vote in this country do, and those that do often vote against their own best interests. Civics isn’t one of the things we worry about in American education, and neither is “home economics” (a really bad way of describing basic life skills you’ll use every day for the rest of your life). So many Americans “graduate” from high school still not knowing how to balance a checkbook, how to calculate and understand interest rates, or how to budget for a household. They also don’t know how to make sure their voices are heard by those they give their power up to in elections. Because if they did, they’d never settle for the way they are treated when trying to speak at local public meetings or asking for public records.

Most never question the amount of taxes that come out of their paychecks, are told they owe on their annual tax forms, or why their health insurance costs so much. Most who get a “bill” from their local city for an ambulance ride prompted by a 911 call actually acquiesce to paying it even though it was already paid through their taxes. When they argue about “conservative values” or “democratic largess” they do it without really understanding the size and scope of these mischaracterizations of the two major “party” platforms. Somehow, the fact that more people are disenfranchised from picking candidates in Ohio in the partisan primaries than there are people aligned with the two major parties who control ballot access is overlooked. Independent voters be damned. So much for independent thought in the land that claims to celebrate “independence day.”

And just as our public education system has failed to teach us useful life skills, we’ve also failed to explain how this whole government thing is supposed to work. You know that’s true when you always hear “if you ran government like a business” it would somehow be better. That was the thinking that helped some folks to vote for a “businessman” to be president. The reality is government is not a business; despite being the largest purchaser of goods and services in this country, it’s really more of a framework for economic functionality. The idea is to be able to engage in trade, live in safety, have a quality of life and be able to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

The only thing is, it’s broken. Badly. Mostly because we’ve allowed amateurs to gain power and that power has corrupted them, absolutely. You can tell because of the wealth gap. You can tell because of the health gap, You can tell because the minimum wage isn’t enough to live minimally. That as a percentage of income, poor people are being totally burdened with taxes while the wealthy consider it a game they pay to play.

Even the people who are supposed to be wise to politics – the ones who help choose our leaders – are as clueless as the masses can be.

I had the pleasure to see two of them who I consider friends (despite having diametrically different political positions than me) make arguments both for and against the soon to be gone president in this morning’s paper.

Ashley Webb is a fellow veteran, who graduated from West Point, served his country, has been elected to the Kettering Council, has run for County Commission and serves on the Republican Party Central Committee. He’s a businessman, a father, and was – at one time – aligned closely with the other writer, Rob Scott, who has also served on the Kettering Council, and was for a short period of time, the head of the local Republican party. Rob’s a lawyer, and started the local “Tea Party” movement when he was still in college. For the last 5 years, he’s been well rewarded for his part in getting the president elected: first as his Ohio campaign manager and then with an appointment to the regional SBA.

Webb has been betrayed by his party: “we have firmly believed from the beginning that Donald Trump is a selfish bully that does not share our values.” He wants to return to what he believes are the conservative values that his party used to profess.

Scott on the other hand, lists what he considers successes by Trump, up to and including this tone-deaf paragraph:

“Wall Street and retail investors have benefited from major market rallies. The COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic shutdown measures across the country made key indices take a big hit, but even through that, markets bounced back to pre-pandemic levels.”

When staggering death tolls of Americans are ignored while pointing out the success of the stock market through a global pandemic one has to wonder what “conservative compassion” means. Scott totally misses where Trump and almost all of the world’s political leaders got an “F” for managing the pandemic. The exception is New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern who was elected to run her country in 2017 at the astonishingly youthful age of 37. That made her the world’s youngest female head of government. Maybe experience is overrated? Maybe not.

The reality is, we’re approaching almost half-a-million dead, and the final tally economically won’t be known for years.

What is known, is that we’ve done a horrible job of protecting the poor, the weak, the minorities. And this is why the political rhetoric needs to be set aside and we need to have a come-to-Jesus minute about what kind of government we want, need, and expect. Not who is in charge, but what their key performance indicators should be – if we’re going to use that government as a business analogy.

The United States has been at war for almost 19 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. And while we’ve killed a lot of them, (estimates suggest between 480,000 and 507,000, including non-combatants) and spent trillions, our death toll is under 8,000 from our presence there. To put that in perspective, almost that many Americans die every two days right now, and we will reach 500,000 Americans dead in less than a year.

We’re still spending $721.5 billion to “defend Americans” with our military in 2020, while we couldn’t protect our capitol from Trump supporters who are as detached from reality as their President. We also can’t seem to protect Americans from hunger, with 1 in 5 living with food insecurity. We can’t protect them from homelessness. We can’t even make sure our child mortality rate is the lowest of industrialized countries, while we argue about abortion. Our own life expectancy sucks as well, due to lack of national health care and an abundance of guns.

So, while we’re all busy talking about Red State/Blue State, Capitalism/Socialism, maybe it’s time to stop, step back, and ask what these overpriced charlatans are really doing for us. Just think of the $830M that was spent on just the Georgia Senate run-off  and realize that’s money that could have been spent on feeding the hungry instead of TV ads and billboards. Or the $14B that was spent to elect the idiots in 2020 – you know: the election that was “stolen”? Really?

Let’s just take that $14B and divide it up between the 331M people and give them all $42.29 each. Or better yet, take the $721.5B we spend on defense and share it evenly, and give everyone $2179.75 each. These are examples of trying to make sense out of politics to the common man. If you look at how long it takes the minimum wage worker to pay for our national defense bill each year, realize it’s 300 hours of work – that’s seven and a half weeks. Working at minimum wage, it would take nearly 20% of your annual earnings to pay for your portion of national defense. That’s socialism by the way: all sharing in the expense of having a mighty military. Same goes for having police, fire, roads, water systems, sewer systems and sycophants in office making a lot of noise about things that really aren’t that important.

As a last ditch measure of spite, Trump is trying to term limit public health officials. Many believe we need term limits on politicians too, but the reality is we need a grading system for their success. Did the standard of living improve, did infant mortality rates decrease, did the income gap close, did fewer people die from violence, were there less crimes, less disease, more high school graduates?

Maybe if we stopped worrying about politics and actually cared about outcomes, politics would actually make a bigger difference to more people, and more of us would feel like the power we give up at the ballot box was actually given up for good.


The invasion of the Capitol

Had another countries soldiers marched up the steps of the Capitol, forced their way through police lines, broken windows and entered the Capitol, you can bet that: The National Guard would have been there, and both they and the Capitol Police would have been shooting them dead as fast as possible.

But, that’s an act of war you say? What we had was a group of Americans protesting – and invading the Capitol. Had they been black, they would have been shot or at least arrested and zip tied en masse. But, they were white, and Trump supporters. A president who has already been impeached once, who has chosen to ignore the outcomes of the popular vote, contest the Electoral College and follow the the established decorum of conceding his loss, and even after every single court case failed- including ones held in front of judges he appointed, he egged them on and as much as ordered his troops into battle.

First hint to “revolutionaries”- if your leader isn’t in the front of your march, leading by example, time to consider a new leader.

There are 5 people dead. A minuscule number compared to the 360,000 who have died from the Coronavirus, where Trump did nothing resembling what a leader would do to address a contagion-driven pandemic. But, apparently death tolls don’t matter as long as the stock market and your 401K are fine-  That’s the new standard.

The problem we’re facing right now is where do we go from here?

While some are whining about the banning of Trump from Facebook and Twitter as attacks on free speech, the real worry should be what our nuclear enemies are thinking when the Speaker of the House is concerned enough to call the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and ask if they’ve secured our launch codes so Trump doesn’t decide to take the planet out with a bang. Why not? He’s managed to break every other rule, norm, standard of decorum in his last 4 years- what makes you think he wouldn’t do something that stupid in his last days as il Presidente?

The Vice President refused to pick up a call from the speaker of the house? What was he doing that was more important? Considering a soldier can be shot for abandoning his post when pulling guard duty, isn’t it the Vice Presidents duty to serve when the president may be incapacitated or flat out nuts?

These are not the behaviors of people who should be entrusted with leading our country. Trump clearly crossed the line when first urging protestors to march on the Capitol, and his delay in “calling off the dogs” resulted in an invasion of our Capitol. Remember when you were a kid playing capture the flag? Well, taking the Capitol is sort of the same thing. Considering sensitive materials may have been stolen, the business of government was halted, and people died- this is not something to joke about. The real question is why were not more of the insurrectionists shot or arrested on the spot? The people in charge of security- should all be facing charges and in jail now. Not later. Not in their homes, after resigning from their long careers as government employees. And, telling the protesters “We love you” is sending a message to do it again. Nope, we don’t love you. And if we don’t respond with force- we’re just asking for a repeat. This time, with real bloodshed.

The Cabinet and Vice President, who don’t seem to even understand the dangerous situation we are now in, are also unfit for office. Unless they want this to keep happening, the moves should be strong, immediate and clear- the same elections that chose Joe Biden to be President, were the elections that put you in power. If you side with Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan who believe the elections weren’t legit, or the rest that believed there was some kind of “steal”- the proper thing to do is to resign and then march on Washington. You cannot serve both masters. The Constitution, which you swore an oath to protect actually says you can’t.

14th Amendment Section 3.

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

Source: 14th Amendment | U.S. Constitution | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

In other words, if you want to incite the storming of the Capitol, you aren’t allowed to have a key to the Capitol.

When the criminal president can still pardon folks (including all his friends plus some war criminals) hand out Medals of Freedom, make executive orders after one of your guards has given his life to protect your hallowed halls, we have a problem. He didn’t even order the flag to be lowered to half-staff across the country in respect for the dead Capitol guard.

And while we love to look for precedent- and tie ourselves up in knots over procedure- the common sense thing to do is overrule all the dissenters- and move to install Biden and Harris early. No interim needed. Our country’s survival is more important. These are unprecedented actions by a sitting president, cabinet, Vice President, Senate Majority Leader- and none have shown they have the gumption to follow the law.

That seven representatives requested Biden to stop the impeachment  actions “in the spirit of healing” shows a total lack of connection to reality.

In the spirit of healing and fidelity to our Constitution, we ask that you formally request that Speaker Nancy Pelosi discontinue her efforts to impeach President Donald J. Trump a second time. A second impeachment, only days before President Trump will leave office, is as unnecessary as it is inflammatory. This impeachment would undermine your priority of unifying Americans, and would be a further distraction to our nation at a time when millions of our fellow citizens are hurting because of the pandemic and the economic fallout. We respectfully urge you to encourage Speaker Pelosi to set aside this partisan effort immediately.

01.09.21 Letter to President-elect Joe Biden re Trump Impeachment

We don’t need to wait for the next wave of insurrectionists- we need to cut them off at the pass because the next time, they’ll probably bring lots of guns and even more desperation.

Right here in Dayton, barricades are going up around the Federal building- for the same reason.

Trump should still be impeached- and denied any of the trappings of an ex-president, including pension, security. medical care, budget for travel– and tried for treason. Pence, the same. Failure to carry out the duties of his office at time of crisis has nullified his service.

Everything in Trump’s last four years has been building up to starting a second American Civil War. But, while the first one was nominally about states rights and the economics of slavery, this one is about the legitimacy of our democracy.

Democracy only works when there is trust in the system, trust in those elected, trust in the judiciary, and trust in the fourth estate to keep checks and balances in place. Trump has been working to undermine all of our institutions- in his name- not in the name of freedom, democracy or the American Way.

How much damage he and his disciples can do in the last 10 days is in the hands of those we’ve entrusted to support the Constitution. They have no choice but to impeach, to try, to arrest if need be, the leader of the insurrection and his minions- including those 147 members of Congress who were duly elected- but chose to oppose those results.

Pray for our country, our democracy and those who will be asked to defend the Capitol when the next wave comes.


Nan Whaley can’t run for anything because…

The Dayton Daily News actually has Esrati.com scooped- only because Whaley handed it to them on a platter, but the reasoning behind this announcement is the real news:

Democrat Nan Whaley said she will not run for re-election to a third term as Dayton mayor this year, which raises the possibility that she’ll seek statewide office or run for Congress.

“It’s been a great eight years and I feel like we’ve accomplished a lot, but it’s time for someone else to take my place,” said Whaley in an exclusive interview with the Dayton Daily News.

She declined to say what her next move will be.

Source: Democrat Nan Whaley won’t run for re-election as Dayton mayor

No, she’s not running against Portman, or DeWine, or Turner, she’s announcing now so the Monarchy of Montgomery County can make sure they don’t lose their iron grip on the City Commission- and the labor vote that it controls.

She’s not going to get a job in the Biden administration either. This is what happens when you have worn out your usefulness to the FBI as a confidential informant, struck a plea deal with the FBI and are just waiting for the indictment. The Feds didn’t stop Joey Williams from running and winning, but, once he’d signed his plea deal, and began working as a confidential informant, he eventually had to resign from office- lying about how his new bank job was too demanding. His deal allowed the charges to be delayed long enough so his youngest kid could finish at Stivers.

The other truth is people don’t win 3rd terms as Mayor- Mike Turner didn’t, Rhine McLin didn’t and Whaley wouldn’t have.

Reality, the Dems have to find someone that can beat Gary Leitzell for Mayor, and their best chances are either Matt Joseph running from a “protected seat”- in that he would only give up his commission seat if he wins, or Jeff Mims Jr. running- leaving an open seat which is the more likely scenario.

Wildcards for Mayor: two school board members have outsize egos, only one is a potential winner over Leitzell. Mohamed Al-Hamdani thinks he’s a player, but, his highest aspiration should be Mim’s empty seat, which he would lose- and then he’d also be off the school board if somehow he makes it past the primary. If he runs for Mayor he’s losing both seats. Jocelyn Rhynard could run for either Mim’s seat or for Mayor- and would have decent odds, unless the schools further implode (she votes to continue Lolli’s contract would be her last vote).

Prospective Candidates for Dayton City Commission and Mayor 2021 (last updated 11 Jan 2021)

Right now the Dayton field of candidates that I know about consists of:

  • Mayor- Gary Leitzell, petitions turned in 12/3/2020- why they aren’t certified yet is criminal.
  • City Commission- Jordan Wortham petitions turned in 12/3/2020- not yet certified as well.

Others: (and again- until you’ve turned in 500 approved signatures and properly filled out petitions- you are just a poser).

  • Jeff Mims Jr. Has picked up petitions “for commission” – as of 10/15/2020 he has not turned them in yet.
  • Jeffrey J Mims Jr picked up petitions 1-6-21 for Mayor.
  • Keiana Davis 355 St Clair St picked up petitions 1-7-2021
  • Nan picked hers up 10/20/2020- but is now withdrawing. Note- you don’t need to pick them up to run- Leitzell didn’t pick them up- but, he turned them in.
  • Shenise Turner Sloss is making her third run.
  • Jared Grandy is making his first run. He resigned from his job of “community-police relations” with the city in early June.
  • Valerie Duncan is running again- making this her third time.
  • Darryl Fairchild is the incumbent. He could be a wild card in the Mayors race, but more than likely will run for City Commission again. If he opts to run for Mayor in a 3 way race with Mims and Leitzell, things could get ugly. There is also the option that he may do a Mary Wiseman and stop after one term, having seen the ugly underbelly of the Commission and city of Dayton politics and he just rides off into the sunset.
  • Tony Schultz has a website up, www.tonyfordayton.com and claims to be running for Mayor. Leitzell might even be helping him get on the ballot- but, left to his own devices it’s unlikely that he will turn in valid petitions. With Nan out- he’s just a sideshow.
  • Mohamed Al-Hamdani – his ego knows no bounds. However, the former mutual admiration society affair between him and Nan is rumored to have ended.
  • Jocelyn Rhynard- always holds her cards close to her chest- and sends out mixed messages. Hard to say what her next move will be.
  • Scott Sliver is running again after taking two cycles and a special election off. He came close in his first run in 2015.
  • Donald Domenick has also pulled petitions for commission 1-8-20121. He’s never managed to properly fill them out and turn them in. Of all the “community leaders” I’ve met- he’s the most like Trump- a total reality distortion field is in effect every time he speaks.

Petitions are due on Feb 3, Mar 5 2021 – notarized, and signed by the candidate, by that date. The primary, if more than 2 run for Mayor and more than 4 run for the two open commission seats (Mims and Fairchild) is May 4, 2021.

My goal was to switch to a ranked choice vote for these races, eliminating the separate race for Mayor and the primary altogether, but it won’t be able to be in effect until 2023 at the earliest. Getting 500 signatures during Covid makes this an even more difficult primary deadline than most.

The real question is if and when the Federal Bureau of Incompetence will choose to drop the other shoe in the “culture of corruption” investigation. Long overdue, the reality is, Williams was one vote of three that are needed to enter into a contract. He didn’t even really take that much money in the grand scheme of a Mat Heck Million dollar bonus system. I believe Williams is banned from running for office for at least 5 years (I’d have to look it up- and don’t have time now) or he’d probably win as Mayor- sad to say- or would easily win his seat back.

If the FBI actually starts handing out indictments again- the bigger question is do they go past the City and hit the County Monarchy as well? If so, Debbie Lieberman, Judy Dodge, Mat Heck, Karl Keith and Russ Joseph could all find themselves out of work along with Nan, Mims, City Manager Shelly Dickstein, some folks at Citywide Development, the Downtown Dayton Partnership and even the Dayton Development Coalition. But, that would assume the FBI could actually do their jobs.

As an aside: Thank you citizens of Georgia for choosing the two democratic senators. It is still my belief that any member of Congress who tries to vote against accepting the Electoral College vote today, should be removed from office and tried for treason. The penalty for treason is death by firing squad. Of course, we never prosecute rich white folks- so I doubt it will happen. You need to be poor, black, unarmed to be judged, declared guilty in seconds before being shot in this country- everyone else, takes 20 years minimum.


11:05am 6 Jan 2021 Less than 20 minutes after this was published- word came to me that Mims picked up petitions to run for Mayor.



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