Campaign finance reports due tomorrow

In the new American political handycapping system of fundraising, tomorrow is scorecard day.

On my campaign finance reports, you won’t see any unions, any political lobbyists, any Washington types, or political party donations. I’m not on any “List” of donors, and the biggest donation is $500. You will see some folks from out of town. People who’ve known me a long time- still think I’m worth a few bucks to be a voice in office. Those of you in advertising will recognize the creative director of the decade from 2000-2010 sending in a c-note. The rest of you- will have no clue.

I’ll be posting all the candidates reports. What may shock you is that two of my opponents have paid money to The Next Wave, my ad agency for help with design, websites, printing, photography, video. Yes, I’m helping people who could beat me. Yes, they are paying someone who may beat them. It’s always been said that “Politics makes strange bedfellows” – but it also goes to show that some people value my creative skills and value proposition of my firm.

It will be interesting to see if the Dayton Daily news mentions this.

What is also interesting is that no one has set up a candidates night or forum for this primary and we’re just 2 weeks out. If I don’t hear from someone soon- I may just organize one myself.

In the meantime- there is still the Dayton Daily news voters guide –

And the Dayton League of Women’s Voters asked questions, but hasn’t posted them yet. Their site contains a factual error:

7 May Primary/Special Election

Dayton City Commission Primary

Candidates will be chosen for 2 seats on the Dayton City Commission.

Source: LWVGDA – Election Information

It should read, 4 candidates will be chosen in a runoff for the 2 seats on the Dayton City Commission race on November 2, 2019.

If you are interested in moderating or hosting a forum, let me know. I will help make sure it is video recorded or live streamed as needed. I also have a PA system.

And, in case you haven’t seen my latest video:

If you’d like to volunteer if you’d like to donate


Platforms and prison (jail)

For regular readers of this site, I’m sorry I’ve not been posting. Between writing a few legal filings for the 2nd district court of appeals case (about the illegal school closing task force meetings) and getting campaign things rolling, there hasn’t been time.

The trolls on Facebook have come out to bash me on my position on the Montgomery County Jail and what to do about it. They claim I’d have no jurisdiction over the jail which is technically not entirely true, since it’s within the city limits, and the city has a prosecutor who could charge the Corrections officers with committing crimes when they torture inmates. But, to be clear, the city used to have its own jail and if it comes down to that, we may have to do it again if the county and the sheriff can’t clean up their act.

When I saw the video of Amber Swink being pepper sprayed by then Sgt. Judith Sealey while Swink was locked down in a seven point restraint, it made me ill. This countries founders clearly understood that when man stops respecting man, the whole thing fails. It was their intent to create a different kind of country than the British had envisioned, a country of laws, where birthright didn’t exist. Where we believed in individual freedoms and protection from oppression.

I’ll quote the 8th amendment, it’s really short, clear, and to the point: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

We’re screwing that up royally in our jail. I swore an oath “to protect the Constitution, against all enemies foreign and domestic” when I enlisted in the Army. I meant it.

When I was made aware that not only was the Swink spraying not a one-time thing as Sheriff Phil “The Torturer” Plummer claimed, but frequent, and that if I could get footage of the intake of Charles Alexander Wade, I’d have a story, I did just that. That video showed repeated point blank pepper spraying by Sgt. John W. Eversole, with the tacit approval of at least 5 other officers. I thought that the story, handled and presented without bias, would at the minimum, force Plummer out of office, see a bunch of Correctional Officers either fired or charged with crimes, and the jail reformed. (as of today, this video has almost 40K views).

That was over 2 years ago- and nothing has changed. In the meantime, an impotent task force met, made recommendations, and a bunch of other inmates have died, been raped, been injured, and lawsuits have sprung up like dandelions in spring. Plummer is now a State Rep. Sealey got promoted to Captain while on admin leave and then filed for disability, etc. Instead of a huge public outcry- this unacceptable shit has acted more like fertilizer than something you bury to clean away the stench- those involved have actually done better for the most part.

The city pays the county for every inmate it puts in the county jail. Our first option is to send less folks there in the first place. Bail reform for minor crimes is a great first step toward that goal. Only people who are legitimately a menace to society would be considered for housing in that jail. Just remember, the former CO who was having sex with inmates– he’s not in any jail, despite being a menace and breaking laws that he knew well. We can try to contract with other counties as well, or build our own jail again- and compete directly with the Montgomery County Jail. If you’re wondering where the money would come from? Well, we seem to have plenty of cash to buy vacant buildings to give away, and to hand over to rich developers to revamp the Arcade again don’t we? But, if you really want an outside the box solution- we eliminate the Dayton Clerk of Courts and contract with the County Clerk of Courts to provide services and take the extra money spent on duplicating administrative services and spend it on something that we apparently can’t outsource to the county.

Now, I’m a huge believer in regionalization, and building a competing jail doesn’t sound like something a regional advocate would do. However, I’m pretty sure we can find a way to manage a jail differently and safer than the current approach.

First, recognizing that a large percentage of our inmates are in because of mental health issues, we can put pressure on the duopoly of Premier Health and Kettering Health to provide enough mental health beds in our community so that the jail doesn’t become a psych ward. If you want to know more about my experiences with emergency mental health intervention, you might want to read this: Mental health care gets a pink slip in Dayton

If they won’t, we’ll have to build our own. Unfortunately, Good Sam would have been a great place for a large scale community mental health hospital and addiction treatment center. Maybe, we’ll have to build our own on that site (I’m sorry, I wouldn’t ever allow their deed restriction against competition stand- they never paid a dime of property tax on that property).

There is also an option of building a new inexpensive jail, run like a boot camp. It would be totally voluntary, and provide for shorter sentences, but would resemble the WWII style barracks that were good enough for me in the Army. No private rooms, no private bathroom stalls, no unsupervised time alone- and you work like a dog all day, so you are too tired at night to fight. I could see inmates sorting recycled materials out of the waste stream, or cleaning up vacant lots, cutting grass, and doing community service projects. I don’t really care how much it costs to supervise them, because those are jobs we can give to people who are x-offenders who have turned their lives around.

And, back to the basic premise of legal recourse- it’s not OK when people in government abuse power. We have police departments to protect you, prosecutors to bring charges, and as a city commissioner, I won’t stand idly by while defenseless people are tortured while in custody. Unfortunately, no one in office now seems to think like me. That’s why I’m running, and why I’d like your support. You can volunteer, or donate, or ask for a sign at or

I learned in the Army there are conventional and unconventional ways to win battles. In my business, advertising, I am paid to come up with creative solutions to business problems. There is never a reason to say that we can’t change things other than a lack of creative thought. Who would have thought that Rosa Parks could spark a revolution just by where she chose to sit? Sometimes, all it takes is someone challenging the status quo to institute change.


Facebook now censors political speech

“Give me liberty, or give me XXXXX”- I’m sorry, Patrick, discussions about death may offend the living, we can’t have that kind of discussion on our ad platform. Can you re-edit your ad for the revolution please.

What supposedly separates the United States from the evil Soviet’s and Communist Chinese is that political speech isn’t censored. It’s what makes this “the greatest country in the world”- except, now, we have a private corporation, run by one of the richest people in the world, telling David Esrati that talking about the cruel and unusual punishment in the Montgomery County Jail is unacceptable.

For less than 2 seconds, his campaign ad #TruthToPower showed footage from the video he released on 2 Feb 2017, showing Phil Plummer’s “Corrections Officers” pepper spraying Charles Alexander Wade while he was tied down in a restraint chair. Point blank use of pepper spray, not just once, but multiple sprays, while Wade was surrounded by 5 officers and unable to move. Wade’s lawyer hadn’t been able to get this video, yet Esrati worked weeks to edit together an honest, clear and fair presentation of the abuse. Within a day of release, NowThis had taken the raw footage and recut it for sensationalism and received over a million views– on Facebook. It now has 1.8M views, 6,193 Shares, and 1.2K comments. Yet, what NowThis can do- Esrati can’t show and use to promote his post to voters over 18.

Esrati believes that the jail should be a safe place, where inmates aren’t raped, pepper sprayed, denied medical treatment resulting in death etc. All those things and more have happened, and yet, the Dayton City Commission is still allowing our citizens to be sent there. The County has paid millions in settlements so far, with more on the way.

The real question is what right does Facebook have to censor political ads? The FCC has rules about broadcasters not being able to censor, but those apparently don’t apply to Facebook- which has made billions on political advertising in the past- even without figuring in the “Russian” ads that caused Facebook to require all kinds of verification to run political ads. And, they’ve claimed that they don’t censor political ads before:

Washington — Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday he didn’t know anything about his website’s rejection of an ad from a Michigan political candidate, suggesting the social-media platform may have made a “mistake.”

Message from Facebook banning ad for political speech

Facebook censored David Esrati’s #TruthToPower ad after running it for 3 days

At a House hearing, U.S. Rep. Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, asked Zuckerberg why former state Rep. Aric Nesbitt’s campaign announcement for the Michigan Senate would have been rejected for allegedly containing “shocking, disrespectful or sensational content, including ads that depict violence or threats of violence.”…

“Can you assure me that ads and content are not being denied based on particular views?” Walberg asked.

“Yes, politically,” Zuckerberg replied. “Although when I hear that, I hear normal, political speech. We certainly are not going to allow ads for terrorist content, for example. So we’d be banning those views.”…

Zuckerberg said he understands where that concern comes from “because Facebook and the tech industry are located in Silicon Valley, which is an extremely left-leaning place.”

“This is actually a concern that I have and that I try to root out in the company — is making sure that we do not have any bias in the work that we do, and I think it is a fair concern that people would at least wonder about,” Zuckerberg told Cruz.

The former presidential hopeful asked whether Zuckerberg knows the political orientation of the 20,000 people engaged in content or security review for Facebook.

“No, senator. We do not generally ask people about their political orientation when they’re joining the company,” Zuckerberg replied.

GOP South Dakota Sen. John Thune, who chairs the Senate Commerce Committee, asked Zuckerberg for assurance that when the company improves its tools to weed out “bad actors,” that it “errs on the side of protecting speech, especially political speech from all different corners.”

Zuckerberg said it is Facebook’s approach.

“If there is an eminent threat of harm, we’re going to take a conservative position on that and make sure that we flag that and understand that more broadly,” Zuckerberg responded.

“But, overall, I want to make sure that we provide people with the most voice possible. I want the widest possible expression, and I don’t want anyone at our company to make any decisions based on the — the political ideology of the content.”

Source: Zuckerberg: Nesbitt ad rejection possible ‘mistake’April 11, 2018

Neither the New York Times or the Washington Post seemed very interested in covering this political censorship. Once again, I have to be the only conscious defender of free speech and the First Amendment. I’ve also reached out to the ACLU, who has never been willing to help me, but is fine with using my mask case to defend the KKK’s right to wear a mask.

If you want to help make sure my message gets out, share this post, or donate or volunteer, request a sign etc. at

Unfortunately, George Orwell predicted all of this. If you want something to wear, consider our shirts: “Make Orwell Fiction Again.”



One of these Dayton City Commission candidates is not like the others…

Remember those tests where you were asked to identify the one thing that was not like the others? Well, the Dayton Daily news voters guide makes it abundantly clear that one candidate isn’t like the others.

You can slice them and dice them anyway you want, but, in this case, my answers are so different than than the others you may as well define me as from another planet.

The primary is May 7, 2019 and voters can vote for up to 2 of the 5 candidates to select which 4 move on to the November 2, 2019 election for 2 Dayton City Commission seats. The winners will take office in January of 2020 to sit with Mayor Nan Whaley, Commissioner Jeff Mims, and Commissioner Darryl Fairchild.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide real links to each individual candidate since the DDn still doesn’t know how to build websites on their own- and they use some third party doofus company that doesn’t either.

You’ve got two former city employees, Valerie Duncan the housing inspector who thinks we can tear our way down to success. And Shenise Turner-Sloss who wins at buzzword bingo. (Full disclosure, my firm, The Next Wave has done work for both of them).

You’ve got the two incumbents, nice guys who say absolutely nothing. Matt Joseph who has been sucking at the Dem party tit since he was in college, starting out with working for Tony Hall, just like another recently retired from politics local nice guy- Dan Foley. Chris Shaw who has got to be a one-term wonder, because he hasn’t had an original thought in his entire life. Reading through their profiles is as if the same person wrote them, with slightly different language.

I can’t get back the 30 minutes I spent reading the others profiles, but I can tell you that there is an amazing lack of creativity in their solutions and a very narrow view of problems from the other candidates. Our problems in Dayton extend way beyond the borders of Dayton proper and are systemic failings of our state to be competitive.

In a nutshell, Ohio is choking in government. Too many jurisdictions, too many meetings, too many elected officials, too many courts, too many school districts. Until we start addressing these systemic failures- we’ll be forever throwing tax dollars at problems that private dollars could and would fix if they thought the playing field was level and the chance for a return on investment was real. We’re doing our best to make it hard for small businesses like mine and Commissioner Shaw’s to compete and too easy for Walmart, Amazon and the like to come and kick our little businesses in the behinds.

I know this because I work with small businesses to help them differentiate themselves and compete everyday. That’s why one of my clients can keep going despite a race to the bottom vs the upteen chains that abound within a mile, despite charging a premium price. I excel at finding competitive advantage and capitalizing on it.

Dayton should only have one direction to move, up. (With the exception of the Dayton Public Schools- which will be doomed as long as Dr. Libby Lolli and this board are left in charge). If you take the time to read all the answers to the voters guide- and feel like I’m your candidate- please, head over to and sign up to volunteer, donate, get a sign.

If you want to discuss particular statements from any of the candidates- feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll respond promptly.



Another Lolli making bad decisions for children

Readers of have seen plenty of articles about the incredible arrogance and bad decision making of Dr. Libby Lolli at Dayton Public Schools. Now, we get to see how her husband, Gene Lolli, the retire/rehire superintendent at Fairborn is just as reckless.

thumbnail of fairborn release Women’s BBall

PDF of Fairborn Press Release naming Tyler Summitt to assistant coach of a high school womens basketball program Click image to view

In this mornings Dayton Daily news, the story of Fairborn hiring a former player as head coach caught my eye, because she would be replacing Jim Cole, the former Dunbar Women’s Basketball coach who wasn’t retained by Libby Lolli’s hire of Shauna Welch as Athletic Director. Her choice for replacing Cole, Antoine Sain, did the same thing Libby has done at DPS- taken DPS lower with a 14-8 compared to former coach Cole’s 16-8.

The article unveiled the sad story of Brooklyn Pumroy, who went to Marquette, met Tyler Summitt, the assistant coach, who was married, and apparently started having an affair with her. Summitt, is the son of the legendary womens basketball coach at Tennessee, Pat Summitt, who died months after her son disgraced her. Pumroy followed him to Louisiana Tech University- got pregnant by him, and then married him:

Brooklyn Summitt is a former Skyhawk – then Brooklyn Pumroy – and played for Tyler Summitt while he was the head women’s basketball coach at Louisiana Tech University.

Tyler Summitt resigned as the head coach from Tech in 2016. In his resignation he told the News Star of Monroe, La., “I am profoundly disappointed in myself for engaging in a relationship that has negatively affected the people I love, respect and care about the most.”

Source: Tyler Summitt named assistant coach for Fairborn girls basketball

I immediately sent the article to my friend Nancy Hogshead-Makar, CEO of Champion Women, an organization dedicated to equality in sport for women athletes and a defender for sexual abuse by coaches of athletes. When I called her for follow up, she was already aware and disgusted that anyone would allow Tyler Summitt to be in a position to coach. “If you were a lawyer and did that, you’d be disbarred, a teacher and you’d be in jail” was her reaction. She said it had already bought national scorn to Fairborn starting immediately after the press release was issued Friday by Fairborn and then taken down. The comments on the Champion Women Facebook page were cutting:

Linda Lander Tyler Summitt’s fate should have been sealed by his inexcusable actions at LA Tech. He should have known better than to have a relationship with a player. That is a cardinal sin in any rule book. No educational institution should have any involvement with him. He should have been finished after his LA Tech behavior.

The Fairborn Ohio A.D., superintendent, and board of education demonstrated exceptional poor judgment in offering a position to Summitt. His affair with his current wife (then a player) made national headlines as disgraceful conduct. The school administrators will now bring national attention to their own poor judgment.

Summitt has certainly turned out to be a major disappointment in the game of life. As a coach, he had an inappropriate relationship with a player and resigned/fired. He even had a poor coaching record. His wife divorced him. He started an MBA after leaving LA Tech but I read he dropped out and is involved with a program about Pat Summitt. He is living off the money and prestige of his mother. Now he got a job coaching because of his wife. There is something terribly wrong with this sequence of events.

Steve Gietschier: If I were the parent of a player on that team, I would be outraged.

The Miami Valley has seen its share of teachers and coaches being fired for inappropriate relationships with students, how Fairborn can hire someone who has already proven himself to break the inviolable rule of coaching is beyond belief.

The NCAA has guidelines against relationships between players and coaches. Tyler Summitt qualifies as a sexual predator in their book.

Tyler Summitt has no business being anywhere near a coaching position, and anyone who thought it was a good idea to allow him near high school girls in Fairborn from the Athletic Director, to the Principal to the School Board and the Superintendent should be resigning on Monday. None of them are fit to make decisions involving the health and well-being of the children of Fairborn.

If I was a parent of a Fairborn High School girls basketball player, I’d get a restraining order against Tyler Summitt before the season began. He can get a job doing something else where he’s not in a position of authority over impressionable women.

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