Esrati indicts the Monarchy of Montgomery County: Wholesale

There’s a reason you haven’t seen a post here for a few weeks. I’ve been busy working on an appeal of my case against the Dayton Metro Library to the Ohio Supreme Court. I also took a Tesla Y trip to Phoenix and back, hosted a 41st High School reunion and had kidney stones removed, complete with a DIY ureteral stent removal.

Today, I filed the appeal. I’ve been told I have zero chance of the Ohio Supreme Court hearing it. That’s too bad, because, it’s not really about the library turning over the security camera tapes – which they never did properly, or in a timely matter. That’s just the mechanism to bring to the attention of the Supreme Court, the criminal enterprise running Montgomery County that I’ve called the “Monarchy of Montgomery County” for years.

We have a prosecutor who prosecutes what he wants and persecutes who he wants.

Case in point: I had an evil person work for me who embezzled $35K from me and $3K from the 100% disabled vet I take care of. See Jennifer Selhorst, AKA: Jennifer Woodward AKA: Jennifer Schaeff steals from disabled veterans

My case, with a ton more evidence- “no true bill” and all I have is a civil judgement for $70,000 and can’t find a lawyer willing to do a debtor’s exam. See Esrati v Selhorst: Montgomery County Common Pleas 2018CV03192

The Veteran I take care of- goes to trial. Ohio v Selhorst: Montgomery County Common Pleas 2019 CR 02985, Convicted Of: 2CTS: FORGERY (Uttering)(F5), CT 3: $1,000)(Without Consent)(F5), CT 4: THEFT ($1,000 But Less Than $7,500)(Beyond the Scope)(F5) by the defendant herein having entered a no contest plea and having been found guilty by the Court. Ordered to repay $3,000 within a year

Now, I’ve been told by the prosecutor that I’m just whining when I ask for the video supplied out of the multi-million dollar library video surveillance system within 2 years of being illegal escorted out of the library. I had 2 years to file a federal civil rights case- and at the time of filing, I’d still not seen the video. By the time I settled, I still hadn’t seen the video. Didn’t give me much bargaining power. Read about the settlement here: $39,446 says you can take photos in a library or in public

The point is, Judge Gerald Parker is part of the problem. He got his judgeship for life, and will do whatever the Prosecutor tells him to do- including not award my legal fees- and definitely don’t give me the video either, because, that could up the settlement amount. Shame on the 2nd District Court of Appeals judges who are also as ignorant about the Sunshine laws- and what time code is. They too- get their seats for life- and will do anything to protect their not so secret pact of never being challenged. Epley, Hall, Tucker- you three, along with Parker, should all be removed from office and disbarred. Nothing in any of your decisions made any sense when ran through the filter of the Ohio Yellow Book and the Sunshine Laws. You are part of the corruption. The facts that were never allowed in court were that of course the system outputs time code- and has the ability to redact faces etc- however the redaction wasn’t pertinent to the case at all, nor does it take a year to redact. It’s built into the system- and I had evidence to prove it. The sideshow about legal procedure was criminally frivolous behavior by all involved.

But, it’s not just what the Monarchy has done to me.

It’s about all the things they never did a thing about.

Torturing restrained inmates in the Montgomery County Jail? Sure- go ahead Sheriff Plumber. Then go get elected State Rep. Rewarded for what would be war crimes and punishable by international courts: Cruel and unusual punishment in the Montgomery County Jail

Or our “International Man of Mystery” Dr. Adil Baguirov. I identified that he didn’t live in the Dayton Public School Board and was illegally serving on that board. No one would remove him. He’d committed voter fraud. So what? He’d involved himself in self serving contracts. No problem. He’d never disclosed all of his companies on his Ethics forms- missing the cool quarter million that he received by the way of the “Azerbaijani Laundromat” to one of his shell companies. I had to threaten a fake lawsuit to get him to resign. No one else would lift a finger. And then he gets to run for county recorder? How does this happen? When the power brokers can’t be bothered with enforcing the law.

You don’t have to get me started on the Joey Williams case- part of the “culture of corruption.” Williams took payola for a patio in exchange for promising contracts. somehow, only Black people are capable of corruption- no one from city hall or CityWide gets busted. Despite turning CI for the FBI long before the indictment (as a deal to spare his kid from seeing Dad get perp walked out of city hall, he got to delay it all until Jr. graduated from Stivers) he had already acknowledged his guilt long before he ran for re-election, with the agreement that if he won, he’d resign. The Feds should be indicted for not reporting the crime in a timely manner. They literally ran a crook for office. What’s worse, Williams, while wearing a wire (and possibly others) made tapes of Dayton’s Mayor Nan Whaley. Those tapes were played to the same Grand Jury that indicted Williams, Winburn, Luckie and Higgins. Nan was a suspect. We, the public have a right to know what she was talking about- and if it was city business, it’s a violation of Ohio’s Open Meetings act. She declined to run for re-election as Mayor- possibly because she’s a CI now- or because she’s already done her own deal. But, in the mean time- the only person fighting to get those tapes released is me- and she’s busy bilking donors out of millions in campaign donations for her governors race. All of this is well documented on this blog. See this link: “Culture of Corruption”

This wasn’t my first Sunshine laws case. I’d had another for the Dayton Public Schools task force. Didn’t matter that I had video evidence in droves, you can’t find a lawyer to take a case against the monarchy in the county. In this case, Judge Dick Skelton did the dirty work of voiding evidence by not admitting it. I shouldn’t need a law degree to maneuver these cases – according to the “Yellow Book” – but here in Montgomery County, no amount of facts matter as long as judges are protecting themselves. See this case: DPS: Special meetings are to avoid scrutiny Knowing the law doesn’t matter if the law won’t follow the law.

Don’t mention that my law license is currently suspended

Speaking of law- Kettering Attorney Aaron Hartley is now suspended from practicing law by the Supreme Court of Ohio. You’d think that with their orders to stop practicing, he’d have to take down his website and his google business listing? Hell no. Do you think they might find it interesting that he’s still getting 5star google reviews posted (that he has to approve to appear) after he’s been suspended? Probably not- it seems judges in Ohio are technological idiots. You know- multi-million dollar security camera systems don’t provide time code…

I posted the 3 page document of his suspension along with notice that the office is closed weeks ago. Google and Hartley did nothing. I’ve called the Ohio Supreme Court Ethics office- they refuse to return calls or do anything. This goes to show that when you’re an insider in the Monarchy- you are above the law in Montgomery County.

I left out some of my other examples of investigative journalism that should have had politicians in the pokey instead of in office- like the one where County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman looks the other way while her “assistant” John Theobald, steers no-bid contracts to her reelection campaign ad agency. He later goes to work for them- and gets appointed to the Montgomery County Veterans Service Commission as a going away gift. See When the wrong answer and no response spells corruption and coverup note- the MCVSC pays $10K a year for 2 meetings a month. Nice gig if you can get it.

If the Supreme Court does decide to do it’s job, the FBI and the DOJ should circle the county building, city hall, and the courts and start hauling these criminals up in the largest public racketeering investigation since Tammany hall.

Here’s what I filed. Let’s see if anyone pays attention.

Esrati v DML Supreme court appeal


Appendix to supreme court filing



There’s facts- and then there is the Dayton Daily news: Dayton Commission edition.

This isn’t anything new, Trump talked about “Fake news” for a long time, but the Dayton Daily news tries to believe it has competent staff.

First error in yesterdays story about the latest election:

Fairchild managed to pull it off in 2018, when he defeated the endorsed candidate and newcomer Daryl Ward in a special election to replace Commissioner Joey Williams, who stepped down amid a bribery scandal.

Source: Turner-Sloss, Fairchild pull off rare feat in race – Dayton Daily News

Nope. Williams claimed that the pressures of his new job as Key bank regional president were the reason for stepping down on Feb 21, 2018 after his re-election to a 5th term. First elected to start in 2001, he won in 2005, 2009, 2013 and 2017- all except 2009- he was the leading vote getter (Whaley beat him in her second commission race). The timing was just perfect- so that the upcoming primary would serve as a special election date- in which the dem party hoped to run the well known pastor Daryl Ward against the field. What they weren’t counting on was only 1 opponent- hoping for a split field, and keeping their lock on the process. The only challenger was reverend Darryl Fairchild who bested Ward in a close, low turnout race.

At this point, no one had heard the utterance of the “Culture of Corruption” or that there was a federal investigation going on. That didn’t pop on the public until April 30, 2019- long after his stepping down. It coincided with his youngest son’s graduation from high school. This blog, told it’s readers on May 6 of 2019 who the players were. A year later, when the Dayton Daily figured out that Williams was a snitch- I published the actual report from Williams first day on the job as a CI (confidential informant). The Feds sent me legal threats to destroy any material I had acquired along with this document later in the trial of Brian Higgins, a local businessman who got caught in the middle of their sting operation that only prosecuted Black folks.

As if that isn’t enough for mistakes, the paper goes on to call Shenise Turner Sloss the third Black woman to serve on the Commission:

Turner-Sloss, the third Black woman to be elected to the city commission,

Not true. In 1991, Idotha Bootsie Neal won, making her the first. Next up, Edythe Lewis, who won in a special election in 2001 to replace her husband, Lloyd Lewis who died in office after being elected in 1997- along with Mary Wiseman who was the first openly gay Commissioner. Wiseman is now a Montgomery County Common Pleas judge. The third, was Rhine McLin, who was elected Mayor in 2001- which makes Turner-Sloss number four.

Facts aside, it was a big deal that two un-endorsed candidates won. Fairchild had played that game with the party and been thrown under the bus, withdrawing from his first run so the party could install the favorite son, Jeff J Mims Jr- in 2013. He’s now Mayor elect. The next time Fairchild ran without the party and he lost. He tried again and lost. Only with a party endorsement, an open seat, or a special election do people ascend in modern times. The parties run the board of elections and work as gatekeepers finding ways to keep non-endorsed candidates off the ballot as a starting obstacle, then the mechanics of running, and the money to prevail are difficult to manage.

Considering Mark Owens and the Dem Party fielded two endorsed candidates, played dirty pool and lost, isn’t really relevant to the success of Fairchild and Sloss. The mold is set- it takes 3 times on the ballot and a ton of work and money to prevail. The last to do so was Commissioner Dean Lovelace who the party also shunned.

The real question is why are voters stupid enough to believe that an endorsement of the Democratic party is still meaningful year in, year out. They’ve backed other horrid candidates- like Joe Lacey for school board in this race. They gave us Clayton Luckie who spent 3 years in prison after using campaign funds for his personal use. They back folks like Debbie Lieberman who steers contracts to her friends. They’ve turned away more good candidates over the years than I can count- to make sure their monarchy survives. The real question is have the rank and file Democrats had enough? And will they take the party apparatus and it’s plethora of patronage jobs away from these sycophants?

Stay tuned.


It’s time for Mark Owens to resign or be removed from the Montgomery County Democratic Party

Kurt Hatcher, the Executive director resigned on the eve of the 2021 election. This was his resignation letter:

To my friends and fellow Democrats,
Last evening, at our regularly scheduled Central Committee meeting, many of you raised legitimate questions about mailers recently sent to voters in Dayton, Your questions deserve answers.

Let me be very clear: The Montgomery County Democratic Party did not commission the piece. It went through an established process. The Sliver and Benson-Taylor campaigns contributed the funds that ultimately paid for the piece. It was approved by Chairman Owens and an ODP staffer over my personal objections.

These mailers followed a process that has been in place for years. It is available to endorsed candidates, and allows them to send their mail at a reduced rate. In this process, a campaign creates the mailer (or works with a graphic designer to create it) and then submits it to both
MCDP and OOP at the same time for approval.

The mailers in question. including the spotshotter mailer, originated from the campaigns of Scott Sliver and Stacey Benson-Taylor.

When the spotshotter piece was submitted for approval, a staffer at 0DP had concerns about the citations and source material. He emailed back-and-forth with the vendor to clarify those concerns. Then he approved the mailer, and asked if MCDP approved as well.

I responded by saying this: “I personally don’t think it aligns with Democratic values, but ultimately Mark will have to weigh in.”  I then forwarded the materials to the Chairman to review.

The ODP staffer and Chairman Owens then had a phone conversation which I did not participate in, and my concern was overruled. The piece was approved.

Since the mailing was distributed, I have been put in an increasingly untenable position. No one in the leadership of the party has consulted with me about how to manage the fallout. None of the responsible parties have come forward with apologies or explanations. I have been personally slandered on social media platforms, in addition to wild claims being made about MCDP and my role in creating and approving the piece.

It has become clear to me that our party leaders value shielding some people from consequences more than party unity, personal accountability, or professional integrity. The Chairman‘s performance during the central committee meeting on October 28 proves this. So does the absence from that meeting of any person involved with grading the mailers. As such, I can no longer stand by and half-heartedly defend the integrity of this institution. I can a longer serve as Executive Director in good conscience.

Serving the Democratic voters of Montgomery County has been an honor and a privilege. I have come to know so many community leaders and passionate advocates, and your hard work should not be tarnished by this divisive chaos. I will continue to fight for our values in other ways

Lastly for the role I played in the situation, I sincerely apologize. I deeply regret my involvement in something that has created so much pain and contributed to the propagation of racist stereotypes. It remains my hope that despite the deep divisions we feel right now, perhaps these events will become a catalyst for much-needed change and healing. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Kurt Hatcher

It has long been my position that the Montgomery County Democratic Party should not endorse in primaries- their job is to elect democrats, not to pick and choose which ones in the back room.

Besides losing both Commission races with these divisive endorsements, taking part in slandering long standing democrats, Shenise Turner-Sloss and Darryl Fairchild should be the end of Chairman Owen’s reign of terror over the party. I had called for a motion for the party to not spend any money on the commission race- since all candidates were Democrats- at multiple meetings over the course of this year. Not only was I ignored- a majority of those in attendance didn’t see the damage this could do to the party. When the hit pieces came out, it further divided an already weak party. Unions, including the one who allows the party to use their building as a meeting space made it clear that this was unacceptable- as did a majority of the central committee members in attendance.

Owens was in total denial. Only when ordered to by a vote, did the party issue an apology. At no point was Owens willing to take responsibility, nor were the low-life candidates who engaged in this fratricide. The apology made the general public aware of the dysfunctional leadership of the MCDP:

MCDP Apologizes for role in campaign mailer
The Montgomery County Democratic Party deeply regrets its role in approving two political mailers that were sent this week to some Dayton voters regarding the Dayton City Commission race. The negative mailers, which were submitted by the campaigns of the party-endorsed candidates, made unfair and offensive claims against two Democratic candidates who were not endorsed by the party.

“The MCDP approved two mailings that violated the rules of the Ohio Democratic Party and the values we as Democrats hold,” said county party chairman Mark Owens. “As chairman, I apologize to Darryl Fairchild and Shenise Turner-Sloss for allowing these mailings to go out.”

The Montgomery County Democratic Party Central Committee voted Thursday night to not only apologize to the candidates, but to also make a clear statement that Commissioner Fairchild and candidate Turner-Sloss – and all their supporters – are valued members of the county party.

Owens said the party will be more vigilant in screening mailers submitted by the campaigns of endorsed candidates.

“In the future,” Owens said, “we will not allow negative mailings to go out against candidates who are registered Democrats.”

My calls for an investigation and the holding of people accountable were unheeded. I sent an email to the Ohio Democratic Party Chair, Liz Walters on Friday- despite asking for an acknowledgement of receipt, none has arrived.

Attached is a PDF letter with links- of the following:

29 Oct 2021
Liz Walters
Chair, Ohio Democratic Party

Ms. Walters,

In last night’s Montgomery County Democratic Party meeting there was heated discussion about the hit pieces mailed under your watch. A motion was made and miraculously passed for the local party to issue a statement condemning the mailings and to apologize to the two democratic candidates who were smeared.

I don’t believe that’s enough. I called for the resignation of the Party chairman, and the endorsed candidates to withdraw from the race. They have embarrassed the party, using Mcarthy/Trump tactics to further divide us.

When it came time to investigate who did this, people were unwilling to investigate and hold anyone accountable. I ask you, as party chair, to run a complete investigation and hold people accountable. This isn’t the first time this has happened. See also this post.

The Montgomery County Democratic Party has a long history of nepotism, favoritism, and incestuous relationships. We’ve allowed party members to hire a convicted rapist into the Board of Elections without so much as a job application. We’ve endorsed candidates who later were sent to prison for corruption (multiple times) and we allow the party meetings to be run in a very undemocratic way.

I call on you to implement the following changes to force this party into compliance.

1.     No endorsements in primaries, picking one democrat over another. That’s for Democrats to decide, not just the precinct captains (many of whom are appointed, or patronage job holders).

2.     Remove all elected officials and patronage job holding people from the central committee. This has allowed the inner circle of the party to circle their wagons and push out new people- with the line “you have to wait your turn” to run- for decades.

3.     Require all votes to be in secret- using ballots, or electronic voting tools, so that precinct captains are allowed to represent their districts- instead of be held in contempt for challenging this status quo. (We raise hands).

4.     Eliminate the separate meeting of the “executive committee” of the party. With only 360 precincts and often, as few as 30 members in attendance, two meetings in one night- and counting a quorum of less than 10% of the body is criminal.

5.     Eliminate the “Screening committee” from the party constitution.

6.     Remove the “judgeship for life” deal from the party. We can’t have local judges that aren’t accountable.

7.     Consider pushing statewide a creation of a new county elected official- a Chief Ethics Officer, to help citizens prosecute elected officials who violate the Ohio Sunshine Laws. Why we elect a coroner, a county engineer, a clerk of courts, and a county recorder- mostly professional administrative positions with zero political accountability – and have no one to represent the people in keeping our government accountable is criminal.

8.     Create a policy that all democrats can take advantage of the party’s non-profit mailing privileges.

9.     Investigate practices of the Montgomery County Board of Elections to eliminate non-party endorsed candidates from the ballot. It’s time to evaluate process, procedure and forms that are used to eliminate the average citizen from running.

10.  Investigate criminal behavior by multiple elected officials in Montgomery County that hurt the democratic process. I.E. – total inaction on a school board member who didn’t live in his district, a City Commissioner running for office while working as a Confidential Informant for the FBI with an agreement to resign if re-elected, the refusal of the party to call for the criminal prosecution of Sheriff Phil Plummer for the torture of restrained inmates in the Montgomery County Jail are just a few examples

We need a better party in Montgomery County.
I’d like to work with you to solve these problems.

Thank you,


David Esrati
Elected Precinct Captain
Dayton 1-D

My 501(c)4, Reconstructing Dayton, is doing an analysis of how many races the party failed to field candidates for. Considering there were even seats where no candidates ran, or ran unopposed in many races, or there were no democrats in the mix, it’s questionable what kind of party Mr. Owens has been running since he pushed out the former party boss, who did the same sorts of things, as had the party boss before him.

It’s time for a people powered party, more interested in serving the public, promoting Democratic values, instead of a party more interested in fear and intimidation, lifetime appointments for judges, patronage jobs for insiders and pay to play by our corrupt endorsed candidates (Clayton Luckie, Joey D. Williams, Roshawn Winburn, Joyce Cameron, were all endorsed candidates before they were prosecuted in the “culture of corruption” investigation by the Feds).


Aaron Hartley has been placed on interim remedial suspension. “Newspaper” finally finds story

Today, the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court yanked Kettering Divorce Attorney Aaron Hartley’s law license for an indefinite period of time.

You can read the decision here:

Hartley OSC DECISION- Interim remedial suspension imposed. See announcement at 2021-Ohio-3893

Hartley filed an incoherent response this morning, blaming everyone but himself for his situation. Conveniently skirting the issue of his repeated sexual relationships with vulnerable women who were under his protection during their divorce. He also tried to excuse his public post threatening to put a bullet in the head of another local divorce attorney who was representing his children.

That he is still allowed out in public is the remaining question that the court seems to skip. They suggest that he “has engaged in conduct that violates the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct and poses a substantial threat of serious harm to the public” yet- no house arrest, imprisonment, or even a pink slip. There are over a dozen women who have stepped forward since I first published the story about him being found guilty of assault, sharing similar stories of threats, sexual advances, over-billing, him telling them his problems, sleeping with them etc. Even a few husbands have had problems with him sleeping with their x-wives.

The Dayton Daily news had been made aware of this story multiple times over the course of my investigation. Today, was their first mention of his situation and disbarment. I’m not going to link to their story, since they failed to acknowledge the source of the story. Their “Courthouse reporter” – Parker Perry was notified by me of this story last week- as was their “Editor” Jim Bebbington and their “star” investigative reporter Josh Swigart talked to me about this a week ago. I also talked to Anthony Shoemaker on the edit desk. What good is a newspaper that refuses to cover predators who are found guilty of assault- and then let off the hook by impotent Judges?

Kettering Judge James Long needs to be questioned by the Supreme Court- at how this has been mismanaged, for so long.  The Dayton Bar association needs to also be held accountable, considering they’ve fielded and ignored multiple complaints over the last few years.

This story came to me from a readers anonymous tip. I hope I’ve satisfied their request. I’ve felt honored to lend my voice and platform to a group of incredible women who have managed to survive this predator- and to bring them together.

The next question is will there be a class action lawsuit- and will the Bar start repaying Hartley’s victims through the Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection? Many of these women have overpaid- suffered from poor legal representation- and been sexually assaulted by this predator- that all the local lawyers knew and participated in covering for him.

Who to vote for in Dayton on Nov 2, 2021

Early voting can cause serious buyers remorse.

Source: Why you should never early vote | Esrati

I wrote that about a month ago. For those of you who voted for the “endorsed democratic party candidates” – you now know that the party is neither democratic, or to be trusted.

For the Mayors race you have 3 choices- vote for Jeff Mims, who will knowingly hold illegal meetings – and then NOT participate, knowing it is wrong (he stood outside the building at Valerie Elementary while his illegal task force went in the building). He doesn’t give 2 shits about you, your neighborhood, your schools, all he cares about is looking good, talking like he has a plan, and in the long haul, has no significant accomplishments, despite years of elected office. He has been a mentor to a lot of young men, and is a veteran, but, he’s been around too many people who willingly sell you out- and said nothing.

Or, you can vote for a self-righteous, religious, retired fire fighter, Rennes Bowers, who went to DC as part of the insurrection to “pray for our country.” This functional idiot calls himself a “registered independent” which is a way of saying he never voted in partisan primaries- or, just doesn’t understand how the system works. He claims, his career of being a Dayton Firefighter somehow prepares him to be a solo voice on a commission with 4 people who won’t have any use for him. Without 2 other candidates- he’s pissing in the wind.

Or- you can just not vote for either. Which is dangerous in itself. I’d have to pick the devil we know over the devil we don’t know and vote for Mims- and then work to expose him, Joseph and Shaw for their part in the “culture of corruption” and boot all three.

On the commission side, it’s a no-brainer. Despite Darryl Fairchild being fairly ineffective in his first term, which he won in the special election to replace “The Manchurian/FBI candidate” Joey WIlliams, he deserves to be re-elected. At least he listens to the community, even if he’s been drowned out by the four other uncharged criminals. He’s been in the same position Bowers would be in if he’s elected. Vote for Fairchild- and demand that he find his voice this term.

From the primary, Shenise Turner-Sloss was the easy leader of the four candidates- which is why the losers endorsed by the party decided to go after her hard with their hit pieces- mailed under the cover of the State Democratic Party. This is her third run for commission- and she deserves her chance at proving she has what it takes. (full disclosure- I’ve done work for Fairchild, Turner-Sloss this election cycle and one of the other “endorsed candidates” in another race). Shenise also has more of an interest in protecting voters rights- than kissing developers asses- or running pay-to-play schemes like the current Mayor.

For the school board- I’ve already fully explained who and why to voter for 1 person on the ballot- and to write in 3 in this post: Who to vote for: Dayton Public School Board- and why

But to make it super clear:

Vote for: Chrisondra Goodwine

Write in:

  1. Ronnee Tingle
  2. Eugene Jackson
  3. Ken Hayes

You don’t have a choice on Dayton Clerk of Courts- Marty Gehres is running unopposed. This never should have happened. He’s not worthy of your vote. If we could get three good people on the commission, the best way to get rid of Marty would be to hire out the Clerk of Courts job to the county- and fire him- and his den of patronage. Don’t vote for him. He’s guaranteed to win- you can’t write anyone in, and it’s a 6 year term.

As to Issue 1, I have one name for you to remember: Takoda Collins. Despite a ton of money thrown into human services- as long as we continue to let political nepotism keep Helen Jones-Kelley in power, there will continue to be waste and failure. This is a renewal levy- and they say “no increase in taxes” – but seem to forget that the County Auditor raised the values on almost everyones homes- right in the midst of a pandemic- when many people’s jobs disappeared. We pay one of the highest tax rates in the county- partially because of three levy’s; Metroparks, Health and Human Services and Sinclair. None are accountable to anyone- and spend lavishly on executives and little on the workers. If we vote no- just once, maybe someone will pay attention and start acting like they actually have to be accountable. Takoda Collins didn’t live past 10- because people paid by this levy couldn’t do their jobs.

If you look at who funds the expensive ad campaign to convince you that this is a good idea, you should realize, this does more for the big boys in town than it does for you.

From the Dayton Day-old news:

Human services levy The human services levy, which is a renewal of taxes that Montgomery County residents already pay, covers a variety of Montgomery County services to elderly and frail residents, abused and neglected children, people with developmental disabilities, the homeless, unemployed workers and people in crisis, including those struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Voters have renewed the county’s human services levies repeatedly since they were first approved decades ago, officials said. About 43% of levy services are provided to citizens in the urban core, while the rest go to residents who live elsewhere in the county.

Of the $287,949 raised by Human Services campaign this cycle, most of it came from large agencies, including the hospital association ($175,000), Care- Source ($30,000), University of Dayton ($20,000), the Area Agency on Aging ($15,000), the Dayton Development Coalition ($10,000) and Fifth Third ($10,000).

The Ohio Secretary of State’s office said Political Action Committees organized to support or oppose a ballot issue (rather than a candidate), are not subject to contribution limits.

Sarah Hackenbracht, president and CEO of the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association, said the $175,000 that the association donated was based on how vital the levy is to the hospitals. She said the donation was a representation of all the area hospitals.

She noted the levy supports key parts of what the hospitals need, including Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County, substance abuse and addiction programs and funding for key vaccine programs, which she said is “absolutely vital.”

The campaign’s largest expenses were $208,438 to The Ohlmann Group for television advertisements backing the levy, and over $85,000 to Burges and Burges for consulting and digital advertising.

Source: Human services campaign spent big – Dayton Daily News

Takoda Collins says he wants his money back. So should you- vote no, and demand accountability.

I’m staying clear of all the other races out there. I’ve been too busy trying to expose the corruption in Dayton- to pay much attention to the ‘burbs. Note- all of these banana republics, including Dayton, could go away tomorrow- replaced by county wide government and we’d be way better off. We spend too much duplicating services- and creating little political monsters- that will haunt us long into the future.



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