Dayton Daily News breaks their log-on system

#FAIL login to the Dayton Daily News epaper

You didn’t need the news today anyway.

Readers of the “e-paper” edition on iPad this morning were greeted with a message that they were logged in somewhere else and denied access to the paper.

“your login was not successful for this publication but you are logged in another publication in the app”

Calling tech support this morning, they’d hoped to have it fixed in an hour. 8 hours later, readers still can’t login.

It’s bad enough the paper has a 6pm deadline the night before the print edition, but, now, they are giving a whole new meaning to the new name “The Dayton Day Old News”- now available 2 days late.

We didn’t bother to try to contact anyone in management, because they don’t know anything about publishing a newspaper anymore anyway.

And congratulations to Ty Greenless, one of their photographers who has escaped the sinking ship, to a job shooting photography for the Air Force. His coverage of the Air Show and aviation will be missed.


later in the day- if you delete the app and reinstall it, it is fixed…. for now. The paper will still have 2 day old news however.



Dayton Police Department issues statement about officers social media post

From Facebook, City of Dayton official page:

A Statement from the Dayton Police Department

The Dayton Police Department was made aware today of a social media post by one of our officers regarding the victim of a kidnapping case we are currently investigating.

On July 7, 2019, the Dayton Police Department responded to a suspicious person call in the area of Hilary Avenue and Eleanor Avenue. The initial on-scene investigation indicated that Kwasi Casey had been kidnapped by unknown assailants. A detective call out was initiated based upon this information, and the Dayton Homicide Squad responded. In the early hours of this investigation detectives worked tirelessly, along with members of Mr. Casey’s family, to locate Mr. Casey. These efforts were augmented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who dispatched Special Agents pursuant to our request for assistance.

As a result of a lengthy investigation, several persons of interest were interviewed about Mr. Casey’s disappearance and two were arrested on unrelated charges. The Dayton Homicide Squad put countless hours of work into not only trying to find Mr. Casey, but also trying to find those responsible for his disappearance. These efforts included interviews, multiple search warrants as well as multiple searches of structures and areas following up on tips provided by the public. Additional investigation focuses on finding evidence and additional people who may have been involved.

Mr. Casey’s remains were recently located and identified. It is our mission to bring the person or persons who harmed Mr. Casey to justice.

The core values of the Dayton Police Department are Professionalism, Integrity, Fairness, and Respect. The social media comment that was made by an officer, who has been on extended leave since May 2019, does not reflect the values of this department, nor does it reflect how we handle any kidnapping or violent crime case. If someone is kidnapped, it is a priority to find them. If someone has been the victim of a violent crime, it is a priority to find the perpetrators.

An administrative investigation is being initiated into the social media post in question and the officer who authored it. We ask for your patience as this process is completed.

Screen shot of FB conversation between a DPD officer and others about murder of Kwasi Casey

The post that made it to me, may or may not be the full extent of the conversation. I am posting it with names and identities blurred because this isn’t verifiable, but I believe the public should know. That the DPD didn’t release the statement on an official open site- like their own (or I just couldn’t find it) is an issue. Facebook is only available to FB members.
Statements like this, about citizens who’ve been murdered, aren’t appropriate for anyone with a badge to make.


Oct 13, 2019- other screen shots have been provided, and while they may or may not have a connection to why the officer is on extended leave. The officer was involved in a shooting of someone who was involved in an encounter with the officer and his partner. They claimed the suspect attempted to grab the officers gun, a jury didn’t agree and set the person free. The officer posted photos of the person and said things to the effect of he didn’t feel safe sleeping as long as this person wasn’t in custody. Any more details would reveal the officers name and the person who was found innocent’s name. While police may legally kill people in the line of duty, it is inappropriate for them to try to serve as judge and jury- after a judge and jury have made a decision. These other posts may be more indicative of a serious problem with this officer’s training and understanding of the law.


Oct 14 2019 The Dayton Daily news is reporting the same thing as this blog– and naming the officer. Only issue, according to my sources, the officer is not on administrative leave, so questions about the initial statement by the DPD on FB should be questioned.

Matt Joseph and Chris Shaw playing race cards

I got a mailing from the incumbent team the on Friday, my fellow challenger, Shenise Turner-Sloss got the same thing Wednesday- or is it?

Here’s the one mailed to me in South Park:

Campaign mailer for Chris Shaw and Matt Joseph for white folks of DaytonHere’s the one that was mailed to Shenise Turner-Sloss in Southern Dayton View:

Matt Joseph and Chris Shaw mailer for black people in their Dayton City Commission raceBesides the photos changing- apparently black people don’t want more police, and white folks don’t need jobs.

None of their statements are true, but, nothing about these two frauds of commissioners is. Yes, apparently they were endorsed by the Fire Fighters Union- but- guess what, the IAFF never even bothered to talk to either challenger.

And the reason they want you to early vote? Because they know that by the time Nov. 5th 2019 rolls in, they could be locked up by the DOJ and the FBI in the “Culture of Corruption” scandal. Of course, neither of them believe the FBI or the DOJ, they are taking the Trump playbook and using it all the way.

If you don’t want anything to change, vote for these two race baiting chumps. If you want the first honest government in Dayton in decades, vote for David Esrati and Shenise Turner-Sloss.

It’s long past time to fire Dayton City Manager Shelly Dickstein, or arrest her?

When the ship is sinking, people do desperate stupid things. Of course, if you’re the captain of the ship, and you know you were at fault, sometimes it’s just about self-preservation. Lucky for Dayton City Manager Shelly Dickstein (and her partner in crime, Mayor Nan Whaley) the FBI and the DOJ seem to have either been overwhelmed with info about their criminal behavior, or, they’ve just been too busy with other things like a mass shooting, and rounding up a drug cartel, to get back to cleaning up the “culture of corruption.”

On Monday, this site first reported that Mrs. Dickstein was getting her hubby hired at DPS into a senior executive position that he seems oddly misqualified for. Sure, Dr. Libby Lolli loves her PhD types- (including relatives) but, helping out her partner in crime on the school closing task force by hiring Dr. Gary Dickstein and then trying to hide it from the board in the review session should have gotten Lolli fired. For the first time, I saw John McManus show some real spine, cutting off Lolli and her false indignation of being accused of lying about why he was or wasn’t on Board Docs.

Sheila Taylor and even Dr. Walker all had to really speak up to convince Board President William Harris that they wanted to go into exec session about this hire. Harris- without his puppeteers Mohamed Al-Hamdani and Jocelyn Rhynard, looked terrified as he reluctantly allowed them to go into exec, after they’d already made a motion to adjourn and seconded it- before undoing it. Karen Wick-Gagnet sat through the whole thing without a peep- because she knows who does all their business meetings in her restaurant and, that when Rhynard and Al-Hamdani return, they can’t stop the hiring anyway.

On left Gary Dickstein, on right Julia Acosta-Grommon

But, wait, theirs more. Shelly also hired one of her hubby’s favorite underlings at Wright State, who it turns out, couldn’t make it through the probationary period. The HRC has always been a bizarre little part of the City Structure- usually overpaying a political patronage person to run it. With the recent arrest of Roshawn WInburn from the department, you’d think they’d be more careful.

The city of Dayton has discharged a recently hired senior civil rights investigator who was accused of making “hateful” and “racist” remarks to a bartender who took her beer away.

Julia Acosta-Grommon was appointed to the Human Relations Council in April after being highly recommended by the city manager, according to records in her personnel file. She previously worked as the director of Wright State University’s office of Latinx, Asian and Native American Affairs….

Acosta-Grommon, who was hired at a salary of about $60,000 per year, was still a probationary employee when she was discharged.

Her probationary period was to last for six months.

Acosta-Grommon, who took a pay cut to join the city, previously volunteered at Dayton’s mediation center and previously worked at multiple centers for women, LGBTQA affairs and the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center.

Source: ‘Racist’ comments lead to firing – Dayton Daily News

A newer article quotes Acosta-Grommon saying she “hated black people” at the bar.

But, this still doesn’t explain why Mrs. Dickstein is, or was even eligible to be the city manager. She was the prime person in charge of the sacking of the corner of Wayne and Wyoming in the Twin Towers neighborhood- by declaring it all “blighted” while making 3 rounds of options on 82 pieces of property, to aggregate 12 acres for a new Kroger that she didn’t have a contract on. 5 years and $5M later- we have an empty lot on the corner, and nothing to show for it.

There is also what used to be called “The Hole on Ludlow” where the city gave $2M to “Student Suites” – a developer from out of state, to tear down the old Dayton Daily News building and the beautiful Schwind Building. The $2M disappeared, Steve Raush had the demolition contract- and tore down part of the Dayton Daily that he wasn’t supposed to, then left a hole in the ground, and then got the historic Cox HQ on a mechanics lien, while Dickstein and her crew of screw-ups had to pay another demolition company, Bladecutters more money to fill the hole.

Don’t make me explain how they can’t properly account for $3.4 M of HUD money- if they can’t explain it, why should I have to?

Dickstein hasn’t shown she’s capable of doing much other than give-away deals to “leverage our tax dollars” as Chris Shaw likes to explain her bad development math. You know where the poor people who do pay taxes, buy buildings for $450K that there is no public use for, and then sell them for $10 to out of state developers so they can then compete with local tax paying, employers who have to compete on this unfair playing field. Yes- and throw in the community’s “Garden Station” for free- why not?

The final straw should be the paper trail left by the donations to support Issue 9- the income tax increase that was sold to the citizens as a way to raise money from people who don’t live in the city. The only problem is, the campaign was paid for by all the people that benefit from their privileged status with the city. It’s called pay-to-play and when you realize that almost every vendor who does business with the city was told to donate (or lose our business) you start to see why the FBI and the DOJ got started. There are other issues with that donor list, but I’ll fully outline those when I file a lawsuit in Federal Court claiming election tampering, fraud and racketeering. Normally, these are things that FBI and DOJ would do, but since they seem to be the culture of the impotent, someone will have to step up.

In the meantime, Mrs. Dickstein, save us the trouble, and just step down and take your husband with you.


Texas gets public comments right

I love my readers, especially Jay Madewell, who slipped this link to me.

It seems, someone in Texas realized that silencing the public at meetings when you are supposedly doing their business- is WRONG.

Dayton used to allow people to speak before votes on city manager recommendations, and again at public comments, and again if there was a “public hearing.” You didn’t have to turn in your “speaking form” before the meeting began, and there didn’t used to be a 3 minute time limit. A lot of those changes were done to shut me up (sorry). If you need to know about how far I tried to go to make sure they weren’t doing business in secret- and how it cost the taxpayers a ton of money see this post about “The Ninja.” The reality is- every meeting of a public body with elected members doing public business should be on video, placed on YouTube- and the agenda and the votes recorded in a way that is ADA compliant. Same goes for campaign finance reports btw.

Because of me- the Dayton school board now broadcasts their “review sessions” – but they don’t allow citizens to talk during them.

Right now, the Ohio Sunshine Law is a joke. Citizens are expected to enforce it- despite court filing fees almost equaling the amount of the fine that citizens can receive for doing the peoples work. On the flipside- the people who break the law- waste tax dollars protecting them from breaking the laws. Even though the Sunshine laws provide for a penalty of removal from office for violating the rules- no one ever gets removed from office.

This law in Texas is amazing and needs to be adopted here, as well as revising our “Sunshine Laws” to provide assistance to citizens reporting violations, and actual penalties against politicians who think they are better than us.

Meet House Bill 2840, which became law last month.

Simply, the law, which went into effect on Sept. 1, requires all government meetings (city councils, county commissions, school boards, hospital districts, public colleges) to open up their meetings to public comments in a much bigger way.

Now most governments schedule a “Persons to be Heard” segment, where you sign up to speak at the beginning or, worse, at the tail end.

Some governments across the state don’t allow members of the public to speak at all.

Until now, allowing the public to speak was not mandatory under law. Now it is.

Under the new law, a person can speak to a government body at the start of the meeting, at the end, and most important, before a vote on every listed agenda item.

This is unheard of. Previously, most governments allowed comments at some point, but only rarely did leaders let the public speak on individual agenda items during their deliberations. Usually, they only allowed such comments when public hearings are required by law.

This is huge. If you want to talk on Items 1, 4, 6 and 9 on the agenda, just raise your hand. Governments can’t stop you.

Well, if they do, they are in violation of the new law.

Even better, the law makes it clear that governments cannot block criticism by their constituents…

TV time

Under a 2-year-old law I studied previously, all public meetings of governments in larger counties must videotape their meetings and post them online.

With this new law, that promises to give members of the public not only a chance to influence their elected leaders, but also to pass their viewpoint into the community through free media.

That, too, is a big deal.

School boards notified

The Texas Association of School Boards notified its members that “opportunities for public comment on agenda items will be required for every board meeting, not just regular meetings, and includes special-called meetings and workshops.”

One school district in Killeen announced it won’t hold board workshops anymore, just regular meetings to comply, reports.

Allowing citizen participation at workshops (informal planning meetings) is not a common occurrence. Now it’s required.

The new law also makes it illegal to play the old trick of putting “Persons to be Heard” at the end of a meeting. That forced would-be speakers often to wait late into the evening. It was too much of a hassle, and the item in question usually had already been voted on.

Source: A cool new Texas law you never heard of means they can’t shut you up at government meetings anymore

The whole reason I got into politics is because when I went to my elected “leaders” for help with actions of city employees- I didn’t feel like I was even heard.

That’s the first thing that’s going to change when I get elected to the Dayton City Commission- along with the public speaking policy, which will be re-written to match this Texas law.

H.B. No. 2840


relating to the right of a member of the public to address the governing body of a political subdivision at an open meeting of the body.


SECTION 1.  Subchapter A, Chapter 551, Government Code, is amended by adding Section 551.007 to read as follows:

Sec. 551.007.  PUBLIC TESTIMONY.  (a)  This section applies only to a governmental body described by Sections 551.001(3)(B)-(L).

(b)  A governmental body shall allow each member of the public who desires to address the body regarding an item on an agenda for an open meeting of the body to address the body regarding the item at the meeting before or during the body’s consideration of the item.

(c)  A governmental body may adopt reasonable rules regarding the public’s right to address the body under this section, including rules that limit the total amount of time that a member of the public may address the body on a given item.

(d)  This subsection applies only if a governmental body does not use simultaneous translation equipment in a manner that allows the body to hear the translated public testimony simultaneously.  A rule adopted under Subsection (c) that limits the amount of time that a member of the public may address the governmental body must provide that a member of the public who addresses the body through a translator must be given at least twice the amount of time as a member of the public who does not require the assistance of a translator in order to ensure that non-English speakers receive the same opportunity to address the body.

(e)  A governmental body may not prohibit public criticism of the governmental body, including criticism of any act, omission, policy, procedure, program, or service. This subsection does not apply to public criticism that is otherwise prohibited by law.

SECTION 2.  This Act takes effect September 1, 2019.

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