John Anderson for Congress 2012 – OH-10


From Complete list of candidates for Congress in OH-10, Montgomery, Greene and Fayette County

Bio: Senior Air Force Systems Acquisition Contractor Consultant for Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC). Retired Air Force Civilian Acquisition Manager. Former Air Force B-1B and C-17 Support Equipment Acquisition Division Chief and Depot Material Management policy OPR. 35 years service at WPAFB.

Answer 1: Cap the national debt, cut federal spending, and live within our means. Eliminate unnecessary federal departments; transfer their functions to the states if constitutional. Reform entitlement programs to avoid bankruptcy; transfer Medicare/Medicaid management to the states. Close foreign military bases that have no effect on our national security and bring home our military. Eliminate hundreds of duplicative federal programs designed to perform the same objectives. End corporate welfare and bank bailouts. Terminate funding for no-win wars. Cut off welfare benefits for illegal aliens. End Foreign Aid. Reform the Defense Department Acquisition process by stimulating competition to reduce cost.

Answer 2: The most important issues are job creation, controlling the exploding national debt by cutting federal spending, restoring the Constitution, firing career politicians, ending no-win foreign wars, and reforming the Federal Tax Code. Federal spending is out of control and will bankrupt the nation and destroy the value of our dollar if serious budget cuts are not passed immediately. Restoring Constitutional limits on the federal government will bring deficit spending to an end. This will not occur unless Americans vote the career politicians out of office. Passing the Fair Tax Act is the solution to restore American economic prosperity.

From Dayton Daily News’ Republicans offering primary voters distinct options:

John Anderson

Anderson, 60, lives in Enon and is a senior logistics consultant for a defense contractor. He ran for Congress as a Libertarian in the 2010 race won by Republican Steve Austria in Ohio’s former 7th District. He touts his 35 years of experience at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as a key qualification.

Anderson calls for a dramatic government downsizing — elimination of the departments of energy and education, saying education should be controlled by states, and arguing that the free market could make us energy-independent in 10 years.

He thinks funding should stop immediately for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and said the country can’t afford to be the world’s policeman in conflicts such as the one in Syria.

Anderson said his first action if elected would be to cosponsor the FairTax plan to replace federal income, business and capital gains taxes with a single sales tax. He says the plan would draw corporations and factories back to the United States.

Anderson said both parties are to blame for the nation’s debt problems, with George W. Bush starting wars that Barack Obama continued, and Republican legislators creating an expensive prescription plan for seniors that Democrats compounded with recent health care legislation.

“If you really want to change government, vote for John Anderson,” he said. “If you want more of the same, vote for Turner.”


Edward Breen for Congress 2012 – OH-10

Edward Breen is an enigma to me. He never showed up at a single candidates night event, hence, no video, no literature. His nice little blue signs have popped up in East Dayton. Friends who have worked with him describe him as “odd.”

Frankly, someone who doesn’t even make an attempt to come to candidates forums doesn’t really deserve to be considered in my view. Meeting voters, stating your views publicly is part of the process.

Facebook Page:

From Complete list of candidates for Congress in OH-10, Montgomery, Greene and Fayette County

Bio: Earned a BA in History/Political Science from Capital University and Ohio Teaching Certificate from Antioch College. 23 years as Reserve Teacher for Dayton Public Schools. I’m an author, historian, lecturer, precinct captain 8 years. Son of Dayton Mayor/Congressman Eddie Breen.

Answer 1: Strong military presence is necessary to keep our country safe. Keeping abreast of modern technology and having a highly trained special forces is crucial. Educating our children and strengthening the infrastructure as well as maintaining our environment are equally vital to our well-being. Upholding the needs of both our state and our country come at a price. There are many plans in Congress that address these issues such as cutting back on redundancy and wasteful spending, however, both sides are unwilling to find a common ground and get legislation in place so that our nation can continue to move forward.

Answer 2: Creating and maintaining jobs are a priority to Ohioans. Wright Patterson Air Force Base is the foremost aeronautical and aerospace research organization in the Air Force and maintaining its funding is essential. Educating our children so they have the skills to find jobs in an ever-changing global society is critical. Our current representatives complicate the issues by focusing on the needs of their lobbyists and refusing to look outside their partisan agenda. They are mired in gridlock and dysfunction and are unable to work together to pass legislation. What Congress lacks is leadership to come to a common consensus.

From the Dayton Daily News’ Republicans offering primary voters distinct options.

Edward Breen

Breen, 54, lives in Kettering and is an author and reserve (substitute) teacher in Dayton Public Schools. He’s the son of Eddie Breen, a former Dayton mayor, Montgomery County commissioner and congressman in the 1940s and early ’50s. He says he’s a moderate Republican and has been a precinct captain as both a Democrat and Republican.

Breen’s policy positions don’t stay within one narrow ideology. He supports the “heartbeat bill” anti-abortion measure. But he said he has no strong opposition to gay marriage.

Breen said he believes U.S. forces should get out of Afghanistan, and while he agrees that defense spending should be cut, he says the new focus should be on elite forces, drones and other high-tech advancements that are studied at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

He said government’s role in improving the economy is removing “red tape and redundancies” as well as providing tax incentives “with teeth.”

Breen cites an immediate need to improve our education system and our physical infrastructure. And he calls environmental issues important, saying he’s very opposed to the “fracking” process to extract natural gas. He’s opposed to the Obama health care plan, but said health reform is needed, and criticized Republicans for not offering “a serious alternative.”

“Ending the gridlock in Congress is important,” Breen said. “Maybe we need to get back to basics, having face-to-face lunch with our Democratic counterparts.”


Mike Turner for Congress 2012 – OH-10

I have no videos of Mike Turner- nor his literature, because he didn’t show up at any candidates nights. He did send a representative to the Fayette County Tea Party candidates forum, but nothing else. You can hear a podcast of that on my recap of that event.

Of course, Mike shows up in the paper often. He, and his wife, Lori have been featured prominently on this site since it started. I was the one who exposed Mrs. Turner for doing work for the Army Corps of Engineers under a GSA schedule while her husband sat on the Armed Services Committee, and that she was doing work for the Home Depot PAC while her husband was in Congress. Instead of linking to individual posts- you can just look at the category The Turner Effect (the name of her former firm).


From Complete list of candidates for Congress in OH-10, Montgomery, Greene and Fayette County

Bio: Mike Turner was elected to Congress in 2002 and served two terms as Mayor of Dayton. Rep. Turner is a life-long resident of the Dayton area and lives in Centerville with his wife Lori and two daughters.

Answer 1: Throughout my time in Congress I have advocated for our government to cut spending and cap it at a responsible level so that we may balance our budget. We must remember though that the Constitution empowers Congress to “Provide for the common Defense.” Fulfilling that obligation and meeting our budgetary responsibilities are not mutually exclusive. As a nation, we should be able to provide for our defense and balance our budget. One should not come at the expense of the other.

Answer 2: The most important issues in this race are jobs and growing the economy. As our nation’s economy continues to struggle, I’ve focused on solutions to help spur economic growth and encourage job creation. I’ve consistently supported legislative efforts to reduce the tax burden on families and small businesses, eliminate regulations which stand in the way of our job creators, and help American workers keep a larger share of their hard-earned income. As a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, I’m focused on growing Wright-Patt and will work hard to protect the jobs and missions at the base.

From the Dayton Daily News’s Republicans offering primary voters distinct options.

Mike Turner

Turner, 52, lives in Centerville and is in his 10th year in Congress. He also worked as an attorney and served as mayor of Dayton for eight years. He has often focused his congressional efforts on the health of Wright-Patt, Ohio’s largest single-site employer.

Turner said he advocates across-the-board spending cuts to balance the budget, but adds that defense has already been cut and should not suffer further. He has been criticized by Anderson for votes early in his tenure to raise the debt ceiling. Turner argues that those votes came when the debt was $7 trillion lower than it is today.

Turner said entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare need reform, and benefits should change for those younger than 55.

Asked about voter frustration with gridlock in Congress, Turner blamed President Obama, claiming he has been unwilling to have a dialogue on spending cuts outside of defense.

Turner wants U.S. forces to stay in Afghanistan to ensure that terrorists do not gain control. He said his experience and advocacy for the region make him the best candidate.

“Our local economy is incredibly tied to the success and hard work of the men and women who serve at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,” Turner said. “My work on the Armed Services Committee has expanded, supported and defended Wright-Patt.”