Where oh where is Joe Roberts now?

Dayton, we have a problem.

The last sacrificial lamb to the slaughter by Mike Turner has gone missing. Yes, the one endorsed by the Dayton Daily News:

Joe Roberts also lists education as his top priority, seeking an “overhaul” of “the system.” He points to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown as a role model, and expresses general support of the Democratic “platform.”

He is a political consultant, saying he has worked for such low-profile candidates as Stephanie Studebaker and Dr. Mark MacNealy (who each briefly put their names up to run against Rep. Turner). Dr. MacNealy is the fellow whose withdrawal resulted in this special election.

Mr. Roberts has been involved in political causes (immigration reform, Barack Obama, Israel) for a long time, or at least long for his age, 25….

The best choice is Mr. Roberts, though, like Mr. Fogle, he would be a better choice for a lower-level job.

via Editorial: Joe Roberts best Dem bet in 3rd District primary | A Matter of Opinion.

via DDN picks the sacrificial lamb.

Turns out, he skipped town on the property owner who leased him his campaign headquarters on Wayne Avenue. She’s a single mother- and would like the $3,300 in unpaid rent and electric bills. Good news for Joe- the limit in small claims is $3,000, so he gets a $300 discount.

Apparently, he’s in Maine- somewhere Boston. If you know his whereabouts, please contact me so I can pass his info on to the landlord so she can take him to small claims court.

The smell of blood atracts a crowd to the Ohio-10 race, including David Esrati

I don’t have the official list of candidates for the new Congressional District OH-10, made up of OH-3 currently held by Republican Mike Turner and OH-7 currently held by Steve Austria, but if the Montgomery County Board of Elections approves all petitions turned in as of 3:45pm today (that’s 15 minutes before deadline) there will be 4 Republican candidates and 7 Democrats.

I’ll update you later on the exact figures and give you the complete list of names.

  • John D. Anderson 6904 Joseph Dr. Enon 45323 REP
  • Steve Austria 2537 Obetz Dr. Beavercreek 45434 REP
  • Edward Breen  213 Ernshaw Dr. Kettering 45429 REP (possibly the son of former Dayton Mayor, Edward G Breen, andlater congressman- he wrote a book about his dad- see link. note, his father was a democrat)

    updated 14 Dec- Horace G. Crawford, Jr.  117 Patton Ave. Dayton 45417 DEM Problems with petitions took him off the ballot

  • David Esrati  113 Bonner St. Dayton 45410 DEM
  • Olivia Freeman  22 W. Goodman Dr. Apt-24 Fairborn 45324 DEM
  • Michael Gardner  4321 Alleghany Trail Jamestown 45335 DEM (Retired, former owner of “Backyard Development” and frequent donor to Dem candidates and causes).
  • Ryan Steele  1421 Meadow Moor Dr. Beavercreek 45434 DEM
  • Michael R. Turner  5815 Stone Lake Dr. Kettering 45429 REP
  • L. Mack VanAllen 220 Kimbary Dr. Centerville 45458 DEM (according to WHIO TV he’s a retired School Teacher)
  • Richard Scott Wharton  7365 Chilli-Lane Rd. Amanda 43102  DEM

As to the Democrats- I don’t see any well known names (other than my own). Note- Mike Turner still is living in Centerville- apparently not moving to Performance Place as he once said.

I’m happy to ask you to volunteer sleuth who these people may be- and to vet them for criminal records etc.

Of course, since the district map and the primary date are still up in the air, none of these petitions may ultimately get any of these candidates on the ballot. This deadline was for the March 6 primary using the map that only the Republicans have agreed on. Once the courts step in, everything will change.

Most likely, these petitions and their filing fees will be rejected, and the same candidates will be asked to refile with yet another date on the petition and a whole new set of signatures.

None of these 11 candidates’ names will be officially on the ballot until Tuesday at 11 am when the Board of Elections meets to validate and approve the petitions.

Of news to me, there are now 5 recognized minority parties in Ohio- all with 50 signature requirements, who would have to follow the same guidelines:

This was because the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit found Ohio’s laws for political party formation and ballot access were unconstitutional (Libertarian Party of Ohio v Blackwell.

If you want to run as an independent, you can file on the day before the primary, with 2,650 valid voter signatures (harder to do than you think). The good news for both minority parties and independents is that you can have any voter sign.

And while this election looks to be a circus in the new OH-10, it’s no worse than the circus we currently have in Congress where discourse, debate and diplomacy have been thrown out the window for partisan party politics.

Of course, if we moved to Instant Runoff Balloting, we could skip all this winnowing down of candidates and start having real choices on the ballot.


The forum of the people of Dayton? esrati.com

I get inspiration from the readers of this site. I also get tips, kudos, slammed and damned. All of it OK, as long as it’s raising the level of discussion and making people think about things that aren’t necessarily on the top of people’s stuff-I-should-about list.

The recent post about the Downtown Dayton Partnership requesting the Occupy Dayton people to leave Courthouse Square during their Christmas tree lighting now has more than 200 comments. While some may scoff that it’s really driven by a half-dozen people having a pissing match, I read every comment and it makes me think as well. It’s part of the reason posts haven’t been as frequent lately (the other part is that the services of The Next Wave and my “honey-do” list have been in high demand recently).

In the course of the comments, reader Pat Offenberger, a man I’ve only met a few times via my runs for Dayton City Commission, said this about this site:

here, we’re given pretty free rein by David Esrati. I don’t know David well, and he and I disagree for a large part on politics, but I feel blessed that he has the same attitude about political discussions that I do, we can disagree, but there is no need to become disagreeable to each other. We can continue until we come to the fact we CAN agree to disagree. Another quality of David I admire is, though he has considerable more higher education than I do, he’s classy enough to hold a discussion without “talking down” to his lesser educated opponent. And he follows the credo that I was taught is the true test of an educated person. That you should be able to discuss things with people of your own level of education without boring them, or to a person with minimal education without making them feel they are stupid.

via Occupy Dayton IS the “Grande Illumination”.

Elections Not Auctions stickerTo me, this is what’s missing in politics in America. With our current system of auctions, instead of elections, screaming and sound bites have taken over civil discussion and debate. We’re looking at $4 billion being spent on “mass media” on 30-second mud-slinging at a time when we really don’t have time for it. The media has mocked the Occupy Wall Street movement, for many reasons, the main one probably being that this movement isn’t about to spend money running ads on Fox.

What’s missing in Washington, as well as in the Statehouse and even locally is a return of reason. The way to solve problems isn’t to become more disagreeable with each other- but to have a discussion that’s all inclusive.

Our local media has failed to grasp the importance of this dialog with their consumers/constituents/community. The only place to comment left with the obsolete Dayton Daily News online platform is via Facebook- and there it is even limited since all parts of the paper aren’t available online (a recent Op-Ed piece about local artist, and friend of mine, James Pate and his Kin-Killing-Kin series on black-on-black violence solicited comments- without providing an easy to find place to comment- my link is to a 2009 story about James). There are ways to engage a community through comments, using moderation software or building a system of registered users, but apparently, that’s not in Cox’s vision. And although the paper has improved vastly since January 2011 when the new regime took over; the recent article on Alaska Native Corporations being a shell for beltway bandits in government contracting and the expose of hospital billing practices are both great examples of real journalism, the one way direction of discussion is shortchanging this community.

I only have a few rules here for comments: use the same nick name when commenting- without making it an attack (Esratiisadog is not acceptable). Do not call each other names, although I allow people to call me names- I will edit slams of each other in ways you won’t like as the final voice on this site. Do not make accusations against others- without demonstrating that they are grounded, or informing me privately of your sources. I do try to follow up on all leads- and do attempt to verify stories of wrong-doing with my network of trusted sources. To those of you who have helped shed light on so many of the follies of the monarchy of Montgomery County I, and the people of our community, are incredibly grateful. I’ve managed to protect your identities and will continue to do so.

Esrati.com has been online since Jan. 21, 2006. I’ve average a post every .86 days and you’ve contributed 8.02 comments per day- making this site more yours than mine. It’s been my hope, through my many attempts in running for elected office, to help set an example of what a modern elected representative could do to stay connected with the people they are supposed to serve. So far, it hasn’t worked. So, once again, today I’m going down to the Board of Elections to get petitions for a congressional run in a district that is undefined on a date that isn’t determined so that the people can have a choice to vote for someone who believes their voices should be heard above those who’ve been buying elections and influence. I have until tomorrow at 4 to turn in 50 “approvable” signatures of registered Democrats and a filing fee. I should have the petitions by noon- if you want to stop by 100 Bonner Street to sign, the help would be welcome.

The reason I included this little news release in the bigger story of this site serving as a forum for the people, is because I don’t believe running for office to be any more newsworthy than any of you applying for a job. The only thing that would be newsworthy is if by some miracle, the people did elect me and finally have a representative who believes in discussion and debate, wjo posted every working day of his term- what he did, what he heard and what really goes on in Congress. It is supposed to be the “House of Representatives” after all, and I believe I’d do a better job representing the people than the current corporate puppet we have in Ohio 3.

Thank you for being a reader and a contributor all these years.

Montgomery County Commissioners on OH-3: sanity check

The 2000 OH-3 map showing gerrymandering across 4 counties

The 2000 OH-3 map showing gerrymandering across 4 counties

When the 3rd Congressional district was last gerrymandered as it was passed from Tony Hall to Mike Turner by the powers that be, it went from a compact, reasonable district that roughly matched Montgomery County boundaries to a sprawling mess that looks like a monkey with an etch-a-sketch tried to draw something and it was superimposed across SW Ohio.

The current district, which so oddly was carved around Mike Turner’s former home on Huffman Avenue, now requires a candidate to buy media in 4 markets to reach all the voters (yep- Dayton, Cincy, Columbus and Chillicothe),

1990 version of OH-3 map

The nice compact 1990 OH-3 map

So instead of moving back to a sane, functional district, our three “Democratic County Commissioners” Dodge, Foley and Lieberman, apparently like handing off the Third to Mr. Turner according to today’s Dayton Daily News:

Montgomery County leaders made a plea to Gov. John Kasich to keep the 3rd Congressional District intact with no further split as part of the redistricting process.

In the last redistricting in 2001, Montgomery County was divided, with about 22 percent going into the 8th District and the remainder being retained in the 3rd District, Commission President Debbie Lieberman and Commissioners Judy Dodge and Dan Foley wrote in an Aug. 15 letter to the governor.

“Any further split or splits could have a devastating impact on Montgomery County and the city of Dayton,” the letter stated. “…We strongly believe that our county and our citizens are best served when represented predominantly by one member of Congress who is able to focus on the totality of our community.”

via Commissioners urge Kasich to preserve 3rd District.

As someone who has run for the seat, I can tell you that it’s an incredibly difficult district to canvass and cover. It also leans Republican, just like almost all SW Ohio congressional districts.

For the County Commissioners NOT to be lobbying to return to something more manageable should make one think about their own suitability for office, before re-electing any of them.

The Montgomery County Democratic Party eats its own

Democratic Slate card 2010 PDF

Strahorn, Foley and Keith think they are more important than Fisher, Roberts and Coussoule

Strahorn, Foley and Keith think they are more important than Fisher, Roberts and Coussoule

The Ohio “Democratic Party” is distributing a voting slate card (dummy voter card) that prominently features local party hack Vice Chairman Karl Keith on the front with Governor Ted Strickland, but entirely leaves out Strickland’s former lieutenant governor Lee Fisher who is running for the open senatorial seat vacated by Republican George Voinovich.  Or the two congressional candidates, Joe Roberts for Ohio 3 and Justin Coussoule in Ohio 8.

Does this mean they don’t care if right-wing Republican Rob Portman wins the seat? We know they don’t care if Turner returns- never having given him serious opposition.

When I first posted this, I was quickly chastised for not knowing the rules of funding federal candidates, since the local party doesn’t have a Federal PAC, they can’t list the federal candidates without them paying pro-rata share. I took the post down. I have since been informed that the party used to get around this by “having the state party pay for it out of their federal PAC” – and since this piece says it was paid for by the state party- it means either the state party doesn’t think it worth it to support Fisher, Roberts or Coussoule- or are there are other reasons?

The Democratic Slate card missing congressional candidates

Federal candidates be damned. We're all about the monarchy of Montgomery County

Fisher’s point person in the County is none other than Dayton City Commissioner Nan Whaley, a dilettante who believes herself to be a debutante. Considering that local party chairman Mark Owens and Vice Chairman Karl Keith worry more about their re-elections than pushing a true Democratic ticket, it may be the reason this piece puts a county auditor’s mug shot on the front instead of the Senate candidate.

Rob Portman’s election to the Senate is far more dangerous to all Dems in the county – with his likely vote against universal health care or troop withdrawals from Afghanistan. Karl Keith losing to Harry Bossey as auditor has zero import in the grand scheme of things.

As a reminder, these people vote, and will be out in force on Tuesday- should they have their way because the Ohio Democratic Party can’t get its act together?

Let’s go one step further- could it be that given that both Fisher and Roberts are Jewish- is the local party anti-Semitic? Because they can’t pronounce Coussoule – do they not figure a way to put his name on too? Or is it that he “ain’t from around here” that disqualifies him?

The Montgomery County Democratic Party has some serious explaining to do.

It’s time to hold the people at the Montgomery County Democratic Party liable for their ineptitude- and let’s start with the three on the front of this piece with Governor Ted.

For putting Strahorn, Foley and Keith on the front- while leaving off key national positions, these three don’t deserve re-election.

Vote for Bill Beagle (R) for Ohio Senate instead of Fred Strahorn. Strahorn is a nice guy who has been playing political musical chairs to become a lifetime politician. Vacating one’s seat early so the party can slide in another candidate is a practice that should be made illegal. If you step down from a seat, you shouldn’t be able to serve in any other elected position until your full term expires.

Vote for Jan Kelly (R) for County Commissioner instead of Dan Foley. Another nice guy, but one who hasn’t taken any responsibility or action against Ms. Feldman for the many financial scandals in the county. He’s a consummate cover-his-ass-politically instead of doing the right thing. He has been a weak voice among three weak commissioners, failing to pull all the communities into the regional dispatch plan and some would say, as the former County Clerk, he should have caught the exorbitant pay to the sheriffs appraisers. He is also a son of a judge, and has been given preferential treatment by the party since high school. A true blue-blood of the Montgomery County Monarchy, it’s time that he experienced at least ten minutes of employment in the private sector- and not for some company like DP&L as their “community affairs” person.

Vote for Harry Bossey (R) for county Auditor (hopefully, he won’t put his picture as the favicon for the county like Keith does). In the grand scheme of things who the auditor is really doesn’t matter much more than who is elected to  the coroner or the clerk of courts positions. These are elected positions only because Ohio is a back-assward state that has been unable to reform and control government bureaucracy. What is essential here is that Bossey may not turn the auditor’s office into a patronage platform the way he has. Mr. Nan Whaley, Sam Braun, might have to find a real job if Bossey beats Keith. Keith is another governmental lifer who doesn’t have a lick of private-sector experience on his vitae.

No matter what in the choice between Strickland and Kasich, there is no question that Strickland is the better candidate, regardless of the stupidity of the local and state party.

It’s time the local Democratic Party started to act like Democrats instead of a spoiled little bunch of political hacks who’ve enjoyed strong union support for years- giving them the upper hand.

Now, with GM closed- the remaining unions of strength are mostly on government payrolls. Teachers, trash collectors and transit workers might not tolerate this kind of blatant misuse of funds and misrepresentation of the Democratic Party. Time will tell.