South Park

The most important American stock exchange: your neighborhood housing stock

Last night, around 6o South Park neighbors got together at Hope Lutheran Church for our annual “Hot Toddy” party– food, desserts, alcohol, kids, a raffle for some amazing gift baskets and South Park Family Feud game- where the survey said: we’ve built a pretty special neighborhood. South Park is reportedly one of only a few Read More

Place Stravinsky wall art by French artist, Jef Aerosol

Progress: Dayton finally OK’s large-scale billboards

One of the things I was taking pictures of in Paris were large-scale wall murals, because for a long time, I’ve been planning to push for large-scale art on Dayton buildings. However, I was thinking ad space as well as mural space. Apparently, we’ve had a turnaround on this in City Hall- but more on Read More

What does “safety” mean?

To the homeless man, safety means he can sleep at night without worry of being shanked. To the young, unemployed or underemployed mother- it means not having to depend on someone else to be able to feed her kids. To the American soldier in Afghanistan- it means coming home in one piece to his family. Read More

How a connected neighborhood works

One of the reasons South Park works as a neighborhood is that we know and trust our neighbors. When my mother wanted recommendations for a tree service to cut down the almost dead tree behind their house we asked our neighborhood webmaster, Robert, to send a request for referrals to our neighborhood mail list. We Read More

Phase 1 of the “Big Bin” recycling program

Got a nice looking mailer today from the City for the new big blue 96 gallon recycling bins- an opt-in program. The neighborhoods listed are: College Hill DeWeese Eastmont Five Oaks Madden Hills Miami Chapel Northern Hills Patterson Park South Park University Row I’ll be opting in. Glad South Park made the list. And while Read More

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