Why I love Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum

In my congressional run, I made a video featuring Woodland Cemetery, one of my favorite places in Dayton. That it’s just four blocks away helps too.


Besides being the tallest point in Dayton, it’s absolutely breathtaking at the crack of dawn when I like to either run or walk through the final resting places of every major name in Dayton- from Dunbar and Deeds to Bombeck, Patterson and Wright.

Founded in 1841, Woodland Cemetery is one of the nation’s five oldest rural/garden cemeteries and a unique cultural, botanical and educational resource in the heart of Dayton, Ohio.

via Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum.

However, a few weeks ago, my secret entrance, a hole in the fence off an alley off Wyoming was repaired. That hole had been there for more than 23 years- and was the South Parkians secret short cut since the big gates by the pump house on Wyoming have been locked at least that long.

I called Dave FitzSimmons, the CEO of Woodland to ask if there might be a way to open the gates to the regular walkers, half expecting a big no. Instead, a week later, he sent me a note saying they’ve put a new lock on the gate and have keys for neighborhood walkers.

Note to most business owners, this is the kind of customer service (and I’m not dead yet) that makes people believe that your brand is better than others. So, if you’re a South Park walker- who misses our old hole in the fence, get in touch with me- I have a key to the pearly wrought iron gates for you. [UPDATE 10 DEC 2010 I now have keys to the Waldo Street Gate as well]

If you’re going to die anytime soon, and are looking for a cemetery that is more than a cemetery to the community- I can’t recommend any better cemetery than Woodland. However, let’s hope a casket isn’t on your holiday wish list- although he has creches for sale in the new lookout point construction.

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