Shakespeare in South Park this weekend- FREE!

Say what you want about other neighborhoods, ain’t any others throwing Shakespeare at you for free with a cast from the ‘hood.

“Much ado about nothing” will be presented this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8pm at the Gazebo on Park Drive, just off Wayne, one block North of the Wyoming street intersection.

There are bleachers, but, blankets and lawn chairs are welcome as well. Stop in at the South Park Tavern at 1301 Wayne before or after for Pizza Factory pizza and beverages. They just added a brand new patio- to celebrate their one year anniversary.

This is neighborhood theater- with a no-budget production- so, come on out, have a good time and if you can’t hear everything, just remember- you were supposed to read it in High School- so you should know the story already (here’s a link to a synopsis).They’ve updated the time to right after WWII for this version- but it’s still the same story- in the bard’s old tongue.

Kudo’s to all my neighbors who have invested countless hours learning their lines, learning the dances and running the risk of embarrassing themselves in public. Next up- the South Park Marching Band, the South Park Gong Show and a neighborhood semi-pro jello wrestling league.

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