Things to do in Dayton this weekend- May 2-4

Tonight is first Friday gallery hop in the Oregon District and the Cannery- come down, check out art, people and feel like you live in a City instead of going to the Greene and feeling like you are in Disneyland.

The Shiloh Farmers’ Market opens Saturday May 3 at the corner of North Main and Philadelphia from 7am to noon – and of course there is the 2nd Street Market with “Farmers” from around here that grow bananas? It’s open from 8am to 3pm. It’s at 600 E. Second Street.

There is always a lot of local music- check around- someone is playing somewhere.

The South Park people will be at the South Park Tavern eating Pizza Factory pizza tonight from 6pm to…

I saw “Iron Man” last night- and have to say, it was really good. Make sure you stay to the very end of the credits for a hint of what’s coming next. The ending credit sequence is really cool too. This is one of the best comics to movie adaptations I’ve seen.

If you are into architectural antiques and pieces and parts- the ARC shop will be open Saturday morning- 10am to 4pm. 243 Perrine Street Dayton OH 45410. You can find stained glass, fireplace mantles, solid exterior shutters, Rookwood tile, decorative newell posts and spindles, shelving and Architectural brackets there.

If anyone else has ideas- put them in the comments.

It’s great in Dayton!

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Bob VL

Great thoughts David.

I did not know Heather Walker, and I barely “knew” Deborah Jeanne Palfrey. Still their respective deaths hurt me deeply. I had actually exchanged a few civil, and very nice emails with Deborah. To hear of her “suicide” cut deeply like a shard of glass in the gut.

Then to hear the totally opposing, two different sides of the story only twisted the open wound. How once can just throw away a life – discarded because she was a madam? Or snuff out a life , becuse she kept records of her johns? We shall see how this unfolds… and regardless, NO PERSON deserves to be found in a trashcan, a basement, a commune or hanging in a shed.

I am apalled.