Criminals on your porch at 1:15am- new Dayton reality TV show

After my break in, and the attempt to break into my office, my neighbor, Larry- told me to start capturing video to my hard drive. I’m not saying if I am, or if I’m not, but Larry sure is.

Last night at 1:15 am- he had an unwelcome visitor. Thanks to some Jack Russell terriers and a video surveillance system, all we have of Larry’s visit is some very good video-here is a frame:

Criminal on your doorstep.

Criminal on your doorstep.

There have been a rash of break-ins in South East. Police are still coming, dusting for prints, taking reports, arresting a few people, who then turn around and walk right back out of jail.

It’s time for a different approach. Do you know this loser? We have a lot more video- his car, him reaching over the gate to unlock it- even him looking up as Larry yelled at him. Even though we know he wasn’t there to sell cookies or popcorn for scouts, he didn’t complete his crime, so we can’t give him time. We can almost be assured though, that if we figure out who he is, we could probably solve some other crimes.

Although I hate the idea of “Big Brother” it’s time to supplement police patrols with security video in large areas. Once an area starts having a problem, deploy a network of surveillance cams and feeds- and wait for the criminals to come again. The system would be portable and easily deployable. Some of it may be operated by the neighborhoods.

It’s time to take our neighborhoods back, and if it’s one video camera at a time, so be it.

Now, just tell us who the loser is in the video for $100, please…

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Sue Sizer

David, was alarming to us and still is…we all need to make sure we are “watching” everyone…take care, Susie

larry sizer

Thanks David, we need to take our streets and government back, and I am ready to lead the charge

Rob Degenhart

That is classic!  I want more!


What type of video surveillance system is he using? I’ve spent good money on junk to do the same and have terrible resolution .


My roommates car got broken into last week on Johnson. They didn’t steal much, just some change and a broken iPod that hasnt worked in years. Had to get the window replaced, thats the big pain. This type of crap really pisses me off.

larry sizer
larry sizer

Shannon, I have a H.264 Hexaplex 4ch network DVR. Stop by and check out my system, I live at 212 Bonner, but call first 937.223.1711, have to be careful of the bad guys. The cops came over today and was amazed at the night picture quality that I get. I have been thinking about installing CCTV for people that lack the expertise of installation. Historic South Park Inc. has a link where you report crime: ‘[email protected]’ todate I have failed to hear from them or him. Maybe they are working on the big case?

Loni Podiak
Loni Podiak

I got robbed either on Thanksgiving or the day after. They got into my carriage house and  got my compound miter saw lots of hand tools ,all of my woodcarving and stained glass tools. I am more than a little pissed off. Greg Becraft and Bobby Keene both use that ally and I would almost bet that that’s who got my stuff.I have a rusty pitch fork and I am dreaming of running someone through. I don’t want to kill anyone…. just hurt them so they will leave me and my tools alone!

dennis grizzell
dennis grizzell

This city is going to HELL in a hand basket. Some low life busted out my drivers side window and tried to steal my truck, i call 333-cops and tried to report it and get a police report but the dispatcher told me she couldn’t send out and officer unless i had a suspect. So i guess we have to do our own detective work now. Why in the hell am i paying taxes? We are looking more and more  like a third world country every day. The same day this happened (june 10th) several people had there tires slashed and they couldn’t get the police to respond. One guy had all four tires slashed had to miss work and of course police would not respond. All the city is doing with this policy is empowering the criminal element and leaving law abiding citizens to fiend for them selves. What the hell are we going to do?

larry sizer
larry sizer

@dennis grizzell: I was talking to David the other day with the conversation going to CCTV, and he informed me that one of the bad guys here in South Park has a video camera to the front of his house, watching his new truck so other bad guys can be seen and taken care of accordingly just in case they mess with his truck. Lets see if I get this right, the bad guys have enough snap to record the front of their house, the good guys don’t, which means to me; that the bad guys know the value of CCTV, and some of the good guys know that video coverage is a safe bet in these trouble times. I never felt safe and secure in South Park till I installed CCTV. Dennis go out in your back yard, and dig up one of your coffee cans of money and buy yourself a CCCTV. Notice how I have a video of someone knocking on my door in the wee hours of the morning. The Police will come and get a copy, since you have done their work for them, then they get the Collar cause you had enough growl in you to protect yourself.


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