Another South Park criminal caught by the DPD

Jessie Kier, Thief

It was 12:15 am and my former housemate was coming home to his cottage down the street. He saw a guy on a bike riding down the street checking door handles on parked cars.

He went into his house- called the police and then went back out to see where our perp was headed.

Just then he heard glass breaking behind his house and over a fence. He went to investigate and found our thief digging through his neighbors car. A quick “Hey” to let the crook know he’d been caught in the act- lead to the thief beating feet to his bike that he’d stashed around the corner and my friend going to notify his neighbor that the crime had taken place.

They went looking for the perp- and followed him as he meandered through South Park and was sighted on Oak heading toward the South Park Tavern. From there he headed over to  Greenwood St.  just past Wendy’s- where he stole a jeep (note: don’t leave keys in car). The cops pulled him over on Xenia Ave. at Corwin and identifications were made around 2 am. The bike was found by my friend over on Greenwood and the location turned in to the police.

Another fine job by the Dayton Police Department with the help of vigilant citizens who are willing to actively take a part in keeping our community safe. Now, it’s up to the prosecutor to do his part.

Here is the booking info for Jessie Kier, Thief– apparently our prosecutor isn’t aware that stealing a vehicle is usually a grand theft auto charge.

1 MONT-DMC () THEFT F3 WAITING COURT ACTION *NOT ENTERED* *Not Entered* 0 *Not Entered* 04/16/10 01:30 PM
2 MONT-DMC () RECEIVING STOLEN PRO F4 WAITING COURT ACTION *NOT ENTERED* *Not Entered* 0 *Not Entered* 04/16/10 01:30 PM
4 MONT-DMC () THEFT F3 WAITING COURT ACTION *NOT ENTERED* *Not Entered* 0 *Not Entered* 04/16/10 01:30 PM

Place a bet, Matt Heck will drop all but one charge and do a deal.

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This guys Jail history is more impressive:
So sick of these criminals in SP and Dayton in general.


Won’t take that bet!  Heck always drops the charges unless it is a case that will get him some TV time.


Yay government!  Oh wait…I mean booo government.  You have one job…keep citizens and their property safe.  Lets talk more about bus routes.

David Lauri

You have one job…keep citizens and their property safe.

You argue, Jesse, that keeping citizens and their property safe is government’s only job, but Libertarians have not succeeded in convincing a majority of Americans of this.
For example, a recent poll of Americans by The Economist found that 62% favor cutting spending over raising taxes to address federal budget deficits.  However, when asked just what federal programs should be cut, only one garnered more than 50%, foreign aid (and cutting only foreign aid, which is less than 1% of the federal budget, isn’t enough).  A vast majority of those polled feel the federal government should be providing social security, medicate, aid to the poor, veterans’ benefits, health research, education, highways, mass transit, unemployment benefits, science and technology research and more.
That’s why, as I’ve said elsewhere, you need luck in advancing your position.  Some Americans talk about being against big government.  Comparatively few Americans really want government out of the many tasks in which it’s currently involved.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

You have one job…keep citizens and their property safe.

And keep Jesse living large with those gov paving contracts….

Shortwest Rick
Shortwest Rick

The idea of cops protecting every property in the city while the residents sit on the couch with their face in American Idol is a little far fetched. For every block to have 24 hours of cop just waiting for an incident would cost each and every homeowner about $10,000 annually for police protection alone. In the absence of that you have exactly what happened on David’s block last night, neighbors looking out for neighbors and taking an active role in crime prevention and reporting. A well organized and vigilant neighborhood can push their crime rate down toward zero but it takes coordination, communication, commitment and a victory or two to start rallying people who would otherwise cover their eyes and close their blinds. You now have two victories David to work from, you shouldn’t let this opportunity to start a machine pass.


David L,
The opinions of others with regard to the role of the Federal government doesn’t effect mine.  The one thing you could say about me is that I am pretty consistent.  If 90% of people thought governments role was to make cows fly around on jet packs it wouldn’t matter to me either.  Perhaps you now understand my frustration.  There are really no people who think like I think.  Gene is close but still compromises.  Bandito and Rob I am still holding out hope for but can’t say definitively.
I don’t actually pave roads.  That was an example of capitalism.

Will Brooks
Will Brooks

Atta boy to South Park residents who were involved and especially to the Dayton PD for tracking this maggot down. That’s how it’s done.

David Lauri

Gene is close but still compromises.
I can’t believe I’m typing this, but Gene’s just more realistic than you.  You want no governmental coercion whatsoever.  Gene realizes taxes aren’t going away in our lifetimes.

Will Brooks
Will Brooks

Gene 1, Greg 0 (hehe)


If 90% of people thought governments role was to make cows fly around on jet packs

I’d like to hear more about this.  Perhaps we could build these jet packs in Moraine…   Does anyone else miss the days when milk was delivered to your doorstep?   :-D


I understand that Gene more closely represents the “moderate position.”  Whose arguments do you find more consistent?  Someone who says, “you can coerce me, but only a little” or someone who says, “stop coercing me.”
Perhaps the City of Dayton could raise taxes to fund my further research into the possibilities of “Ballistic Bovine Bearing Buttermilk”.  Who knows…could provide work for people and we may even need a bus stop out front.

David Lauri

Whose arguments do you find more consistent?
Does consistency of argument get Libertarian politicians elected or Libertarian philosophies implemented?

Bubba Jones
Bubba Jones

>>> Does consistency of argument get Libertarian politicians elected or Libertarian philosophies implemented? <<<
Give it time, David L.  It will!!


This guy is still in custody. ” Released by detective” doesnt  mean released from jail.