Meet Budd Haden, creative catalyst.

The headline is a joke. Some of you will get it. If you don’t right away- look at this site: Oct 8, 2009 it’s now at and it’s now running WordPress!

Kyle Melton is the “Creative class”- although I doubt he’d like being lumped in with that whole nomenclature. He’s a guitarist, educational publisher cum music producer and it’s people like Kyle who are most likely to actually make things happen- compared to the groupthink, community meeting route that Dayton seems so enamoured with.

He’s been producing shows at clubs around town- showcasing Dayton’s vast musical talent. He’s not rich. He’s not a retired captain of industry. His soapbox is his own- and it’s not real big- but, in terms of making Dayton a hip-cool-happenin place- he’s doing it.

I sat down for lunch with him (he also lives in South Park) over South Park’s finest pizza (a pesto pizzaz from Dayton’s Original Pizza Factory) and discussed his ideas for giving local bands a way to find their audiences. Of course- I whipped out the Flip and just had him say a few words about what he’s doing.

The meeting sparked an idea: a local “MacArthur grant” handed out to local catalysts to spur their dreams. It doesn’t have to be big money- $10K or $25k could go a long way to giving Kyle the ability to do more things- bigger and better. The Dayton Foundation might want to consider this idea- if they don’t do something like it already (no time to research it now).

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