Photo of a protestor of the Sidebar in Dayton Ohio

Two sides to a public lynching of a small business owner: Sidebar

My very first clients for The Next Wave were restaurants. The Video Deli, The Third and Linden Market, Sodexo Marriott’s in house catering for Hobart in Troy, Pacchia. Since 1990, I’ve worked with many small businesses, but, of all of them, restaurants are by far the toughest. Employees act more like free-agents, you are judged Read More

Dayton insults business: kangaroo courts mock local investors

How long does it take to invest in Dayton? Two years and counting if you are Nick Keyes Jr. of Key Ads. With a myriad of city, state and federal laws to maneuver through, he’s tirelessly worked to identify a worthless parcel of land left over from the US 35 routing that was created before Read More

Become a bendy gumby on Fifth Street

Almost five years of Pilates at the Y should be a good warm up for my first Ashtanga Yoga class- but, whoa- I don’t think anything can prep you for Sharon’s class. I was sweating from every pore in my body by the end of the hour this morning, but I’m also feeling 3 inches Read More

Pacchia reopens for lunch- check it out.

Pacchia has reopened for lunch. Salads, sandwiches, and a few entrees. The sandwiches include a Club, Reuben, Burger and Felafal all grilled Panini style at $9 with hand cut fries or a side salad. The entrees run as much as $14 for steak- but most are around $12 Parking is down by Gem City Records Read More

John Henry’s gives up food for drink

Can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Even after repeatedly offering to help them with marketing and website help, John Henry’s is giving up food service after a year. This site had become a gathering point for people to complain about poor service- which I always tried to communicate to the owners. The old adage Read More