John Henry’s gives up food for drink

Can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Even after repeatedly offering to help them with marketing and website help, John Henry’s is giving up food service after a year.

This site had become a gathering point for people to complain about poor service- which I always tried to communicate to the owners. The old adage about a happy customer telling 3 people and a pissed off one tells 300 was the kiss of death for ol’ John Henry.

From the Dayton Daily:

Oregon District restaurant suspends food service
John Henry’s, which opened last July at 520 E. Fifth St. in the Oregon District, has suspended its restaurant food service and is operating as a bar, co-owner Chris Sassenberg said today, July 14.

“Whether we start again is up in the air at this point. The business and the property are for sale,” Sassenberg said.

The co-owner said “too much overhead and not enough volume” led to the suspension of food service and the decision to put the business and property up for sale.

I thought the bar menu was a great value compared to the main menu- with some amazing home made potato chips, but, that’s not enough to keep a place going.

Gene tipped me off on the place closing- and Drexel Dave had an idea for something a little different to go in the place. With Pacchia about to reopen for lunches- we’ve got a little going on in the Oregon District – but, this place should still be a lot more hopping than it’s been. At some point, City Hall has to work a little harder to make it easier to fill every space with places to eat, shop and hang out- no matter what the building and zoning codes say- or what the neighbors have as an unwritten set of laws about liquor permits.

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