Become a bendy gumby on Fifth Street

Almost five years of Pilates at the Y should be a good warm up for my first Ashtanga Yoga class- but, whoa- I don’t think anything can prep you for Sharon’s class.

I was sweating from every pore in my body by the end of the hour this morning, but I’m also feeling 3 inches taller and feel every breath coming in and out of my body.

If you haven’t been down to Practice Yoga on Fifth Street in the Oregon District- today is your lucky day. They are giving away a free week of classes. Yes, I was the only guy in the class (call me metrosexual all you want)- but with hockey season less than a week and a half away- there isn’t any place better for me to get ready.

Yoga and Pilates do wonders for your lower back- which is always the first thing that gets sore when I head back on the ice.

let’s CELEBRATE! If you’ve never taken a class at Practice, please join us for one week of free classes! Any calendar week in September, just come on in. Please see class descriptions to find a class appropriate for your level of experience / fitness. You must live in the Dayton area, and may be asked to provide proof of residency.

Practice Yoga.

And for those of you so interested in things that attract “Creative Capital”- yoga studios are right there, along with climbing walls (the Urban Krag is right around the corner) independent coffee bars- there is Pacchia -and soon Jazz and Java. Too bad we still have vacant buildings that the City has zoned out of being developable down on Fifth.

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