Economic Development in Dayton Ohio

Uh, no. You still don’t get “economic development” Dayton

Earth to dumbasses the geniuses on the Dayton City Commission, sorry, too little too late. Sure, your brilliant idea to turn the temporary tax hike into a permanent one seemed like such a brilliant idea- as you watch the last of your victims of taxation without representation move to the tax-free haven of 2nd story Read More

What we should be building in the GM Truck plant in 2011

My neighbor Larry Sizer sent me a video- and as a BMW rider, who was already in love with the C-1 model enclosed scooter, [youtube][/youtube] this made it look like a half finished idea. Meet the EcoCycle, made by: PERAVES Ltd. was founded in 1974 and produces MOTOR VEHICLES and INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES(ICE). Since 1987 Read More

Dayton insults business: kangaroo courts mock local investors

How long does it take to invest in Dayton? Two years and counting if you are Nick Keyes Jr. of Key Ads. With a myriad of city, state and federal laws to maneuver through, he’s tirelessly worked to identify a worthless parcel of land left over from the US 35 routing that was created before Read More

Apparently rocket scientists can’t get development right either…

NPR mentioned a video made by a NASA engineer showcasing the barriers to innovation in developing systems at NASA. Replace the people in the video with “economic development” people and bureaucrats in zoning, building codes, inspection in the city of Dayton- and you have the reason that starting a business in Dayton isn’t easy. [youtube][/youtube] Read More