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Photo of a protestor of the Sidebar in Dayton Ohio

Two sides to a public lynching of a small business owner: Sidebar

My very first clients for The Next Wave were restaurants. The Video Deli, The Third and Linden Market, Sodexo Marriott’s in house catering for Hobart in Troy, Pacchia. Since 1990, I’ve worked with many small businesses, but, of all of them, restaurants are by far the toughest. Employees act more like free-agents, you are judged Read More

Diving Through Dayton- a food blog

A friend of mine writes a foodie blog in Cincy that’s pretty serious: Wine Me Dine Me Cincinnati, and she’s pretty serious about her reviews. If you are looking for the hot places to eat in Cincy, this is the site. She’s a big fan of independent local places and tries to avoid the chains. Read More

Blind Bob’s has Bodacious Burgers

It’s the old Nite Owl on E. Fifth Street in the Oregon district- but, it’s so not. A total gut and rebuild- has the space at 430 E. 5th St feeling light and airy. Walls washed with a deep orange, old style lights mixed with the mandatory cool “exposed ductwork” give the place a whole Read More