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How many pounds of flesh to invest in Dayton?

It seems like a recurring theme: If you want to do business, you have to jump through hoops like a circus dog, while balancing a spinning basketball, on a yardstick, perched on your nose. (A nod to an old friend who died recently and probably could have done it). Last night I sat through a Read More

Dayton insults business: kangaroo courts mock local investors

How long does it take to invest in Dayton? Two years and counting if you are Nick Keyes Jr. of Key Ads. With a myriad of city, state and federal laws to maneuver through, he’s tirelessly worked to identify a worthless parcel of land left over from the US 35 routing that was created before Read More

Billboard meeting tonight.

Gary Leitzell (who is running for Mayor) is turning into our local Lady Bird Johnson. Johnson was a primary mover in stopping billboards on Interstate highways in the 60’s because they were ruining the landscape. Same argument could be made for all kinds of things from power lines to cell towers, to wind turbines. Personally, Read More