Dayton insults business: kangaroo courts mock local investors

How long does it take to invest in Dayton? Two years and counting if you are Nick Keyes Jr. of Key Ads. With a myriad of city, state and federal laws to maneuver through, he’s tirelessly worked to identify a worthless parcel of land left over from the US 35 routing that was created before Read More

How many PR agency owners do you know?

The real question should be is how many PR agency owners does Dayton Public Schools Superintendent Kurt Stanic know? And by the same measure is ignorance of both the law and the fine art of PR an excuse for committing a sin? Sole-source contracts, unbid contracts, contracts snuck through the back door– are sins. It’s Read More

Chamber Breakfast, Bob Shiffler, the Arcade and our stinkin thinkin

Bob Shiffler spoke at the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce breakfast briefing today about his ideas and plans for the Arcade. What he’s done at the Kuhn’s building at 4th and Main has been absolute alchemy. It serves as a shining example of what happens when someone with a vision doesn’t let the glare of Read More

Spreading the word: Esrati for Congress

It’s really easy to tell people online about my campaign- all you have to do is link to this site, but, you can take it even one step further, write a post. That’s what Ernie Schenck did on his blog, Ernie Schenck Calls This Advertising with his post “Esrati for Congress. Or else.” Since most Read More