March 2008

DaytonOS goes offline….

Wouldn’t you know it, Mike Robinette heads out of the country on vacation, and the site goes kapooie. Even though I named the site, registered the url originally, he had wanted to play with Drupal at one point and our server didn’t have the version of MySQL his version of Drupal needed- so he hosted Read More

Brown Street becoming the ice cream mall

I love Orange Julius. It’s one of those treats that I’d seek out when on a trip out of town. For a while, I even tried making them at home, but it was never quite the same. So, I’m real happy that Dayton’s first Orange Julius is coming to Brown Street: Local Dairy Queen franchisee Read More

What’s the plan candidates?

Next year, Dayton gets to chose a majority of the seats on the Dayton City Commission. The Mayor, Nan Whaley and Joey Williams are up for reelection. Last cycle- Dean Lovelace and Matt Joseph ran unopposed. That can’t happen again. “Counting to three” is the key phrase among Commission watchers- you have to be able Read More

Hospitals now in a turf war

Are we seeing a turf battle between Kettering Health Network and Premier? Not in acquiring patients- but in buying football fields? Donation ‘the right thing to do’ One way to look at Kettering Health Network’s $1 million contribution toward the rebirth of Dayton schools-owned Welcome Stadium is as an investment in marketing. Kettering’s president, Fred Read More

It’s the county fair every day but Sunday at Tony’s

If you’ve been to a fair around here, or the Folk Festival, you know Tony’s Italian Sausage. Frying up on a hot griddle with lots of green peppers, onions and, how can I say it any other way, grease. In fact, Grease is the word at Tony’s. It’s why I love it- it’s why I Read More

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