Richard Florida

Let’s be original: the “Creative Class” reset

It seems we’ve been snookered. Richard Florida of “The Rise of the Creative Class” fame, is now back-pedaling hard on his theory that places could be saved by being more tolerant (coupled with technology and talent). Just focus on the gay geeks and all your troubles will go away was his tune, and DaytonCreate was Read More

Time to rebrand the initiative: “Social Capital” to replace “Creative Class”

While I was in one of the breakout sessions at the Wright State Regional Summit today, it finally struck me as to why I really don’t like Richard Florida’s “Creative Class” buzz-phrase: it’s elitest. I hear the word class- and it’s one step to caste, you know the things they use in India where some Read More

The Foundry closed- because “Originals not wanted”

The problem with branding is that it doesn’t mean anything if your actions don’t fit your words. Case in point: The Foundry, like the Asylum before it- was the kind of large club that attracted young people to Downtown and the “entertainment district.” Both were hassled, and then shut down by the city through liquor Read More

What’s the plan candidates?

Next year, Dayton gets to chose a majority of the seats on the Dayton City Commission. The Mayor, Nan Whaley and Joey Williams are up for reelection. Last cycle- Dean Lovelace and Matt Joseph ran unopposed. That can’t happen again. “Counting to three” is the key phrase among Commission watchers- you have to be able Read More