It’s the county fair every day but Sunday at Tony’s

If you’ve been to a fair around here, or the Folk Festival, you know Tony’s Italian Sausage. Frying up on a hot griddle with lots of green peppers, onions and, how can I say it any other way, grease. In fact, Grease is the word at Tony’s. It’s why I love it- it’s why I hate it.

Imagine a place where you can get all your fair food favorites: those giant hand battered onion rings, funnel cake, deep fried oreos and twinkies, Philly Cheesesteak, Giant Texas Tenderloin, footlongs and Chili Cheese Dogs….. you get the picture, and not have to pay admission, get the kids past the shooting gallery and the other carnival barkers.

For the last few Fridays the office here has been making a run up to Tony’s at 2920 Wayne Ave- right at the Wayne/Watervliet split on the corner of Arbor and Wayne in the old AnnaMaries pizza shop. They don’t have a website- but the phone number is 937.258.8550

They are still working on the store hours- but last I tried to go in the evening at 7:15 I was 15 minutes past closing- so call first at night.

The food is just like at the fair- the prices seem a little more reasonable than what you would pay at the fair (probably because the rent to be at those festivals is pretty high) and the food is just as greasy. They should seek a sponsorship from one of the cardiac hospitals in the area- but, that’s why we love them.

It’s a Dayton Localvore experience waiting for you to try- so go give it a shot.

You can tell Tony, Esrati sent you.

Again the contact info:

Tony’s 2920 Wayne Ave Dayton OH 45420


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