The Klan, The Tornadoes and the Chain of Command

The city spent $650K to make sure the KKK rally was safe. Everybody had a plan. Tornadoes rip through the city. Everybody wants to help- no one had a plan. I’ve been kinda quiet. I’m not the HMFIC. Look it up. I’ve run for office more times than anyone who’s been elected in Dayton. I’m Read More

Why Dayton needs to stop acting like a city in decline

Last night, I had the honor of attending the Dayton Public Schools Superintendent’s Scholars ceremony for kids getting straight A’s (yep- one of the Esrati household is brighter than most). There, we got to hear and later meet an exceptional student from Thurgood Marshall High School- Ashley Cooper. Ms. Cooper has a 4.1 gpa, is Read More

Planning by popularity. MVRPC holds “community meetings.”

When there is a lack of leadership- we look to building consensus. Nothing wrong with collective hand-holding- as long as it’s in church, but when it comes to politics and policy- generally, what you get when you get a crowd together is mediocrity. In church- you have an ultimate leader. One who clearly states what’s Read More

Seth Godin on running for office-

Seth Godin is a blogger- only he has a million readers. He’s taken his blog and turned it into books. The current one on leadership, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us has been a top seller on Amazon. He has an excerpt on his blog today: Leadership is scarce because few people are willing Read More

Elected politicians are programmed to fail when it comes to true leadership

True leaders, as I learned in the Army, have their number 2 prepped at all times to step up and take their place. Elected politicians are terrified of anyone remotely qualified to take their place and will stop at nothing to disparage the “opposition” at every turn (see Clinton/Obama race if you need an example). Read More

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