Kettering resorting to corporate welfare

End Corporate WelfareIf I didn’t have an important neighborhood meeting on Tuesday, May 26, I’d be at the Kettering Council meeting asking them to vote no on this corporate welfare scheme:

The city of Kettering will contribute a record $3.6 million incentive to Kettering Health Network for its new $49 million cancer facility.

The cancer center will add 80 new jobs to the existing 3,600 Kettering Health Network jobs now in the area, said Kettering Economic Development Manager Gregg Gorsuch.

“The reasoning behind the incentive is to ensure Kettering Medical Center continues to grow and thrive in the community. They are the largest employer and revenue producer, and we want to make sure they stay in the city of Kettering and this continues to be their flagship operation,” Gorsuch said.

Source: City giving to cancer center

I’d also be calling for Gorsuch to go.

Take his salary, hire a better ice rink manager. Spend some money on advertising the ice rink properly. Invest in something that makes Kettering a better place to be- don’t buy future tax revenue.

On paper this sounds great- spend a little to make a lot- except it’s inherently unfair. The same opportunity isn’t given to every business in Kettering- and the ones who don’t pay their CEO over a million a year are probably in greater need than KHN.

The fear factor of KHN taking this building elsewhere is exactly what will happen eventually if the city keeps doing these kinds of deals. Once you open the floodgates- soon you’ll be like Dayton and have forgotten how to plow the streets, or pay your cops and teachers.

This is the redistribution of wealth- pure and simple. Those tax dollars that you are fronting to KHN were earned by people working minimum wage jobs and they deserve to get the best possible government back with them- not to help rich corporations get a break.

Kettering shouldn’t go down this rabbit hole. Just say no to corporate extortion and focus on what makes Kettering a great community.

This isn’t economic development- it’s criminal.

Lori Turner leaves town: KMC Marketing opportunity?

It was reported in the Dayton Daily news today that Lori Turner has headed to a new job “as the chief marketing, innovation and customer experience officer for Beacon Health System in Indiana.”
It’s been my experience that the longer the title, the less able.

For those of you who don’t know- Turner is the recently x-wife of Congressman Mike Turner, OH-10.

Now that Ms. Turner, and the “Turner Effect” are totally out of the local picture- maybe Kettering Medical Center can look to hire professionals again to run their marketing. The billboards with the arrow saying “Emergency Room Left 4 miles” on I75 were the laughing stock of the industry.

But to compete with Premier Health Partners, and their monolithic stranglehold on everything from doctors practices to labs and service providers, Kettering needs to use some judo to take their underdog position and leverage it.

More than likely, all Turner’s departure means is that their problems with the Feds- who were threatening to cut them out from reimbursements for high patient bounce-backs, is now over and they don’t need help from DC to keep them out of hot water.

For years, Kettering used Penny Ohlmann Neiman now the Ohlmann Group. There was a brief dance with the Powers Agency in Cincinnati and then with Hafenbrack in Dayton before her highness decided to take it all inside. Premier is using Real Art, which used to be Lori’s go to shop when she ran “Turner Effect” where they helped her launch the “Get Midwest” flop. We will see who Kettering approaches, and if they will buy local. There’s plenty of marketing talent in Dayton to choose from, check out the best list of Ad agency’s in Dayton on The Next Wave site. (full disclaimer- I own The Next Wave and maintain the list).


Insurance free health care in Dayton?

Yesterday, I talked about Quality of Life- and what could we do differently in Dayton that would give us a competitive advantage over other communities in recruiting people to move here.

Here’s an idea: since we have a duopoly in health insurance- with United Health Care and Anthem, and a duopoly in health care- in Premier Health Partners and Kettering Health Network- why don’t we just, as a community, cut out the insurance half?

Everybody is eventually going to have to buy insurance- or have health care, imagine if we just paid a flat fee per month to either Kettering or Premier (or better yet- a single fund)- and we skip the whole insurance middle man thing.

Health providers are constantly complaining about the low “reimbursement rates” from insurers and Medicare/Medicaid- so, we come up with a simple plan that cuts at least the insurers out. I’d also prefer if we started paying the doctors for keeping their clients healthy- instead of paying for procedures. We could have a community focused on healthy living- including healthy diets, healthy food, healthy offerings at restaurants etc.

The money saved by having a healthier community due to awesome preventive health care would lead to greater productivity and a higher standard of living.

As part of the condition- the hospitals would have to agree to operate like non-profits- with no huge salaries for administrators. Since the new health care provisions in “Obama Care” restrict the insurance companies to take no more than 20% for overhead- we’d have to have some kind of community-based oversight- to make sure that our health goals are being met.

I’d rather give my money to a doctor than an insurance company to manage my health care for me- wouldn’t you?

The real question is are the hospitals willing to take the challenge that creating a healthy community can beat the hell out of fighting with insurers for every nickel and dime for procedure-based medicine.

Considering that the insurance companies pay their people at the top way better than the health providers- it should be a no brainer to cut them out of the money.

One caveat that the hospitals probably won’t like- is that they’d have to go to a single price system- offering procedures at the same rate- insurance or no-insurance, but the savings in administrative costs alone ought to make it worthwhile. No more collection agencies- no more billing nightmares.

Who knows- maybe we could become the mecca of medical tourism in the US with this innovative approach.

Remember- we did teach the world to fly- maybe we can teach the insurance companies how to go fly a kite.

Kettering Medical Center under investigation by the feds- hires Congressman Turner’s wife

Kettering Medical Center announced to their employees today that they were expecting to be exposed by the Dayton Daily News for being under investigation for Medicaid and Medicare certifications. From the time they were surveyed and notified there was a problem- they did what any hospital does- they hire the wife of a Congressman on the House Oversight committee. That’s right- there’s a reason Lori Turner came on board when she did.

Here is the notice the administration sent out to their staff:

We would like to make you aware that we anticipate media coverage on Wednesday morning that outlines deficiencies found in a recent Ohio Department of Health survey of the Behavioral Medicine Center inpatient unit on Lamme Road in Dayton. (KBMC)

We believe the steps we have taken will fully satisfy CMS concerns, and anticipate a favorable outcome prior to the January 13th deadline. Kettering Behavioral Medicine Center was surveyed by the Ohio Department of Health in mid-December, 2010. Following the survey, the Department advised the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, that certain matters in the mental health area related to suicide attempts, were not in compliance with federal requirements. Due to this finding, KBMC was placed in immediate jeopardy status.

Detail on deficiencies surrounded the classification of four suicide gestures and unfortunately, one successful suicide. Additionally, an employee, in response to a physical threat, allegedly pushed a patient forcefully. That staff member is currently on leave.

CMS will next follow-up with a return visit to KBMC to review the steps we’ve taken and others that we plan to implement. The survey was conducted under Sycamore Hospital’s identification number but was limited to the Behavioral Medicine campus on Lamme Road. However, future surveys may well include both KBMC and Sycamore, and related outpatient facilities.

Because this is a public document, the Dayton Daily News has obtained copies of the detailed CMS report and plans to run the story tomorrow. We are responding to the press accordingly. In future days, we can anticipate additional activity and we will keep you informed.

If Kettering was to fail the compliance tests- their Federal funding would be at jeopardy. Although Kettering Health Network doesn’t take near as many Medicare and Medicaid patients as Premier Health Systems- it would seriously tilt the playing field if they were no longer able to take the federal dollars.

The Dayton Daily recently also reported on the frequency of nepotism at KHN:

For example, given Fred Manchur’s status as KHN’s chief executive officer, KHN’s employment of his son, Richard Manchur, and his son-in-law, Jared Keresoma, creates a workplace scenario that would be prohibited at KHN competitor Premier Health Partners.

via Executives’ relatives more common at KHN.

While the Monarchy of Montgomery County thinks the friends and family plan is the way to work- the Federal Government typically doesn’t agree with those types of polices. Considering KHN very rarely hires non- Seventh Day Adventists to top positions- it should be questionable if they are eligible for federal funding at all- since they are not an equal opportunity employer.

The hiring of Lori Turner should be looked at carefully as a conflict of interest because of these Federal investigations.

Lori Turner’s new gig: VP at KHN

Announced today: Kettering Health Network has hired Congressman Mike Turner’s wife, Lori Turner as their new Vice President of Market Development and Strategic Communications.

Her firm did some work for Kettering Health Network back before the “Got Midwest” giant FAIL.

Of course, considering many of Kettering’s top administrators are huge donors to her husband’s campaign, and Raj Soin just bought the naming rights to the new hospital in Beavercreek- this is just one more way to buy a Congressman.


The position is a new position- and was not posted. This is highly abnormal for KNH- they normally hire from within- or post positions- also, Turner will be one of a smattering of non-Adventists at the VP level. [End update]

Ms. Turner’s former firm, “The Turner Effect” was not very shy about doing work that normally bright people would avoid- like having a GSA schedule and doing work for the Army Corps of Engineers while her husband sits on the Defense Appropriations Committee. She also did work for the Home Depot Political Action Committee, which would be an easy way to skirt normal campaign funding restrictions.

(If you aren’t familiar with any of the above transgressions of common sense- do a search or two on this site- we’ve been breaking this story like Jose Canseco breaks bats).