Why bother to have elections at all in Montgomery County?

Donald Trump won Montgomery County. The local democratic party did nothing to win any new seats, and Debbie Lieberman came within 1% of losing to Gary Leitzell, who only spent $6000 and barely campaigned. No seats changed hands. No republicans were replaced, no incumbents got voted out. Phil Plummer who should be in jail instead Read More

Elections that matter- and those that don’t

If the money spent on the Dee Gillis vs. Bill Beagle race were spent on a public works project, or hiring another (or 10) police officers in a rough neighborhood it would matter a lot. Instead, campaigns run by twenty somethings who have no idea about advertising has, or should embarrass both candidates, has been Read More

Fayette County’s new congressional districts for 2012

With the last-minute changes to the congressional districts in December 2011, residents of the northern part of Fayette County found themselves with a new incumbent congressman, Mike Turner, and a new divide in their community. This article from the Washington Court House Record-Herald comes in handy to find out who your congressman is or will Read More

The intentions of the public

If you had a powerful service, that could improve everyone’s living conditions, and was 100% free, and only took a few minutes a year to gain benefit year round- you’d think you have a pretty easy sale. Unfortunately, in the United States voting is something that isn’t universally accepted (about half the people eligible to Read More

Dejection day

It’s election day. Or, as I’ve come to see it, dejection day. No matter who wins today, less than 10% of the population will be bummed out/depressed/pissed/frustrated and a little more than that, will be happy. The other 80 plus percent- won’t give a crap (remember, less than half the people who can vote are Read More

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