Brown Street becoming the ice cream mall

I love Orange Julius. It’s one of those treats that I’d seek out when on a trip out of town. For a while, I even tried making them at home, but it was never quite the same. So, I’m real happy that Dayton’s first Orange Julius is coming to Brown Street:

Local Dairy Queen franchisee embraces company’s strategy
Drew Hilgeford, owner of two local Dairy Queen stores, says he likes the strategies being served up by the food and frozen treats chain enough to invest money and energy into bringing them to Dayton.

Hilgeford, long a fan of the Orange Julius products, plans to open a DQ/Orange Julius Treat Center at 1100 Brown St., Dayton, in the next six weeks, making it the region’s second. DQ/Orange Julius offers lowfat soft-serve ice cream, fruit smoothies and some food.

Now, as far as I can tell- it’s going in between the new Subway and Moe’s, right across the street from Dolcessa, down the street from UDF and Cold Stone Creamery and Ben & Jerrys. Makes you wonder if anyone has done any real market analysis? Or, if their analysis is flubbed by UD. Yes, high concentration of kids 18-24, but, most of them leave during the summer- peak ice cream time.


driving back from the bank I saw that 1100 is Ashworths- and I don’t think they are going anywhere- more than likely the paper screwed up and it’s 1105 Wayne.

No one’s walking in from Woodland Cemetery- and the concentration of houses is kind of low- thanks to MVH, Fairgrounds, and UD/former NCR property. Could we be seeing ice cream wars?

And, doesn’t it make you wonder that not a single donut shop (if you don’t count the old crispy cremes at UDF?), only 2 coffee shops (Starbucks and Night and Day)? We have a glut of sub shops: Milanos, Submarine House, Jimmy Johns, Penn Station, Potbelly’s, Subway- maybe ice cream is just catching up.

Brown Street is fast becoming the comfort food gastronomical epicenter of Dayton.

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