Sheriff Rob Streck

Send Sheriff Rob Streck to Jail

Sheriff Streck needs to be recalled

This hasn’t been reported in the Dayton media. The Columbus Dispatch, the Cincinnati Enquirer and USA Today released a story about the death of 19 year old Isaiah Trammell in the Montgomery County Jail. The Montgomery County Jail Coalition seems to know about it. Just the people of Dayton, are in the dark. If you Read More

Unsafe at any speed: The Montgomery County Jail

Unfortunately, the Montgomery County (Ohio) Sheriff’s department isn’t the quickest at getting records requests processed. But, they do have a new link to apply for a public records request: The tales of woe started last weekend when yet another inmate died in custody. This one’s being attributed to a heart condition. That brings the Read More

Steven Darnell Blackshear dies in the Montgomery County OH jail- aka the Thunderdome

Another death in Streck’s Thunderdome

Friday the 13th wasn’t a good day in the Montgomery County Jail, that’s when Aaron Dixon died of a drug overdose. He’d been booked on the 9th, and four days later he OD’s in jail. You’d think they’d be a little more careful about drugs in the jail, but no. Steven Darnell Blackshear, 54, was Read More

Aaron "Bulldog" Dixon died in the Montgomery County Ohio jail from an overdose, days after being arrested. Did he die for our sins?

Streck’s house of horrors

I really shouldn’t have to be the one writing this story, that you now won’t read in the Dayton Daily newsless, because, if I broke the story- they can’t cover it. That’s why you haven’t heard anything about the Kettering Schools corruption coverup, the Higgins appeal, and the story about Dr. Lolli retiring from DPS- Read More

A letter from the Montgomery County jailers

Dayton, we’ve got a problem. And I don’t mean the little Dayton, central city to a ring of banana republics that pretend to be cities or townships or whatever you want to call yourselves, I mean Dayton Ohio- the one on the map. Our jail, “run” by Sheriff Rob Streck is a shit-show on steroids. Read More

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